Sophie Jeffares

With an early start in the veterinary industry and as a conservation educator at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, Sophie has since been a successful Zookeeper and Conservationist, specializing in native New Zealand species. When she’s not bird watching in native forests or crawling through the underbrush at midnight searching for rare frog species, she can be found with her farmer husband on their sheep and beef station, far from civilization. Alongside them, they have 2 cats, 9 chickens, and 11 dogs (most notably, her sidekick, a black Labrador aptly named Jellybean). Sophie enjoys her writing career as it provides opportunities to help and support pet owners of all kinds to give animals the best welfare possible. The only downside is the long list of strange searches in her internet history!

Black Melanistic Bengal Cat

Black (Melanistic) Bengal Cat Breed: Info, Pictures, Care & Facts

The black (melanistic) Bengal cat is a beautiful creature, and while they are not as common as their tawny counterparts, they are certainly worth seeking out. These cats have a fascinating history and many interesting facts about them. Bengals are known for their wild appearance, and the black Bengal cat is no exception. They have

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