Meet Sora, a Japanese Cat With a Smart Look and a Soul Patch


This week we’re all about getting up close and personal with Sora. He’s a cat from Japan who’s scaling the heights of social media stardom by virtue of one very distinctive birthmark smack right on his nose. He also has something of a soul patch going on.

Without further ado, let’s investigate.

What’s Sora’s story?

Image via riepoyonn Instagram

Sora is a two-year-old feline who was adopted by his humans after their previous cat, Mikan, passed away. According to Internet lore, they were persuaded to scoop Sora up once they noticed that he had a birthmark almost identical to one on Mikan. What are the odds, right?

What’s in a name?

Image via riepoyonn Instagram

If you break down the translation of Sora’s name, you’ll find out that it means “sky” in Japanese. It’s said that he was given the name as his owners believe that he’s in many ways the reincarnated version of Mikan.

All grown up

Image via riepoyonn Instagram

These two selfies of Sora show him at three months old and today. It’s fair to say that as he’s grown up, he’s also grown into owning his patented birthmark look.

He’s a social beast

Image via riepoyonn Instagram

When it comes to Sora’s personality, he’s said to be quite the social animal who loves playing with other feline pals.

Fall is all around us

Image via riepoyonn Instagram

Now that fall has made its presence known, many things turn pumpkin-themed. It’s a trend that Sora’s definitely okay with. As the Google-translated caption to this pic of him sporting a pumpkin bowtie says, “Nowadays Instagram and the city is excited at Halloween specification. Sora manly cute cream bread.” Yes indeed.

Let’s all celebrate Whiskers Wednesday

Image via riepoyonn Instagram

Sora’s favorite day of the week is undoubtedly Wednesday. In fact, he can usually be found celebrating the hump day with his traditional Whiskers Wednesday posts. For this week, he has also rustled up a Muscat grape cheesecake.

Who’s got a sweet tooth?

Image via riepoyonn Instagram

In fact, if you skip through Sora’s photostream, you’ll quickly realize that this is one kitty with a sweet tooth. Here he has whipped up some feline-themed pancakes. Let’s allow Google translate to fill in the secret recipe details: “Cream plenty of pancake is want to eat. Maple syrup is also full over. Happy to spend a delicious time together.”

Fun with watermelons

Image via riepoyonn Instagram

While Sora is all about his cake-baking antics, he also is not averse to chowing down on some mighty healthy fruit from time to time. Back in the summer he celebrated watermelon season by licking his chops and plotting to make a fruit punch.

Check out Sora’s Instagram account for more of his cake-tastic adventures.

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