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National Cat Lady Day 2024: Is It a Real Holiday?

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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National Cat Lady Day 2024: Is It a Real Holiday?

Cat lovers have traditionally found themselves struggling to help others understand the connection that can be made with a cat. Cats are amazing creatures, but unfortunately, not everyone out there holds them on the same pedestal as their counterparts, dogs. That doesn’t mean cats aren’t just as loyal, loving, and great for our stress levels as dogs.

In an attempt to show people the important bond between humans and cats, a national holiday was created, National Cat Lady Day. Yes, we’ve all heard the crazy cat lady talk over the years, but this real holiday that is celebrated on April 19th has nothing to do with old ladies collecting cats or any of the stereotypes you’ve heard throughout your life.

Let’s learn more about National Cat Lady Day, how it evolved, and what you can do to celebrate it.

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Taking a Look Back at the Crazy Cat Lady

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Image Credit: Konstantin Zibert, Shutterstock

Most of us are aware of cats and their link to ancient Egypt. They were viewed as gods and became a beloved part of society. Around 900 BC, when the first domesticated cats found their way into Europe, the door opened for more people to have cats as part of their lives. Throughout the years following the domestication and infiltration of cats around the world, stereotypes began.

During the witch trials, women with cats were scrutinized. Instead of being their pets and companions, cats were considered their “familiars” and labeled as evil, especially black cats. A woman could find her life in danger simply because she enjoyed cats. In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, the trend evolved. Instead of being labeled witches or evil, women who doted on their cats, especially those who were single or widowed, were looked at as frumpy old women who spent all their time hiding at home with a pack of cats. Television shows and movies during these eras picked up on the trend and pushed the narrative that when a woman was alone, cats became her thing. In 2009, an article was written using the term “crazy cat lady”, and from there, the label took root.


How National Cat Lady Day Started

Every national holiday starts somewhere. For National Cat Lady Day, we can thank a woman by the name of Susan Michals. Susan has a long history of working in film, television, and journalism. She is also a cat lover. To help cats get the love she felt they deserved, she created CatCon in 2015. CatCon is a convention where cat lovers from all walks of life can gather to show their love for felines.

Shortly after the success of CatCon, Susan wanted to take on the crazy cat lady stereotype. Instead of women who love cats being seen as spinsters or frumpy old women, she wanted them celebrated. In 2017, she did just that. National Cat Lady Day was born, and ladies who love cats had the opportunity to show the world they weren’t really crazy, just crazy about their love for cats.


Ways to Celebrate

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Image Credit: Piqsels

Cat Lady Day isn’t a holiday where you’ll get to take the day off work and simply spend it doting on your cat. Well, at least you aren’t supposed to. Instead, it is intended to be a day to showcase how much you care for your cats and to help other kitties in need.

Of course, like with any holiday we celebrate, there are hashtags you can use to show off pics of you and your cat. You’ll even find friends getting together to celebrate. If you truly want to celebrate National Cat Lady Day the right way, visit your local shelter or rescue to see the cats and give them love, do something special with your kitty at home, or create your own traditions you and your cats can enjoy every April 19th.

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As you can see, National Cat Lady Day is a real holiday that women love to celebrate. It is an opportunity to let loose their “crazy” love for cats. If you want to take part in the celebration of cats and the women who love them on April 19th, have fun, use the hashtags, and shower your cat with affection.

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