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January 7th 2012 6:34 am
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Blaze joined Misty on the rainbow bridge yesterday. I came home from work and she was lying on the kitchen table panting. Rushed her to the vet and he found multiple tumors in her lungs. So the decision was quickly made and I got to hold Blaze while the vet gently and quickly sent her to the rainbow bridge to meet up with her litter sister Misty She had a really good and long life.


9th life

December 16th 2011 11:31 am
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Well, Blaze started her 9th life yesterday. The tumor on one of her mammary glands burst through and blaze successfully had it surgicall removed. I say she's on her 9th life because at age 20, the vet originally said she would survive surgery and had her scheduled for euthanasia on Tuesday....but upon examination and a full physical before the drugs were given, the vet decided to try removing the tumor since it was only in the mammary gland on the surface of her belly now. Blaze is definately on her 9th life!!!!


Deaf as a post

January 11th 2010 7:30 pm
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Well, just to let people know. We have figured out Mis BLaze is nearly completely deaf now. She responds to hand signals (pointing and sometimes a tap on the head and a point) and we are getting used to her howling when she needs something or is upset with Velvet.

This was confirmed over Christmas. While vacuuming the apartment all the other cats headed for the hills when the vacuum was turned on. Blaze didn't even wake up until I bumped the chair she was sleeping in......which caused her to look at me and then go back to sleep.

We love her and she is happy as she can possibly be. A little deafness isn't slowing her down any.


The vet

March 23rd 2008 8:31 pm
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Well, we took Blaze in for her annual shaots and the vet decided it was time to do the geriatric bloodwork on her. After much srgument from Blaze over having blood draw......we found she is in the beginning stages of kidney failure. She was cool getting her first booster of fluids, and I already knew she likes the feline K/D with minced chicken food having gone through chronic kidney failure with Blaze's litter sister Misty for 2 years before Misty passed.

The new bloodwork showed Blaze's values haven't changed, so hopefully we can delay the disease from getting worse. I know she won't get better, but not getting worse is always a good sign. The only hard part is Blaze is a mooch, and it has been hard to get her to not try and mooch off us (or even to outright swipe food from our plates).

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