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Colette's Diary

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Anonymous Hearts

January 16th 2011 11:13 am
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It slipped our human's mind (what doesn't?) that we forgot to thank the kind fur who thought that Marrakech and I weren't feeling well on Christmas day and gave us each a heart.

We still wonder...who... and we find it uncanny that those hearts came at a time when we were feeling okay but Mommy's heart was hurting over some purrsonal family issues.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Style and Grace

January 12th 2011 12:48 am
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Neither of which has Samsara been endowed with. I swear she inhales her food (and sometimes, mine too).

I’m still giving Mom a hard time with my wet food and Mom was crumbling Stella & Chewy’s raw chicken patties into it to try to get me to eat. They really tasted as good as the WholeLife chicky treats we ran out of. (Mom just never manages to get to the store that sells the treats.) I loved the chicken patties, but their cranberry additive and I apparently don’t agree with each other. I had blood in my poops again so Mom stopped giving them to me.

She went back to the store around her coach’s neighborhood to try to persuade them to get the WholeLife treats and they put something new in her hands: Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Doggie treats which don’t have cranberry in them. I love them! So does Samsara. :~(

Mom gave them to us yesterday evening. They’re soft freeze-dried meat and start out about dime-size. I ate mine like a lady. Samsara inhaled hers. About 2 minutes later, Samsara started making all these retching sounds. What goes down whole must come up whole too. She yarked up something round that was now about the size of a quarter only it looked like a soggy marble!



Day After Christmas Snow Storm

December 29th 2010 12:05 am
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Wow, does New York get weather. Mom says that the newspaper reported that the snow storm we had was the 6th largest in the history of the city and that the snow drifts hit 4 feet in some places. Our city just isn’t equipped to deal with that much snow.

Well, things sort of come to a standstill, but it gets really interesting watching from the window—that is when you can see. During the storm which lasted over 18 hours the world kind of disappeared into a wall of white on our window. All the snow that was blowing around in the high winds attached itself to our bug screens. There was nothing but white left to see.

The sun came out yesterday, but you still couldn’t see up the street because of all the clouds of snow blowing around.

Today the wind died down and things got really interesting. What sight out of our windows! People were trying to drive down our street and the plows haven’t come through. They were getting stuck all over the place. The sidewalks have been shoveled but there’s about 2 feet or more of snow in the road all the way down our street. In some places the drifts are even higher.

Mom went out today and when she left the house around 5:00 this afternoon she says that there was a Fresh Direct delivery truck and a van stuck on the next block. She says that the driver of that delivery truck was trying so hard to get out that he wasn’t noticing that the truck was tilted at such an angle that it almost tipped over. At first, Mom was afraid it was going to fall on her; then she noticed that it would have fallen against a lamp post before it could fall over. She came home around 9:30 this evening and both the van and the delivery truck were still there. In all those hours, the Fresh Direct truck managed to get across the street from one curb to the next. The Fresh Direct truck had sent out a crew of 3 men to try to dig that guy out, but the van had only his family helping.

At the same time (9:30), there was also a big moving truck stuck right outside our bedroom window. Around 11:30 it finally managed to make it to the end of our block and got stuck in the intersection. The moving truck got a much bigger tow truck to get it out. That finally happened around 2:30 AM. It’s now 2:50 AM. I heard the whirring sound of another car being stuck and raced to the window. It’s stuck in the same intersection! It’s going to be a fun night.


Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This…

December 13th 2010 5:36 pm
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I think I’m getting the blame but I’m not in the dog-house either. See the remains of the plant on my page? Can you imagine, Mom said that it’s probably her fault! Mom slept in this morning since she had subway problems getting home from a Christmas party last night and, by the time she got in bed it was after 3:30 this morning. When she staggered out of bed that’s what she found. (Incidentally, that plant is older than all of us--even Mom. It was our great-grandpaw’s plant. It lived with our grandpawrents after 1968 when great-grandpaw died.)

So why is it her fault and not ours? The window sill isn’t quite wide enough for the plant but there’s a slight ledge formed by the radiator under the window-sill and she usually has a brick there that makes up for what’s missing from the sill. She forgot to take the brick out of the oven the last time she needed it to bake bread.

Marrakech is off the hook—she’s way too light to have done that, so that leaves me or Samsara. We’ll never tell. (I’m the one who’s always bothering that plant.)

Okay, plan: clean up plant, get coffee. Plant clean up/repotting time—about one half hour. She comes plodding into the kitchen, looks for coffee cup and nyeh, nyeh, mrrow! We’re hungry. Plan: fill dishes with kibble, get Marrakech her bowl of wet food, get coffee.

Feed cats, done. Wander out of kitchen in bare feet right into yark! Plan: clean feet, clean yark, put shoes on, get coffee.

Okay, done. Wander back into kitchen with shoes on and crunch! Aaaah!! We left kibble in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Plan: clean crumbs, get coffee.

6:30 PM. This is Mom—WHERE’S MY COFFEE! (Okay, so I’m exaggerating a bit.)


Oooh. Holiday Pictures!

November 30th 2010 12:49 am
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Look how many balls Mom put there! The balls are definitely for stalking and chasing around. And a curtain! Boy do I love curtains!

Sorry about the strange angle for the video. Mom had the camera turned the wrong way. We hope the crick we put your neck straightens out soon. We had a lot of fun with these pictures.

Happy Holidays.



HQ What Were You Thinking When….!

November 12th 2010 12:35 am
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Okay guys, I’ve sometimes been known to bite, so you won’t be surprised when I say this. What were you thinking!!!

On the one paw, it is fun to see effurybody’s comments and it is nice to know about/discover kitties that haven’t become (aren’t yet) our furriends. (Those were my nice comments. I am really nice sometimes too.)

On the other paw, you guys are pawtie poopers. Don’t get me wrong—I love our active members. They get effurywhere first and always leave comments. They are a joy to have around. But you just buried their own entries in a lot of detritus (gawbage, to be exact).

1. We’re never going to see it when they put up their own photos or write their own diary entries.

2. We just got off the activity report for one of the active members and felt really unsatisfied. You know why? Because it felt like picking and choosing from the table of contents from “War and Peace”. We’re tired. We didn’t have the energy after that to discover for ourselves what the other kitties were doing.

3. Do you know how many extra pages per account this is going to add to Recent Feline Friend Activity? Okay, it only occupies temporary space on your servers but I hope you were thinking of adding new servers. You’re gonnna need ‘em.

I love you guys, you really do try to please. But pullease!! You’d make us all a lot happier with web site navigation enhancements.



Suspension of Disbelief

November 11th 2010 1:11 am
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I’m going to pretend for the sake of this diary entry that I have amnesia about my past.

What happened to me before I met Mom?? And how do I move forward from here?

Okay, this is the easy part of the question, and probably doesn’t need a solution. I think I’ve mentioned it before somewhere in my diaries or comments. Mom says I turn into a drama queen around the step ladder that she uses in the kitchen. Every time she moves it while I’m there I start acting like she’s about to hit me with it. I know that is sooo not true, but it really spooks me. I do the same thing if she picks up one of the dining room chairs to move it. Could a child have used me in a pretend lion-tamer act?
Mom tries to be really careful to show me that nothing bad is going to happen.

Now on to the stickier question: the one that produced that new photo on my page. I approach Samsara and Marrakech and I want to groom them. Everything is fine and dandy; I’m in control. (BTW, I could do without Marrakech, but I really love Samsara.)
The problem starts when they turn around and face me. They want to groom me too! Or Marrakech wants to go nose-to-nose with me. I freak out and I lash out. What happened? (Thank you Auntie Arlene for suggesting that this might be what’s going on.)

Mom says she’s seen this behavior about a year ago when I was first starting to get comfortable around here. I’m extending my boundaries now and taking new liberties with sleeping in the bedroom and on the bed. I wasn’t doing that last year. I’ve even moved into the kitty bed in the afternoons. I didn’t want it when Mom got it last year so she gave it to Samsara and Marrakech. It is comfy. It’s in the bedroom near the radiator, and, up until now, Samsara and Marrakech have been using it.

Mom hauled out the Feliway spray again. I’m hoping it helps.

We’d love to hear any suggestions you might have.



Me Crabby? BTW, Meet B.A.

November 9th 2010 5:14 pm
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Thank catness, Mom’s finally done putting up pages for B.A. and Cappuccino, maybe I can get some Catster face time now. B.A. and Cappuccino are ancient history as far as I’m concerned.

Mom says I’ve been really crabby lately and she’s suspecting me of putting that nasty ding in Marrakech’s eye. Well, if I did do it, it was because she accidentally ran into my claw.

BTW, that incriminating picture that went up on my page…. Well, umm…. You see, yesterday I was minding my own business, basking in a sun puddle in the kitchen and Mom came up to me with the camera again. My coat has grown in beautifully since I had my iodine radiation treatment and she wanted to get some new pictures. I thought she wanted to give me my chickie treats so I kept trying to go up to the camera. Mom kept pushing me back so she could get a photo of me. Then Samsara walked in on the photo shoot. Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I lost my temper. Pffst… Take that! (Marrakech has also been making me lose my temper a lot too. I try grooming her and she wants to go nose-to-nose. Pffst.)

Mom wants you all to know that we’re surprised that a good photo of that little, uh… altercation, happened. Her finger went down on the camera button at the same time as she was trying to get me away from Samsara. She also wants me to ask you to go visit B.A.’s page.



Treaty Gourmet

November 3rd 2010 10:58 pm
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I mean, like, Mom ran out of our Whole Life chicken treats? Like, I don’t accept second best, no sir. Just ‘cause the Whole Life stuff is hard to get she tried to give me Halo chicken treats. I turned up my nose, so she opened another bag of treats, Country Pets Chicken and Venison. Where are MY chicken treats?

Samsara, the dope, she loves the other treats; boy is Samsara gonna have a field day. Like, she can have ‘em. (Marrakech is even dumber--all she wants is pasta al pesto and vanilla ice cream.)

(Hmmm… Like, I can see into your future. I see a very pretty Colette standing on a street corner holding a tin cup and wearing a sign that says “will work for chickie treats”.)

Like, duuuuh, pawrents are so dumb…


Almost Dead In the Water Again

October 29th 2010 4:02 pm
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We’re hoping we can post this. After spending all of last night and most of today fighting our internet service again—we’re switching providers.

Funny how since they bullied us into buying premium tech support, Verizon has nothing more to offer than to blame our computer for their slow connections and our inability to send or upload anything from our computer. We’re moving to a new provider.

We don’t know if we’ll spend the weekend virtually incommunicato. We have an installation appointment with Earthlink on Wednesday and hope we’ll be back in business Wednesday night.

In the meantime, we can sometimes see your p-mails, but we really have no way of knowing if you got our answers (several times or none at all), we can sometimes post to your diary entries, sometimes send a purresent, and next to never upload a photo.

Just know we still love you all—not just some of you, sometimes. We’re spending hours trying to get on your pages. I’m afraid it looks like we’re snubbing most you when it’s our internet service that is being more than highly selective.

Pfffst on Verizon—the service stinks.

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