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Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Behavior Unveiled

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Cat lounging in the bath tub

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Behavior Unveiled

Anyone who lives with cats knows that they are prone to some strange behaviors. For one reason or another, our cats exhibit many behaviors that don’t exactly make sense to us. However, that doesn’t mean that these behaviors aren’t absolutely normal for our felines.

For instance, some cats have taken a liking to watching their humans shower. For our cats, this behavior probably isn’t unusual at all. However, for us, it is a bit strange.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons that your cat may like to watch you shower. Of course, we don’t know why your cat exhibits these behaviors. We can’t exactly just ask them! However, we do have a few informed guesses that you can consider.


The 7 Reasons Your Cat Watches You Shower

1. They Want to Cuddle

Cats don’t like the water. However, they do like you. Therefore, if they want to cuddle with you but you’re in the shower, they don’t want to get wet! The next best thing in your cat’s mind might be to just stare at you while you’re in the shower. They may be waiting for you to get out and pay attention to them, or they may get bored before then and simply walk away.

Either way, this sort of behavior is pretty normal and is simply a sign that your cat really loves you.

cat in the bathroom
Image by: Mathilde Langevin, Unsplash

2. Curiosity

Cats are very curious creatures. They tend to get into everything if just to figure out what it is. When they hear the strange noises in the shower, they may simply be interested in what you’re doing. Of course, most cats don’t like water, so they probably won’t want to get in. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, their curiosity is stronger than their fear of water.

Cats may start out by being curious and then start hanging out for a different reason. For instance, if they decide that they like the water, they may start hanging out to enjoy it.

3. Because They Like Water

Most cats do not like water. However, there are some breeds that actually love the water. For instance, Maine Coons are known for being extremely interested in water. They were once boat cats, so liking water was part of the job description.

These cats might not want to get into the shower with you just yet, but they may still like the water in the shower. It isn’t odd for these cats to like the water and simply stare at it, especially if they haven’t been introduced to water before.

british shorthair cat peeps from the bathtub
Image by: Dmitriy Burmatov, Shutterstock

4. It’s Warm

People tend to like warm showers, and cats also like warm air. Therefore, your cat may hang out in the shower when you’re in it to warm up, especially if it is particularly cold elsewhere. These cats aren’t necessarily interested in the water or even you; they just want to get warm.

These cats may hang out in the bathroom after you get out and enjoy the cool air. Or, they may leave before the water even gets turned off. Some may even curl up in the sink and go to sleep.

5. They Like Running Water

Many cats prefer to drink from running water. Part of this is instinctual. In the wild, running water is cleaner than other water, so it only makes sense that your cat would be drawn to it. However, some cats still have this instinct today, despite the fact that we are keeping their water clean.

These felines might automatically be drawn to running water whenever they hear it. Some of them may even try to drink it, either during or after your shower.

For these felines, you may want to consider getting them a cat fountain that they can drink from, especially if they’re particularly obsessed with running water.

cat having a shower
Image by: Olleg, Shutterstock

6. You’re in Their Hiding Spot

Cats are secretive creatures. In the wild, they will spend most of their day hiding. While cats tend to hide a bit less in our homes, it isn’t odd for them to still seek out quiet places that aren’t frequently trafficked.

Our showers often make the best hiding spots. They’re usually dark, and people don’t spend much time in them. Therefore, your cat can safely assume that they will be open most of the time. It isn’t odd to find cats napping in the shower or the sink, especially if they are trying to cool down.

However, your cat is bound to find this hiding spot occupied sometimes. If your cat walks in and finds that you’re in their shower, they may simply spend the next few minutes staring (and waiting for you to leave). Some may even meow and try to enter the shower with you in it.

7. It’s Routine

Perhaps when your cat was little, they followed you around the house for attention and companionship. They may have not wanted to be alone when they first came into your home, for instance. In some cases, they may have even followed you into the bathroom while you showered.

Over time, this may have become routine, even as your cat became more independent. Cats are creatures of habit, so if your cat follows you into the bathroom the first few days you have them, they’ll likely continue to do so forever.

Therefore, it is important to start how you would like to end. If you don’t want your cat watching you take a shower, be sure to set clear boundaries at the beginning.

cat in the bathtub
Image by: Irina Borodovskaya, Shutterstock

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Why Does My Cat Wait for Me While I Shower?

If you typically pay attention to your cat when you get out of the shower, they may be simply waiting for you to get done. Other cats like to drink the water after you shower. Either way, your cat may simply be waiting for the next part of their routine to start.

Alternatively, your cat may not actually be waiting for you at all. Sometimes, they may simply like to hang out in the shower for a different reason. For instance, the air is likely to warm while you’re showering, and they may simply be trying to warm up.

cat waiting for treats_shutterstock_Andriy Blokhin
Image by: Andriy Blokhin, shutterstock

Why Does My Cat Want Attention After I Shower?

If you’ve always given your cat attention after you’ve showered, then you’ve simply “trained” them to expect attention. Other times, your cat may have missed you while you were in the shower, prompting cuddles as soon as you’re available again.

Similarly, any problems that pop up in your cat’s world while you’re in the shower may prompt them to ask for attention when you get out. For instance, if they need more food, they’ll likely sit around and wait for you, only to meow loudly the second you get out.

Other times, your cat may simply be enjoying the warm air of the bathroom when you suddenly appear out of the shower! Now that you’re out, they may ask for attention. They don’t necessarily have to plan for it.

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Cats and showers usually don’t mix. However, some pet owners are surprised to find that their felines love to watch them take a shower for one reason or another. Often, these cats are waiting for their owners to pay them attention when they get out.

However, others may be interested in the water itself. Some breeds do love water, and some cats simply like drinking from running water, even if they don’t belong to a water-loving breed.

Featured Image Credit: anlyu0, Pixabay

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