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National Siamese Cat Day 2024: How & When Is It Celebrated?

Written by: Ed Malaker

Last Updated on May 13, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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National Siamese Cat Day 2024: How & When Is It Celebrated?

National Siamese Cat Day is one of the most popular days of the year for any Siamese cat owner, but if you are new to the community, you probably have many questions about how and when to celebrate it. This event occurs on April 6th, and we celebrate it in many different ways. Keep reading while we explain how many people commemorate the day and discuss other interesting facts to help you better understand your Siamese cat.

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When Is National Siamese Cat Day?

National Siamese Cat Day is in early spring, on April 6th of each year, which also happens to be National Burrito Day and National Sorry Charlie Day, which encourages people to turn past regrets into something positive. Testicular Awareness Month, Autism Awareness Month, and Parkinson’s Awareness Month also occur in April. It’s also National Poetry Month, and we can’t forget about April Fool’s Day, which we set aside for playing jokes.

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cat paw dividerHow Do I Celebrate National Siamese Cat Day? 3 Fun Ideas!

1. Pictures and Video

Most people like to celebrate the holiday by posting pictures and videos of their pets on social media. It can also be fun to watch other people’s videos to get more into the spirit of the day.

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Image Credit: Altsva, Shutterstock

2. Adopt a Pet

National Siamese Cat Day can be a great time to visit your local animal shelters to see if they have a Siamese cat available for adoption.

3. Shower Your Pet With Affection

Many cat owners shower their cats with treats on National Siamese Cat Day to help celebrate. If it’s okay with the owners, you can even spread the love by handing out treats to other cats. Spending extra time with your pet is also a great way to spend the holiday, especially if you have a new toy.

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Image Credit: Piqsels


Siamese Cat Facts

Here are 10 fascinating facts about Siamese cats:
  • Siamese cats are ancient pets, and their depictions go back to the 14th century.  
  • Lucy, the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes, reviewed a Siamese cat as a gift from a Thai diplomat in the late 1870s.
  • Before breeders could fix them through selective breeding techniques, Siamese cats had crossed eyes and kinked tails.
  • The average male Siamese cat is 11–15 pounds, while the female Siamese cats are a little lighter and usually weigh 8–11 pounds.
  • Siamese cats are affected by a temperature-sensitive form of albinism. It causes the bulk of their main body to be white, while color appears at the cooler extremities, like the face, tail, and paws.
  • Since Siamese cats suffer from albinism, they have piercing blue eyes throughout their lives, which is one of their most popular features.
  • Most Siamese cats are extremely talkative and will tell you when they want something through their incessant meowing.
  • Most owners describe their Siamese cats as intelligent and easy to train.
  • Siamese cats need plenty of attention and don’t like spending time alone. They get bored easily and will usually become mischievous as a result.
  • Siamese cats have a fairly long lifespan, reaching 15–20 years on average.

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National Siamese Cat Day occurs on April 6th. Owners usually celebrate it by taking pictures and videos of their pets and sharing them on social media so other pet owners can enjoy them and share their experiences. It’s also a great day to visit your local animal shelter to adopt a new pet to help free up some space for other animals in need, and many people use National Siamese Cat Day to shower their pets with affection. Giving them a few extra treats and toys and spending some extra time with them can help let them know how much they mean to us.

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