A Maine Coon cat lounging on a couch.
A Maine Coon cat lounging on a couch. Photography by Linn Currie / Shutterstock.

Let’s Meet 5 Long-Haired Cat Breeds

The luxurious locks on some of these long-haired cat breeds might seem intimidating but with a little know-how, these cats are easy to care for — and fall in love with.

Hair is billed as an accessory for humans; but when it comes to felines, luxuriously long coats bring cat fanciers to their knees. Today, we’re talking all about breeds with ‘dos to die for — and personalities that will make you purr. So, without further ado, let’s get to the mane attraction and meet some of those long-haired cat breeds below.

Norwegian Forest Cat

A gray and white Norwegian Forest Cat.
Norwegian Forest Cats have luxuriously long hair. Photography ©GlobalP | Thinkstock.

Dubbed the Wegie by adorers, the Norwegian Forest Cat is the pièce de résistance when it comes to long-haired cat breeds. On top of her extremely heavy, long-haired double coat, the Wegie sports tufted ears and paws, a plumed tail, and has a bit of mood ring-esque magic in her: that coat oftentimes darkens and lightens with the changing of seasons! Though she’s typically not a high-maintenance gal, during her heavy-shedding periods she may require daily combings to control her fabulous fur.

Fun fact: The Wegie’s heavy coat is a result of her need to stay warm in her ultra-cold Scandinavian homeland.


A flat-faced Persian cat.
Persians make our list of long-haired cat breeds, of course! Photography ©Getty Images.

If there was a popularity contest for long-haired cat breeds, the Persian would take top prize for most recognizable. This breed is known not just for her gorgeous coat, but her glamorous persona (and loyal companionship!), too. Persian coats come in a variety of colors, but the most captivating part about Persian coats is the difference in textures. Some Persians sport soft, cotton-like coats (think fluffy bunny tails!), while others are shiny and silky to the touch.

Fun fact: The Persian’s luscious coat can grow up to eight inches long.

Maine Coon

A Maine Coon.
Maine Coons are famously floofy. Photography by AlexussK / Shutterstock.

Known for his resemblance to a rascally raccoon, the Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cat breeds, featuring a big-boned, well-muscled frame that keeps him tipping the scales at 20-plus pounds. Other fun features include heavily tufted ears, and full, feathered tails! A favorite among families with small children, the Maine Coon is a whole lot of cat, who is instantly recognizable due to his distinctive britches, neck ruff and tufted feet.

Fun fact: Despite his massive size, the Maine Coon communicates in meows that sound like chirps — surprising everyone who shares a convo with him!


Ragdolls are among some of the most affectionate cats on this list of long-haired cat breeds. Photography by Tony Campbell / Shutterstock.

The Ragdoll shares two commonalities with the Maine Coon: being one of the largest domestic cats and having the type of flowing fur that dreams are made of. That, however, is where the similarities end. While the Maine Coon is brawny, the Ragdoll is known for … going limp. In fact, that’s where she earned her name! Yep, Ragdolls are loose, relaxed and floppy when held. This long-haired cat breed has a reputation for hanging over the side of your arm ragdoll-like.

Fun fact: A Ragdoll’s favorite way to be held? Cradled like a baby, of course!


An orange Siberian cat.
Siberian cats boast triple coats to keep them warm. Photography by Photography by uzhursky / Shutterstock.

The Siberian is somewhat of a celebrity. Not only is he recognized as Russia’s national cat, he has also made appearances in Russian fairytales and literature over the years. And when it comes to that coat? Let’s just say he is 100% unique (with a touch of Norwegian Forest Cat traits)! Siberians have a triple coat to keep them warm during the frigid Russian winters, along with a full ruff, bushy tails and britches on their hind legs.

Fun fact: The Siberian’s coat is water-resistant!

Grooming for Long-Haired Cat Breeds

An albino cat.
What do you need to know when it comes to grooming long-haired cat breeds? Photography by DONOT6_STUDIO / Shutterstock.

Long locks may be an intimidating sight when it comes to grooming, but the routine for grooming long-haired cat breeds isn’t much different than grooming short-haired cats. The difference really comes down to frequency: you’ll want to comb (a comb with both wide and narrow teeth is the best) and brush long-haired cat breeds daily to ensure that mats don’t settle in.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that long-haired cat breeds typically molt twice a year, in the spring and the fall. During this time, you may find these long-haired cat breeds shedding in large clumps — it’s nothing unusual. Having trouble with brushing? Choose a time (or times) in the day when your cat is most relaxed and content to make the process go smoother!

Tell us: Do you share your home with any long-haired cat breeds? Tell us about your experience with long-haired cat breeds in the comments.

Thumbnail: Photography by Linn Currie / Shutterstock.

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25 thoughts on “Let’s Meet 5 Long-Haired Cat Breeds”

  1. Help!
    I have a very large bodied medium length coat kitty. He was said to be part siamese and part snowshoe! Except for blue eyes he
    looks like neither. He is huge, and has a triple coat, which means much combing and a lot of hair all over house and clothes!
    Any suggestions or thoughts on what else might be in the mix? All I found for triple coat was the Siberian….but his coat is medium length.

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    1. Hi there,
      It looks like both breeds have water-resistant coats. Please let us know where you may have read otherwise!

  4. I have a female Maine Coon. She is a fluffy giant at 22 lb. She rules the house. She’s so much like a dog and friendly to everyone. She loves to play fetch and in the middle of the night she gallops up and down the hallway and slides on the wood floors. Sounds like a horse. She loves everyone and chirps and rubs herself in and around our legs… And she’s always walking wherever we walk. Can’t go to the bathroom without her either. The best Mouser and insect catcher ever! She’s ruthless with her catches and likes to play with them. It’s more like torture LOL yesterday she was batting a little black spider back and forth between her paws and I could just imagine the little thing saying somebody please just step on me.

    1. They are truly amazing hunters! I was hospitalized for a year and she not only stayed within yards of my husband but brought him tasty ???? treats. Even a ???? rabbit which was rescued. Amazing animals. Seem almost human, especially when they “talk”.

  5. We have a one year old NFC we rescued from the pound when she was only 1 pound 4 oz. and 4 weeks old. She is all black and the hairiest little gal. We had to have her bottom shaved a few weeks ago for her health and she is acting like a kitten again. Poor thing was just miserable. We have now found a groomer who can do her clipping without sedation. She sheds all the time but she is our baby. Her name is Ebony. Big hairy feet!! Hahahahaha

  6. Charlotte Barnes

    I have 2 very long haired cats who appear to be largely Maine Coon. The long hair on their britches occasionally catches a segment of their kitty poop. I don’t want to shave their back side – any ideas ?

    1. get a good groomer. stay with the cat as she grooms a
      “sanitary cut”. the cat will feel much better and so will you.

  7. My cats love to be brushed and combed and have their own utensils. I groom them outside so that the hair can float away on the breeze. This way my house and everything in it is not covered with cat hair. We all win!

  8. I have 2 Rag dolls. Love them both. Had e at one time. 2 died a couple years ago. They were 16 and 17. Never had a problem with them matting. I have my one original left of the 3. She is 15 now. She sheds more in spring and fall. Since she has gotten older, she mats a lot and I have her shaved a couple times a year cause she has long hair. My newest one, who is 5. Her hair is shorter. She gets a few that I usually comb out. But she has been shedding a lot lately. I think because of the heat.
    Debbie, nj

  9. I live with two female ragdolls, littermates. They love being brushed: in fact, Pinto, the runt of the litter, loves being vacuumed! Pinto’s fur tends to mat easily, but her sister, Ella, has a thick double coat that doesn’t mat. They are very affectionate and meow if you don’t pay attention to them. Pinto is the most insistent, with a loud meow, given her petite size! I’ve had other breeds before, and Ragdolls are the sweetest and gentlest.

  10. Barbara-Anne Cowan

    My two cats, brother and sister are “barn cat” vintage. My male cat, however, exhibits many Maine Coon traits including, large boned body, tufted ears and paws, snowshoe paws, triple coats of belly fur and a personality that knows no bounds. He is sweet, and friendly, likes to chirp and purr loudly a lot.
    His sister is also very long, not as large boned but still much larger than the average cat with not as much tufting. She is a sweetie but exhibits traits left over from being locked in a room for her first 3-1/2 most of life – very timid. She does like to play.
    I discovered the “furminator” and am thankful I did. They both get furminated at least once a week, and brushed much more than that. Him not so much but will tolerate a certain amount. I bought a top-of-the-line vacuum and cheer myself for doing so – it has been my savoir Not much else one can do with them.
    I keep thinking that some clever ambitious person could spin some interesting wool from cat hair. I am not she.

  11. I adopted a cat that I was told was “medium hair” and maybe part Maine Coon. After looking up the traits for MC and Norwegian Forest Cat, we decided they were wrong and she is more NFC in her mixture. She is large, very friendly to everyone, and has the bushy tail like a NFC. Other than doing genetic testing (I see DNA kits online for cats), how does one tell which breed/mix a cat is so to take proper care of their hair needs?
    The other cat is a true Heinz 57 with longer hair on her stomach and long ear hairs, but considered a medium hair on the rest of her (and she has a feathery tail). They are both a delight and wonderful companions.

  12. I have a Maine Coon and she is very chatty and humungous! She is extremely playful and just adores our grandson. A very unexpected and pleasant surprise.

  13. I have Maine Coons of various ages. They are not picky as to litter. I’ve used clay, pellets and soft somthing.

  14. I live with a white colored Persian cat. He’s adorable but the hair is everywhere. so I have to clean up my room everyday. Any other solution for this if you can suggest ? I use artificial cat litter but he uses it only to pee but poops outside. Why is he doing this you think ?

    1. Yep, I hear that ! I have 2 Persians… I’m sweeping up fur everyday now .. HELP !
      ???? LOVE THEM TO PIECES ! ❤️????❤️????

  15. Where would I find one of these long haired cat breeds if I live in CA? Do you typically have to buy them? I have a Maine Coon grand kitty and he is very cute but not very friendly? Are the other long haired breeds?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      We suggest researching rescues in your area. Many rescues focus on a specific type of cat or breed. There are many long-haired cats just waiting for homes in shelters, too. We suggest calling / asking around and doing some research.
      You could also research reputable, responsible breeders in your area: https://www.catster.com/purebred-and-hybrid-cat-breeds

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