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8 Brown Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Written by: Ed Malaker

Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Abyssinian young cat sitting at tower

8 Brown Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Cats are one of America’s favorite pets. They come in various coat patterns, and while most tend to be black, grey, or orange, other colors are also available, including brown, which is quite popular. If you are interested in this less-common hue, keep reading for a list of several cat breeds that tend to produce brown cats.

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The 8 Brown Cat Breeds

1. Abyssinian

abyssinian cat looking away
Image Credit: Anton Akhmatov, Shutterstock
Height: 8–10 inches
Length: 12–16 inches
Weight: 6–10 pounds

The Abyssinian is a small to medium-sized breed with a distinctive ticked coat that often displays warm brown shades. They have a muscular body with a medium-length tail and almond-shaped eyes. They are playful, active, curious, and highly intelligent and form strong bonds with their human companions.

2. Bengal

Bengal cat sitting on the bed
Image Credit: Shvaygert Ekaterina, Shutterstock
Height: 8–10 inches
Length: 16–20 inches
Weight: 8–15 pounds

The Bengal resembles a miniature leopard with a range of brown hues. They have a muscular build, strong legs, and a long, sleek body. They are a highly energetic, agile, and intelligent cat that requires plenty of mental and physical stimulation to thrive.

3. Burmese

burmese cat in gray background
Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock
Height: 8–10 inches
Length: 12–15 inches
Weight: 8–12 pounds

Burmese cats have sleek, solid brown coats that exude warmth and richness. They have medium-sized, compact bodies with well-developed muscles, expressive and round eyes, and a sweet, affectionate nature. Burmese cats make loyal and loving family pets.

4. Singapura

Image Credit: jojosmb, Shutterstock
Height: 6–8 inches
Length: 10–12 inches
Weight: 4–8 pounds

The Singapura is a small cat breed with a sepia-toned coat. Despite their petite size, they have a muscular build and large, expressive eyes. They also have a curious, playful personality and form strong bonds with their human family. They are outgoing and will often be the first to greet strangers.

5. Havana Brown

Havana Cat
Image Credit: Magnetic Mcc, Shutterstock
Height: 8–10 inches
Length: 12–15 inches
Weight: 8–12 pounds

The Havana Brown is a medium-sized breed with a chocolate-brown coat that is short and glossy. They have a muscular body, broad chest, and expressive green eyes. They are known for their affectionate, loyal, and outgoing personalities, making them great companions.

6. Oriental Shorthair

Black Oriental Shorthair in the grass
Image Credit: jojosmb, Shutterstock
Height: 8–10 inches
Length: 12–15 inches
Weight: 6–12 pounds

Oriental Shorthairs come in various coat colors and patterns, including shades of brown. This cat has a slender build with a long neck, large ears, and almond-shaped eyes that add to their unique appearance. They are highly intelligent, vocal, and active cats with outgoing personalities.

7. Somali

a somali cat portrait
Image Credit: Nataliya Kuznetsova, Shutterstock
Height: 8–10 inches
Length: 12–15 inches
Weight: 6–12 pounds

The Somali cat, or Long-Haired Abyssinian, has a ticked coat that can display various shades of brown. They have a medium-sized body with a long, bushy tail. They are playful, mischievous, and athletic and are usually quite vocal when they want something.

8. Toyger

Toyger cat on a white tree
Image Credit: Kutikova Ekaterina, Shutterstock
Height: 8–10 inches
Length: 14–18 inches
Weight: 10–15 pounds

The Toyger is a relatively new breed that resembles a miniature tiger. Their coat has bold, dark stripes on a brown background. Toygers have a muscular and athletic build, with a medium to large body. They have a playful, friendly, and outgoing personality and due to their intelligence, enjoy interactive play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Common Shades in Brown Cat Breeds?

Brown cat breeds can display various shades of brown, including chocolate, sepia, cinnamon, and mahogany. Some may have lighter or darker variations within these color ranges.

Are Brown Cat Breeds Hypoallergenic?

No, brown cat breeds are not inherently hypoallergenic (there’s no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic cat, anyway). However, some individuals with allergies may find certain breeds, like the Oriental Shorthair or the Singapura, more tolerable due to their producing lower levels of allergenic proteins in their saliva and dander.

How Do I Care for the Coat of a Brown Cat Breed?

Coat care for brown cat breeds varies depending on the breed. Generally, though, regular brushing helps minimize shedding and maintain a healthy coat, with long-haired cats requiring more frequent brushing. Some breeds may also require more grooming, such as occasional bathing or specific coat care routines, so it’s important to research the specific breed’s grooming needs before purchase.

Image Credit: Roman Zaiets, Shutterstock

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Quite a few cat breeds can have brown coats. Popular ones include the Havana Brown, Burmese, and the newer Toyger. These cats require the same care and attention as any other breed and will make just as good companions. It’s also important to note that other cats may also produce brown coats, just not as frequently.

Featured Image Credit: Darya Lavinskaya, Shutterstock

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