Texts From Mittens

Texts from Mittens: The Cold Edition

Mittens can't get warm, Drunk Patty needs a butter knife, and Judge Judy is finally safe. Mittens texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Jan 18th 2017

January is a cold month where Mittens lives, and he just can’t seem to get warm. First of all, the dog drools all over his favorite blanket, and then Mom hands down some major disappointment surrounding her bathrobe. Mitty can’t seem to win.

Speaking of a losing battle, why can’t he have three donuts? They have bacon on them, after all. Mom is, once again, being incredibly unreasonable. What else is new?

In other news, Drunk Patty wants to immortalize The Mittens in ice, and ear rubs are on the menu.

Want more details on the most recent happenings surrounding our favorite texting cat? Read on!



This basket is cold. Nobody cares. I am an island.

This basket is cold. Nobody cares. I am an island.



Not thieved! Hurrah!

Not thieved! Hurrah!



"I need a notification ... about ear rubs."

“I need a notification … about ear rubs.”