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Cat World Domination Day 2024: When, What Is It & Tips to Survive

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on May 7, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Cat World Domination Day 2024: When, What Is It & Tips to Survive

We’ve all seen the videos, we’ve seen the cute faces, we’ve heard the purrs, and we’ve been side-eyed as we walk past. It’s no secret that our cats are secretly planning to take over the entire world. They have slowly been getting us used to their presence and winning us over with their adorable actions and hilarious antics.

So, it should not surprise you that on one particular day of the year, June 24 to be exact, our cats really plot to take over the world. People everywhere post photographic evidence of this unfolding.

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What Is Cat World Domination Day?

Cat World Domination Day is likely exactly what it sounds like. It is a day where we can all agree that our cats rule the roost. Many people celebrate Cat World Domination Day differently, and all are perfectly acceptable.

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Image Credit: kuban_girl, Shutterstock

When Is Cat World Domination Day?

Cat World Domination Day takes place on June 24 every year. On this day, you can partake in the craziness, celebrating how you see fit.

This day was designated to look at how our cats are secretly starting to take over the entire world. You might see several posts on social media or witness family members taking ridiculous videos and really harnessing their creative side.

How to Know Your Cat Is Plotting an Overthrow

How do you know if your cat is getting ready to take over the world? The real answer is that they’re always ready.

When you’re walking up the steps, they’re ready to trip you down them. When you laugh, like, and follow that adorable cat page on TikTok, they know. They’re onto you. It is absolutely 100% certain that we are the inferior species here.

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Image Credit: Hernan J. Martin, Shutterstock


How to Survive World Cat Domination Day

How can you make it all stop? After all, there must be some way to negotiate terms with this fierce overlord.

Here are some ideas on maintaining a decent relationship with your cat without them plotting to take you out and resume control of the home.

1. Don’t Leave the Food Bowl Unfilled

Don’t, and I repeat, don’t ever let the bottom of the food bowl show through. They know. Even if one crumble moves out of place, showing the plastic or ceramic bottom, you will be in trouble.

Your house is up for repossession. It’s that serious. Actions have consequences, and not giving your cat proper sustenance is the number one way to lose control of the situation. Get it together.

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Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

2. Offer Lots of Snacks

Did you think that just food was going to cut it? That’s laughable. You need many other forms of delicious treats to sustain the voracious appetite of your royal feline companion.

They should be rewarded for simply existing. They should be rewarded every time they groom themselves correctly, scream at you at 4 AM, rip the curtains, or any other heinous behavior.

Don’t even try to give them cheap, dry snacks that they can barely chew. It must deliver the flavor, texture, and deliciousness to appeal to their appetite.

3. Give Consensual Affection

Of course, your cat wants affection, when they want affection. You better know the difference. If they come up to you meowing and rubbing up against your leg, do you think that means they want that? Trick question. It never means that.

Sometimes, you can’t even tell until you bend over to stroke their back, and you get a paw, a claw, or a very disgruntled hiss. Maybe you should learn your place. They want affection when they want affection, and that’s all there is to it.

Sometimes, they simply want you to be still so they can rub on you, but it’s a look, don’t touch policy. Other times, they want you to pet them for hours. Study up on that body language, so you don’t make the wrong assumption.

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Image Credit: Frau aus UA, Shutterstock

4. Provide Adequate Entertainment

It is completely 100% your responsibility to provide every form of entertainment for your cat. Things in your house that you might not know are entertainment absolutely are.

So, if you see them walking on your fridge tops, trying to knock over the candle you attempt to keep out of reach, don’t get close. It’s their playtime, not yours.

If they want to knock your things off the bathroom counter, and onto the floor, that’s none of your business. You need to sit down. And, if they want the most expensive exercise wheel out there, they poop in your closet if you don’t get them what they want.

5. Always Say Yes

Are you even thinking about saying no to a specific request? That is a mistake. We can promise you that. You will lose that fight 9 times out of 10. So if your cat comes at you clearly making an order, it is your job as a servant of this card to get into their demands.

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Image Credit: Evgeniy Medvedev, Shutterstock

6. Don’t Use Squirt Bottles

Don’t you even think about picking up the squirt bottle. Did you shoo them off the counter 20 times today so their hair doesn’t get in the way of you cutting vegetables? That’s absurd.

It gets into your food, and a piece of your cat is in every meal. Some people would feel absolutely enamored by this. And what happens if they try to climb your walls or rip the sides off your couches? Nothing.

If you do anything to stop it, you better make it subtle before they even know the difference. Don’t pick up the squirt bottle at risk of becoming an example of what not to do.

7. Keep the Litter Clean

Don’t you even think about letting that litter box get dirty. They go in there to do their business, and it is your job to immediately go in and scoop it out so they don’t get their paws dirty.

After all, they don’t want to spend extra time grooming because you couldn’t do a simple task provided to you. If you even think about leaving a litter box dirty, you won’t be the one in control anymore.

All of your rights will be forfeited, and you will have to submit to your feline czar fully.

Image Credit: Dinada, Shutterstock

8. Know Your Place, Peasant

Ultimately, it’s all about knowing your place. Understand that you are living with your cat; your cat is not living with you. If you challenge this power dynamic in any way, be prepared to lose.

Trust us. Your cat has all of the secret weapons needed to take the entire world completely over. Do you really think they’re worried about you? Then their entire band of groupies, across the world, will unite and conquer.

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What do you think? Do you think you have what it takes to survive World Cat Domination Day? Remember, play nice, and do what your cat says, and no one gets hurt.

On a serious note, you can devise many creative ways to get a laugh out of your friends on the next World Cat Domination Day. Let your imagination roll and see the hilarious things you can create.

Featured Image Credit: Jucadima, Shutterstock

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