Cute Alert: Watch This Livestream of a Mom Cat Nursing Her Kittens

Thanks to TinyKittens, a former stray is an Internet star, and her kittens have a secure future.


Hey, want to see something amazing? It’s a cat with her kittens, live. The kittens are nursing. The mother is doting. All of it is streaming, live, and once you see it you’ll forget for a few long moments whatever it is you were just doing (which was reading this — come back to us when your brain switches back on).

We’re serious — this is powerful streaming. Look, this is a screenshot we just took:




But before you head over there and melt through your keyboard, let us tell you about the stars of this show. The mom’s name is Eve; she was a pregnant stray who huddled under someone’s porch until a neighbor brought her to cat-welfare group TinyKittens, which Livestreams the lives of their foster and rescue kittens to get people watching and involved in cat welfare.

Eve had her babies — you can watch that too if you like — and is now busy being a doting and caring mother, secure in TinyKittens’ hands. The group will make sure those kitten are adopted into the right homes when the time comes.

But, for now, it’s mom time. Look at these other screenshots we just took:







That’s some quality mom time right there. Before we send you off to the Livestream, here’s one last thing: TinyKittens is throwing a contest to name one of Eve’s kittens, and to enter you just need to donate to the group. The name theme is “palindrome,” which means one of these kittens will almost certainly be named ABBA. Or Radar.

Or Level. Probably Level.

Now go here to watch the kittens.

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