Jordyn Alger

Cats are Jordyn’s passion. Whenever she has the opportunity she loves to learn about animals and share her knowledge with everyone. She is devoted to her sassy tabby cat named Jack and works hard to buy him his favorite treats and toys. Discovering new ways to better care for her cat is always on her to-do list, and she is eager to help pet parents everywhere. In Jordyn's spare time, she loves to write, read, and take long walks. She has a creative spirit, which often helps her to come up with funny cat names.

black and white cat lying on bed

10 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Ocean City, MD (2024 Update)

Traveling can be complicated, especially when you are traveling with a pet. Not all shops, restaurants, or attractions welcome our furry friends beyond their doorstep. While inconvenient, these activities can be replaced with more pet-friendly options. The one thing that travelers cannot replace, however, is lodging. Lodging is a necessity when you are staying in

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