Emoji Kittens: Digital Artist Uses Cats to Communicate


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My sister got me into the emoji craze a couple of years ago when she insisted I download them onto my phone. They’re silly, they’re fun, and they’ve pretty much become a universal language.


Now they’re even better thanks to artist and photographer Tania Hennessy, who has combined them with the best thing ever — kittens. What’s better than a donut emoji? A kitten sitting in the donut hole! And those sunglasses look super cool on a little black kitten (who also happens to have a white Mohawk).


I’ll be honest: The poop emoji is my least favorite because — eww. However, paired with a cute kitten clutching his nose in horrified surprise, it’s not quite as disgusting.


Emojis are the ultimate piece of pop culture symbolism, and kittens are internet stars. Tania found herself wondering how the two had never been paired in digital art, and a new project was born. Her playful collection blends studio photography
with digital art, putting kittens in a brand-new landscape.

To see more of Tania’s work, check out her website.

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