The 10 Best Cat Coloring Books


I have this theory. I like to believe cats can chose their color scheme and markings by using a feline version of Photoshop. How else would you explain some of the bizarre furry arrangements they parade around in? Part of this theory also has it that because of a mishap involving the program’s “Save As” shortcut, some cats inadvertently save their curious designs over their original blank cat outline template, thereby consigning themselves to a lifetime as a splodgy calico or a wannabe-tiger-looking Domestic Shorthair.

If only they could go back to the beginning and redesign their colors and stripes, right?

Thankfully, a flurry of new cat coloring books lets you do just that. Yep, those black-and-white outlines that you spent so much time coloring in as a kid are back in vogue for adults. So in the interests of finally getting to color a cat after your favorite sports team or Game of Thrones house, here’s a rundown of the most essential cat-centric coloring books you need to check out right now.

1. Kickass Cat Coloring Book: Volume 1


This hand-bound book, limited to 100 copies, features 14 kickass cats doing kickass things while dressed up in kickass outfits. Make sure your brush strokes match its intensity. (Available here.)

2. Cats: A Mini Coloring Book


Proving that cat coloring books are not limited by size, this jaunt over to the dinky side is designed to be carried around with you for optimum doodling pleasure. The 12 featured felines include calicos and Ragdolls, plus Grumpy Cat and Lil BUB. (Available here.)

3. Invisible Cat Activities Coloring Book


You know those times when your usually classy cat acts in such a crazy way that you can only assume he must see some invisible object to make him react in such a fashion? Well, this is the book to let you sketch out (and color in) your most sagely theories. (Available here.)

4. The Official Herman Cat Coloring and Activity Book


Plumping for a sarcastic approach to the esteemed realm of kitty cat fun time, this zine-style effort lets you “follow and take part in the mischievous feline activities of my beloved moggy Herman as he trashes my house and ruins my sanity in the adorably fuzzy way that only a kitty can.” We’ve all been there. (Available here.)

5. HogCats Coloring Book


Having never felt the urge to read any of J.K. Rowling’s schoolboy wizardry Harry Potter books, I cannot comment on the validity of this cat-themed take on the world depicted in her books and the Hollywood films. But I’m sure if you attend things like PotterCon, this would be a hoot. (Available here.)

6. Zen Cat


An instant download coloring page, this illustration of a “hippy trippy cat” promises a moment of calm serenity among the buzzing bustle and stress of daily life. That is, until you mess up and color over the lines. (Available here.)

7. Fantasy Cat Coloring Page Gift Set


Do you dream of a world populated by steampunk kitties, pirate cats, and historic literary figures recast in the feline form? This 10-page tome will let you bring your fantasy visions to life. (Available here.)

8. BZTAT Studios


Ohio-based Vicki Boatright was inspired to put together a coloring book after she asked her Facebook fans whether they’d be interested in such a thing. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Cats, naturally, will star. (Available here.)

9. The Cat Coloring Book


Claiming to offer up a “splendid selection” of kitties to color, Dover’s book is a classic of the form. Japanese Bobtails, Bombays and the ever-present American Shorthairs abound. (Available here.)

10. Cats In Hats


Let’s be honest, we all pine for a world where cats dress up daily in the most fantastic array of hats, right? Unfortunately, most kitties subscribe to a zero-tolerance approach to hat wearing — so indulge in your millinery fantasy through the 12 illustrated felines here instead. (Available here.)

About Phillip Mlynar: The self-appointed world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats. When not penning posts on rap music, he can be found building DIY cat towers for his adopted domestic shorthair, Mimosa, and collecting Le Creuset cookware (in red). He has also invented cat sushi, but it’s not quite what you think it is.

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