Social Cat of the Week

Meet Frank Lloyd White, the Cat Who Runs New York City

His digitally enhanced photos show a fondness for catnip, pizza, gyms and parodying record covers.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Dec 13th 2016

Frank Lloyd White is the undisputed King of New York City. Or, rather, New York Kitty, as this confident and charismatic four-year-old white cat likes to call his stomping grounds.

With Mr. White’s social media profile on the rise, here’s what you need to know about this powerhouse of a feline figure.

The making of Frank

When it comes to Frank Lloyd White’s back story, not too much is known about this socialite superstar. Internet lore has it that he was “rescued from the streets as a kitty and now I run this city.” Beyond that, we know that he’s a Domestic Shorthair and likes to tout himself around as “the most relatable cat in the universe.”

Pass the ‘nip

Oh, and naturally, our Frank is also a confirmed catnip enthusiast. Although the pic above suggests that on occasion he also dabbles in other — ahem — concoctions to ease the stress of his no-doubt hectic days.

Who’s gonna take the weight?

Frank’s various social media outlets all promise that you can follow along with his own patented brand of “feline shenanigans.” Of late, this often seems to revolve around turning up at the gym and posing for copious amounts of selfies in the weight room.

A money shaking kitty

The esteemed Mr. White is also serious about his cash flow. As he sagely advised while posing with a prime piece from his fine art collection, “Disregard currency … acquire feline.”

Feasting fancy

The Petnetio is a fancy contraption that will feed your cat on an automatic basis. Of course, Frank managed to hack his feeder to dispense his favorite snack.

As he quipped to Instagram, “Was about to order pizza from the same spot I got from yesterday, but before I even had a chance to abuse that stolen credit card, I realized Petnetio already delivered. This thing knows me.”

Welcome to Purrvana

This picture? Oh, it’s nothing, just a little capture of Frank Lloyd White reaching what he calls a state of purrvana. (Of course, he hashtagged the term. And thanks, Nirvana.)

Excuse me, but do you have any ID?

Here we have Frank caught in action flipping the script on the ancient bodega owner/bodega cat relationship. Remember, in Frank’s world, he’s the boss.

And we’re outta here!

It would be appropriate to end on this factually accurate picture of Frank Lloyd White blasting off into outer space while commandeering a pizza and shooting futuristic lasers out of his eyes, presumably to help melt the mozzarella.

Check out more Frank Lloyd White pics at his Instagram account.