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Kinked Tails in Siamese Cats

Our cats do not have kinked tails but it is a recessive gene in the Siamese's heritage - just like the crossed eyes are in some Siamese. The legend is that when they were the "Royal Cats" in the palaces and temples of Siam, they would guard the perimeter of the palace and warn of intruders with their very loud voices. When the princesses took their baths they needed a safe place to put their rings. So they slipped them over the tail of their favorite cat. Then the cat would obligingly kink the ends of their tails so that the rings would not fall off. It's a lovely legend very befitting of such an aristocratic and beautiful cat.

Diane N., owner of a Siamese

The Truth About Pet Store Cats

Let me start by saying that a reputable breeder would NEVER sell their pups or kittens to a pet store. They want to know who is getting the offspring (interviews, etc.). If you want a purebred animal go online to rescue sites for that particular breed, contact a breeder directly (this way you can see the condition of the area as well as the mother or check a shelter. About 50 percent of animals that go into a shelter are purebred animals. DO NOT buy an animal from a pet store ever!

Melissa F., owner of a Domestic Medium Hair

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