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Cuddly Kitten Day 2024: What & When It Is

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 31, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Cuddly Kitten Day 2024: What & When It Is

What could be better than a full day devoted to recognizing the adorable and wonderful traits of kittens? We’re sure that you won’t want to miss it!

On March 23, we commemorate Cuddly Kitten Day, which is dedicated to expressing our affection for our kittens. The day honors the tremendous love and affection that our kitties bring into our lives. Here is everything that you need to know about this fun and fantastic holiday.

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When Is Cuddly Kitten Day?

Cuddly Kitten Day is always celebrated on March 23, so there are many years of cuddles to come! 

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Image Credit: evrymmnt, Shutterstock

What Is Cuddly Kitten Day?

Cuddly Kitten Day is dedicated to our cats and the love and joy that they bring to our lives. It’s a day to spoil our feline friends and give them extra cuddles and love to show our affection and gratitude. However, the popular celebration also has a serious message.

It shows that cats are incredible pets and aims to get more kittens adopted from shelters. National Cuddly Kitten Day is also dedicated to encouraging prospective pet owners to adopt rather than purchase because there are around 1.4 million kittens that are euthanized in the United States each year.1

Studies show that cuddling kittens and other animals makes humans feel warm and loved by releasing the “feel good” hormone, oxytocin.2 Additionally, cuddling has been shown to improve sleep quality and lower blood pressure, tension, and anxiety.

You don’t need to be a pet owner to celebrate the day! You can go ahead and give your friends and family’s kittens a cuddle or pay a special visit to your local animal shelter to give the kittens there some much-needed love—but be prepared for the possibility that you may just bring one home with you!

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How to Celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day

Who doesn’t love celebrating a day dedicated to our cats, especially one with the word “cuddle” in it? The good news is that you don’t need to have a cat of your own to get yourself involved in all the kitten love! Here are fun and purposeful ways you can celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day.


Cuddling our kittens is the ideal way to celebrate the special day. You could also cuddle your family or friends’ kittens or visit the kittens in your local shelter that are craving cuddles. As we mentioned before, cuddling releases oxytocin, so you will feel good after the activity.


Celebrate this day with your kitten with a little extra playtime. Both you and your kitten will enjoy the time together, plus it will provide your kitten with plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

New Toys 

Treat your kitten to a new toy, scratch post, or bed to celebrate the day with them. Toys that include catnip will undoubtedly be a firm favorite.

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Image Credit: Kutuzova_Svetlana, Shutterstock


If there is one way to win over the attention of your kitten, it’s through their stomach! Serve your kitty some of their favorite treats, but remember not to overdo it. You can cook chicken or offer a small portion of tuna, and your kitten will praise you with cuddles.


You can take adorable shots of your kitten curled up in your lap or lying by your side and share them on your social media platforms to get all your cat-loving friends inspired. Use #CuddlyKittenDay to get them noticed and help others become aware of the extraordinary day.


What better way to celebrate the day than giving a kitty a new forever home? If you have been considering adopting one, there is no better day than Cuddly Kitten Day. You could also try to convince your friends and family to adopt one or even visit the shelter for an abundance of kitty cuddles!

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Benefits of Cuddling Your Kitten

Besides the soft fur against your cheek, the deep soothing purrs, and the joy of it all, did you know that cuddling your cat is full of benefits for both of you? For starters, it’s an excellent way for you and your cat to bond.

Although it may seem that our cats see us as their servants at times, they also look up to their owners as parents, and some gentle cuddles and petting are a great way to bond, earn trust, and help your kitty feel safe and loved.

There is a reason we are relaxed by the purrs of our kitties. According to recent research, cats vibrate between 25 and 150 Hertz, and it has been demonstrated that the same frequencies are helpful for tissue repair.

Did you know that petting a cat significantly reduces stress levels? As mentioned before, cuddling releases oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone. Your body will also release the other “feel good” hormones, prolactin, and serotonin, and decrease cortisone if you spend about 15 minutes petting and cuddling your kitty.

This not only induces a feeling of relaxation in your body but also lowers blood pressure by 10%. There are additional advantages specifically for kids. It turns out that children who grow up around and cuddling their pets are less likely to suffer allergies than children who don’t.

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Image Credit: Gadzick, Shutterstock

Safe Kitty Cuddling 

While cuddling your cat is a pretty straightforward and natural activity, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Holding your furball properly is important. The majority of your cat’s weight needs to be supported by their legs and rump. Never pick up a cat by the belly, as this can cause damage to the internal organs.
  • If your cat doesn’t want to cuddle or decides cuddle time is over, then let go. Never force your cat to cuddle or to stay.
  • Cats and their owners can develop incredibly strong bonds, but it’s crucial to preserve that bond with regular cuddling. Cuddling your kitten from a young age will also help them grow accustomed to human signs of affection and being handled.
  • Expect kneading. Your cat may knead you to show a return of love and affection. Ensure your cat’s claws can’t get stuck, and try not to tug them away if they do get snagged; instead, slowly and gently remove the thread from their claws.
  • Allow others to have a cuddle too. Young animals require a lot of socialization, so it’s necessary to allow others to pet and cuddle your kitty. This will help your kitten become a sociable adult cat if they are exposed to a variety of people.

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Final Thoughts

All a cat needs is shelter, a warm place to sleep, a healthy diet, and lots of love! In return, you get daily cuddles, companionship, and many years of unconditional love. They don’t ask for much, so take this day to show your kitten how much you love and appreciate them. Cuddly Kitten Day takes place on March 23, so spread the word, stock up on your kitty’s treats and toys, and get ready to enjoy some cuddles!

Featured Image Credit: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

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