6 Things Cats Do At Their New Year’s Eve Parties


Cats, like many humans, like to enjoy New Year’s Eve festivities, and sometimes gather for parties to ring in Jan. 1 together. Cats’ shindigs are not unlike those of people. They can get wild and crazy at times, and there are always partygoers who’ve had an overabundance of “liquid confidence” and push the celebration thing a little too far.

Here are some of the things cats do at their New Year’s Eve soirees.

1. Watch the ball drop

"This ball better be good."
“This ball better be good.” Photo via Flickr

When cats get wind that a giant “ball drop” will take place at midnight, you better believe they’ll tune in and watch. Occasionally, a nearby dog party without TV access will infiltrate the feline affair, but the cats don’t mind much because who doesn’t love balls? As long as the dogs don’t block the television or swat them in the face with their tails, it’s party time for everyone.

2. Get their catnip on

“Duuuuude.” Photo via Flickr

What would a cat party be without loads of catnip? New Year’s Eve gatherings are known to include bottomless glasses of champagne and other adult-beverage delights. In fact, New Year’s Eve is the busiest day of the year for liquor stores.

Cats definitely throw back some serious nip at their end-of-the-year affairs. Wealthy felines bring the imported stuff that blows everyone’s minds. Some cats wake up the next morning not remembering large chunks of the previous evening. Catnip dealers make total bank on New Year’s Eve.

3. Sniff butts at midnight

"Happy New Year, darling."
“Happy New Year, darling.” Photo: Angie Bailey

Humans kiss one another at midnight on New Year’s Eve … and cats sniff butts. Although it’s customary for humans to kiss a loved one, cats take the opposite approach. Because rear-sniffing is a way for kitties one get to know one another, they tend to go after potential friends at midnight. Some cats who’ve had more than their share of the nip leave parties having huffed a dozen or more bottoms.

4. Nip dial

"I need me some Mitzy."
“I need me some Mitzy.” Photo via Flickr

Nobody likes to get drunk-dialed in the middle of the night. The caller is usually an old flame or a friend who wants to share their very important feelings that just can’t wait until sobriety hits. Come one, most of us have been the caller or the recipient of one of these calls. The next day, if the person even remembers the call, can be full of embarrassment and regret.

Cats also get the itch to connect when they’re feeling high and mighty. They call or text past loves to apologize for ditching them after the litter of kittens was born. They ask old lovers to meet them in the park for a booty call. They also contact litter mates to apologize for such offenses as “hogging the teat” while nursing. That’s right — these nip dials can result in trying to make amends for wrongs in the way distant past.

5. Boxing matches

"Don't act like you can't hear me!"
“Don’t act like you can’t hear me!” Photo via Flickr

When cats are hopped up on nip, they get a little possessive. This can sometimes result in fights over valuable boxes. “Hey — you’re the one who gave up the box to go hang out with Fred on the cat tree. An empty box is fair game!” These boxing matches never end well. There can never be enough boxes during feline festivities.

6. Act silly

“Hi.Hi.Hi.” Photo via Flickr

It’s true — we can all act pretty silly at parties, especially if we’ve had a few drinkies. When cats have rolled around in several piles of catnip, the shenanigans begin! They chase invisible objects, roll around on the floor together and post funny selfies that will later cause regret. They could delete these photos; however, Aunt Bootsie and Grandma Patches would have definitely already seen them.

What would your cats do at a feline New Year’s Eve party? Tell us in the comments!

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