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5 Amazing DIY Cat Bunk Beds (With Pictures)

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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5 Amazing DIY Cat Bunk Beds (With Pictures)

Cats love a cuddly place to snuggle up in, and they’ll turn just about anything cozy into a bed, whether that’s a throw pillow on the couch, a piece of clothing on the floor, or a family member’s lap. So, unless you want all your belongings taken over, it’s a good idea to make sure your kitty has plenty of places to lounge and snooze throughout the day.

You can always buy a bed from the store, but why not create something special with your own hands that your kitty (or kitties!) can enjoy for a lifetime? Here are the best DIY cat bunk bed plans that you can make at home for your beloved furry family members.

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The 5 DIY Cat Bunk Beds

1. DIY Cat Bunk Beds by IKEA Hackers

DIY Cat Bunk Beds by IKEA Hackers
Image Credit: IKEA Hackers
Materials: Ikea doll beds, wooden screws, mending plates
Tools: Screwdriver or cordless drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY cat bunk bed is more than halfway made for you, but you do still need to put in a bit of elbow grease to get the project completed. You don’t need any carpentry experience, though. The whole idea is to securely attach the two beds to create a piece of furniture that functions as a bunk bed for your cats. The steps involved are easy to follow. All you need is a screwdriver or drill and a handful of items from the hardware store to get started.

2. DIY Bunk Bed Hammocks by Makezine

DIY Bunk Bed Hammocks by Makezine
Image Credit: Makezine
Materials: Wooden legs, 2x2s, fabric, rope, screws, nails
Tools: Saw, screwdriver, hammer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Whether you live in a tropical location or just want to make it look like you do, this DIY hammock cat bunk bed may be the perfect project for you. The plans are flexible, so you might already have all the wood and fabric necessary lying around your garage or somewhere in the yard. Feel free to paint the hammock bunk bed, and use different colored materials for the hammocks to create a unique piece of furniture that won’t be found in anyone else’s household.

3. DIY Cat Suitcase Bunkbed by Hallmark

DIY Cat Suitcase Bunkbed by Hallmark
Image Credit: Hallmark
Suitcases, stair spindles, table legs, leg hardware, dowel screws, nuts, washers, blankets/pillows
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you have old suitcases stored away in a closet somewhere, this DIY suitcase bunk bed can be a fun project to work on one weekend. The plans call for vintage suitcases, but any sturdy suitcase or a similar kind of container should work. Once the bunk bed has been made, fill the suitcase holes with pillows or blankets for optimal warmth and comfort.

4. Cute Bunkbed by Dream a Little Bigger

Cute Bunkbed by Dream a Little Bigger
Image Credit: Dream a Little Bigger
Pine board, pine lath, mending plates, corner brackets, wood screws, nails, travel pillows, wood stain or paint
Tools: Drill, saw, hammer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This adorable DIY cat bunk bed comes complete with a ladder and is small enough to fit in a corner of an apartment if space is tight. You will likely have to take a trip to the local home improvement center to get all the wood and materials necessary to complete this project, but the bed should last for many years, so the effort and money should be well worth it.

5. Basic DIY Pet Bunkbed by Kreg Tool

Basic DIY Pet Bunkbed by Kreg Tool
Image Credit By: Kreg Tool
Materials: Plywood, 2×2, 1×3, Kreg screws, wood glue
Tools: Saw, drill, sander
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This basic DIY pet bunk bed is suitable for both cats and dogs. Make a bed for your dog on the bottom and deck out the top for your kitty. They can both hang out in the same part of the house without being in each other’s “bubbles.” Cushions, pet beds, blankets, and even old clothing can be used to provide comfort on each bed frame.

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Final Thoughts

These DIY cat bunk bed plans are suitable for owners with and without carpentry experience. Most can fit in tight spaces, making them perfect for apartments and small bedrooms. You will need materials and tools no matter which DIY plans you decide to work on, but just take things one step at a time, and your experience should be an enjoyable and rewarding one!

Featured Image Credit: ANURAK PONGPATIMET, Shutterstock

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