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25 Top Cat Blogs Every Kitten Lover Should Read in 2024

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Nicole Cosgrove

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25 Top Cat Blogs Every Kitten Lover Should Read in 2024

Whether you’re looking for advice, inspiration, or cute kitten pictures, there are several excellent cat blogs. To help you find your new favorite reading material, we’ve searched everywhere and gathered 25 of the best cat blogs. Keep reading to learn all about cats!

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The 25 Best Cat Blogs

1. Love Meow

LoveMeow blog

Looking for a little inspiration? Love Meow features fun and inspiring stories about cats. The blog focuses on unusual adoption stories, plus the funny antics of kittens and older cats.

2. Fluffy Kitty

Fluffy Kitty blog

Founders Brittany and Paul write the Fluffy Kitty blog with the help of their adorable adopted cat, Yoda. Expect interesting topics like why cats like fish and how to leash-train your cat.

3. Simon’s Cat

Are you a fan of funny videos and comics? Look no further than Simon’s Cat, a blog that features animated videos of Simon’s Cat dealing with dogs, kittens, and crushes. As a bonus, you can also find printable coloring pages!

4. Cat Wisdom 101

Cat Wisdom 101 blog

Even if you’re an experienced cat owner, you can probably use a few tips from the feline experts. Cat Wisdom 101 provides expert cat tips on everything from adoption to celebrating holidays to building the perfect cat memorial in your garden.

5. Katzenworld

What happens when a group of friends based in the UK get together to focus on their passion for cats? You get Katzenworld! Whether you are looking for advice on grooming, curious about certain cat breeds, or want the latest information about cat welfare across the world, Katzenworld has the information for you.

6. Modern Cat

Step into the world of Modern Cat! This site combines everything you want (and need!) to know about your cat. From information about specific cat traits to wellness and cat culture, Modern Cat makes sure all cat-lovers have something that can enrich their minds. They even have cat-focused photo and story contests for readers to enter so they can tap into their creative side.

7. Cats Protection

Cats Protection is one of the largest cat welfare charity organizations in the UK. This dedicated group of over 200 volunteers helps tens of thousands of cats each year who need treatment and rehoming. This organization has been active for close to 100 years and has helped over 2 million cats find their forever homes. Their site has information about cat behavior, wellness, and things you can do to help cats across the UK.

8. SparkleCat

SparkleCat blog

Ever wanted cat advice…from an actual cat? The SparkleCat blog is written from the perspective of a cat named Summer (the original Sparkle passed away in 2014). The site has book and product reviews, advice, wisdom, and even a diary!

9. Floppycats

If you own a Ragdoll cat or are interested in getting one, you definitely should check out this blog site dedicated to the world’s favorite floppy cat. Floopycats focuses on all things related to the Ragdoll. So, whether you want to learn how to keep their gorgeous coats silky and tangle-free or tips to keep your Ragdoll healthy and happy, this site has the answers.

10. Cat Time

CatTime blog

Are you wondering how to find a missing cat or build a hammock for your kittens? Look no further than Cat Time, a blog that has a wealth of information about cats. Be sure to check out their collection of hilarious and informative cat videos!

11. iHeartCats

We all “heart” cats and want to check out a blog that feels the same way we do about felines. iHeartCats caters to several feline-related topics: health, behavior, product reviews, cat food recalls, and the latest news concerning cats. They even have an online shop with loads of gifts any cat-lover would love to receive.

12. Feline Behavior Solutions

Feline Behavior Solutions blog

Does your cat have behavioral problems? If so, you’ll probably want to check out Feline Behavior Solutions, a blog run by a certified cat behavior consultant. Her goal is to prevent cats from being abandoned or left at shelters because of behavior issues.

13. The Catnip Times

The Catnip Times blog

The name says it all: The Catnip Times has a fun newspaper theme and plenty of useful cat information to back it up. Their writers cover diverse topics like cat film festivals, vet tips, and catio projects.

14. Tuxedo-Cat

Tuxedo-Cat blog

Don’t let the name of this UK-based blog fool you! While they focus on Tuxedo cats, they highlight other felines as well. So, if you have a different type of cat, you’ll feel right at home! Here, you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about senior cat insurance, cat memory, and predators to keep an eye out for.

15. Companion Animal Psychology

Companion Animal Psychology blog

Companion Animal Psychology has advice on cats and dogs, and it is an invaluable resource if you want to understand your furball better. Find advice on cat enrichment and activities, how to make a vet trip more pleasant, and why your cat spends so much time at the window.

16. Cattitude Daily

Do you have an attitude? No? What about a cattitude? We thought so! Cattitude Daily is the perfect place to go for those who take their love of cats seriously. This site not only has informational blogs about cat breeds and behavior but also has videos that will keep you engaged and knowledgeable!

17. Purrfect Love

Purrfect Love cat blog

Purrfect Love is a blog by and for cat lovers. Learn about cat myths, whether you should feed your cat wheatgrass, and how to handle common cat ailments.

18. Cat Welfare Society

Cat Welfare Society blog

Want to support cat causes? Check out the Cat Welfare Society; it’s a foundation that promotes the humane management of Singapore’s street cats. Their blog includes news, safety tips, and stories of the foundation’s work.

19. Life With Catman

We are pretty sure you heard of Batman, but have you ever heard of Catman? Life With Catman is a blog site designed for cat enthusiasts. While the site focuses on more well-known breeds and potential health issues cats might face, they are open to suggestions on what to write about next!

20. Glogirly

Glogirly cat blog

Run by blogger Debbie Glovatsky, Glogirly showcases the adventures of two mountain cats through beautiful photos and fun graphics. Plus, it raises money for cat rescue organizations!

21. The Creative Cat

Cats often bring out the artist in all of us. They inspire us to draw or paint them, take photos of them, or even write a poem or short story about the special cat (or cats!) we have in our lives. The Creative Cat has developed an online community where people can share cat-inspired art with the world. It also has a section about people writing about pet loss, which can help others who have had a cat go over the Rainbow Bridge.

22. The Purrington Post

The Purrington Post cat blog

The Purrington Post has advice on cat food, toys, behavior issues, and unusual topics like meditating with your kitten and the pros and cons of cat CBD. The blog’s editorial team includes Mouse, the Editor in Chief, and Atchoum, the distinguished Fashion Editor.

23. CatTipper

CatTipper cat blog

Do you want to build a challenging cat puzzle, grow catnip, or learn how to control fleas naturally? CatTipper, a blog by author Paris Parmenter and her husband John Bigley, is all about rescued cats and helping you live well with your furry friends.

24. Living with Loulou

Living with Loulou cat blog

If you’ve ever wondered how a cat spends his day, you’ll love Living with Loulou, which is the diary of a French cat. Loulou offers advice on kitty heatstroke, musings on gardens and birthday celebrations, and lots of adorable napping pictures.

25. We’re All About Cats

We're All About Cats blog

Do you want to find the best possible cat food or learn how to deal with kitty aggression? Try We’re All About Cats, a popular blog that covers the best cat products and behavioral tips.

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We hope this collection of the best cat blogs online helps keep you informed, entertained, and up-to-date with the cat world. There are so many great blogs to read and so much to learn about your furballs. Your feline friends will thank you, and we promise you’ll be inspired!

Also, if you’re looking to start your cat blog, then check out this helpful resource from WebsitePlanet on how to create a logo.

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