Meet Miss Raspberry Kittay and Her Smush-Face Underbite


Welcome to the world of Miss Raspberry Kittay, a sassy feline who has lit up the social media scene thanks to her distinctive underbite. But don’t be fooled by her fangsome appearance — this is one cat who’s sweet at heart and all about plotting the ultimate Caturday.

Let’s get to know Raz.

Humble beginnings

Image via Instagram

Miss Raspberry Kittay started out her life as a stray. When she wound up at a shelter, a volunteer there shared this kitty’s pictures all over social media in a bid to find her a forever home. Luckily, the volunteer happened to be the cousin of Jessica Saldan, who says she “fell in love with her as soon as we saw Razzy’s pictures.” Formal adoption paperwork soon ensued.

Name games

Image via Instagram

Are you intrigued by Miss Raspberry Kittay’s grandiose name? Well, it turns out someone at the shelter coined her moniker.

“She’s Raspberry because her tongue is always sticking out like a small child giving raspberry kisses,” explains Jessica.

“Let’s be honest, we just couldn’t change a name like that,” she says, before adding that because of Raz’s sassy moments her name is “perfect.”

Behold the underbite

Image via Instagram

“Because of her underbite, Raz is often misunderstood,” says Jessica when asked about her cat’s pointy fags. “What’s the saying, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’? Well, that fits perfectly for Raz as she’s just the sweetest, most gentle girl.”

“When she first came to us, Raz did not like to cuddle and needed her space,” she continues. “Now she has to be in the same room with someone all the time and, on occasion, loves a good snuggle.”

Chow time etiquette

Image via Instagram

When it comes to day-to-day cat life, Raz’s underbite really affects her only during dining hours.

“Don’t get me wrong, she has no problem eating,” says Jessica. “Well, maybe I should have said eating neatly: Instead of eating normally out of a bowl, Raz scoops her food from a flat dish.

“Chow time tends to get a bit messy.”

Hats off!

Image via Instagram

If you zip through Raz’s photostream, you’ll see that she’s often captured dressing fancy in bow ties and hats. How does she take to these flights of fashionable fancy?

Apparently quite well, says Jessica: “If she sees my camera she’ll usually come walking in, sit down and wait to get started. I also keep photo time to about five minutes. When Razzy’s finished she’ll let me know by walking away, then we’re finished for the day.”

Raz believes she can fly

Image via Instagram

Let’s take a trip to the fantasy side. What would Miss Raspberry Kittay’s superhero cat power be?

“I can definitely say she is a jumper,” reveals Jessica. “So I think Raz would like to fly.

“Perhaps she’d also like to be able to teleport outside the window. She loves to watch the birds. I know she would love to just pop out on the porch one day when they least expect it.”

Smart plan.

The ultimate Caturday

Image via Instagram

With Caturday being one of the most popular occasions to celebrate and share on Instagram, how would Raz spend her ultimate day of leisure?

Well, it would apparently start by feasting on a rotisserie chicken. Then she’d be all fueled up for a “good game of hide and seek with her canine brother, Harley.” The energy levels would keep peaking with “a few rounds of chase the mouse,” then Miss Raspberry Kittay would head outside to take a walk (on her leash) and explore the garage. (“Closed doors drive her crazy,” says Jessica.)

“Then I think Raz would complete her ultimate Caturday by taking a long nap surrounded by her family.”

Follow Miss Raspberry Kittay’s Instagram account to check out more of her fantastic photos.

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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