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How Much Cat Litter Per Month Should You Use? Facts & FAQ

Written by: Jordyn Alger

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


How Much Cat Litter Per Month Should You Use? Facts & FAQ

There are many pleasant aspects of cat ownership, but litterbox duty isn’t among them. Still, it is essential to caring for your cat, so ensuring that you provide the cleanest litter box possible for your pet is paramount.

While litter box maintenance can seem pretty straightforward, some aspects are a little less clear. For example, how much cat litter per month should you use?

The amount you use per month will be determined by several variables, but on average, you can expect to use approximately 28-40 pounds of cat litter per month. In this article, we will look at the variables and help you calculate how much litter you should use each month.

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How Much Cat Litter Does the Average Cat Go Through in One Month?

Every cat is different, and their litter usage will vary. Small cats typically need around 28 pounds of litter each month, but larger cats may need as much as 40 pounds per month. However, cats experiencing medical issues that impact their urination or defecation rates may need an even greater amount.

While these averages can serve as a helpful baseline, they do not account for the variables that can impact how much litter you should use. Below, we will discuss those variables in depth.

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The 3 Variables to How Much Cat Litter Per Month You Should Use

In addition to the size of your cat, other factors may influence how much kitty litter your cat goes through in a month. These factors are the size of your litter box, the number of cats in your household, and the type of cat litter you use.

1. Size of the Litter Box

It is recommended that you fill your cat’s litter box with around 2–3 inches of cat litter. Depending on the size of your cat’s litter box, reaching the 2–3 inch mark can take a lot of litter or only a little bit.

2. Number of Cats in Your Household

Cats need their own litter box, or they may begin doing their business outside the box. By having multiple cats, you will regularly fill multiple litter boxes.

Therefore, the number of cats you have in your home will determine how much cat litter you use monthly. It’s best to have one litter box per cat plus one extra.

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3. Type of Cat Litter Used

There are plenty of cat litters on the market, but most can be grouped into one of three categories: biodegradable, clay-based, and silica-based.

When comparing clay-based and silica-based cat litter, clay-based litter needs to be changed more often. You will run through clay-based litter faster than silica-based litter, thus impacting how much is used per month. Biodegradable litter can be made of several materials, but it typically doesn’t last as long as silica or clay.


Determining How Much Cat Litter You Should Use Per Month

To determine how much cat litter you should use each month, consider the averages listed above and the variables you should factor in. This should help you come to a decent estimate.

You can verify if your estimate is accurate by keeping track of how much litter you go through in a month. Diligently clean and replace your cat’s litter regularly so you can accurately calculate how much litter you use in a month.

By the end of the month, you can total up the amount of litter used to have a specific number that suits you rather than a generalized average.

During this time, it is also a good idea to monitor your cat’s litter box behavior for any signs that you are using too much or too little cat litter.

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Signs That You Are Using Too Much Cat Litter

One of the most notable signs you are using too much cat litter is if your cat flings litter outside the box. When you clean out the litter box, do you accidentally step into a mini mountain of litter? That clearly indicates that your cat needs less litter in their box.

If you notice your cat only partially enters the litter box before doing their business, that’s another sign of too much litter in the box.

Signs That You Are Not Using Enough Cat Litter

The most notable sign you are not using enough cat litter is if your cat avoids using the litter box. Cats like to bury the evidence of their waste, so if there is not enough litter to bury their feces or urine, they may avoid the box altogether.


How Much Does Cat Litter Cost Per Month?

The monthly cost of litter can vary depending on several variables, such as the brand you purchase and how much your cat goes through in a month.

On average, you can expect to pay $20–$40 per month for cat litter. This adds up to around $250–$500 per year, so it’s not exactly a small expense.

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Final Thoughts

Replacing cat litter is an unpleasant aspect of cat ownership, but it is an important one. On average, you can expect to go through 28–40 pounds of cat litter each month, but that amount can vary depending on your cat’s size, their health, and many other factors.

For more personalized advice on how to meet your cat’s litter box needs, reach out to your vet for a detailed consultation.

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