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Holly Tse is a Green Cat Expert. She is the author of Make Your Own Cat Toys: Saving the Planet One Cat Toy at a Time and the creator of GreenLittleCat.com, the longest-running blog dedicated exclusively to greener living ideas for cats and cat lovers. Her book, blog, and articles have been featured on Oregon Live, The Daily Cat, AdoptaPet.com and Catster.com, as well as in magazines such as All You and Feline Wellness. Holly is a lifelong environmentalist who draws her inspiration from her cat, Furball, who has been living an eco-friendly lifestyle since he was adopted as a kitten. Holly’s mission is to green the planet one cat at a time by offering simple and fun advice for cat lovers all over the world.

A gray cat on a leash.

Eco-Friendly Kitty: How to Reduce Your Cat’s Carbon Pawprint

You recycle your cans and bottles, you’ve replaced plastic bags with reusable totes, and you’ve switched to fluorescent light bulbs. While you do your part to become an eco-friendly household, there’s one family member who isn’t pulling her weight — and that’s your cat. Luckily, it’s easy for kitty to go green without radically altering […]

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