Do You Know Your Cat’s Breed? Does It Matter or Not?


It was a warm spring day yesterday, the first beautiful day of the season. It was evening and the sun was just about to lower below the horizon. I had just placed our cats’ evening meal down and they promptly devoured the wet food, saving the kibble to graze on throughout the night. The cats made their way from the food bowls to their chosen places for an after-dinner grooming session and nap. I gazed at all the cats grooming themselves.

In total, there were seven cats that graced my presence at that particular time. There were three buff-colored females, an orange-and-white male, one gray tabby, one calico, and one smoky gray-and-white cat. It’s quite a collection of kitties who are now a part of my family. However, it struck me that I don’t really know the specific breed of each of the cats. It got me thinking, does anyone really know the true breed of their cat?

If you’re a professional cat breeder or show cats as a hobby or career, then you likely know the breed of your cats. Just like dogs, they all have their own breed. They’re not just called long-haired or short-haired cats. It goes beyond calling them Persians, Himalayans, Siamese, calicos, or tabbies. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 different breeds of cats. I’m sure that this is very surprising to most people.

Since I have the benefit of consulting with cats and their human companions on a regular basis, I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing the breed of most cats. I can tell the difference between a Manx and a Rex. I know the difference between a Maine Coon and an Angora. I can recognize the difference between an Egyptian Mau and a Bengal. But, admittedly, I would be hard-pressed to know the difference between a brown mackerel tabby and a brown spotted tabby.

I know people are just as passionate about cat breeds as dog lovers are about dog breeds. I’ve seen the window signs and bumper stickers on minivans exclaiming that their cat is smarter than your dog. I see them proudly wearing their T-shirts and hats portraying their favorite breed of kitty. I know they have pillows, blankets, and trinkets in their homes that display their chosen cat breed. I don’t blame them one bit and feel we should all be better informed about cat breeds. I know that I spend a lot of time correcting people when the call my white Schnauzer a Maltese or a Westie. To be exact, my Schnauzer is a white liver parti Schnauzer.

So, after doing a bit of research, I can tell you that my kitty clan consists of three British Shorthair cream cats, one American Shorthair red classic tabby cat, one British Shorthair brown classic tabby cat, one American Wirehair calico cat, and one British Shorthair blue and white cat. Hopefully, I have this correct and they’re pleased that I did my research. Or, it could be that they don’t give a darn as long as their wet food and kibble arrive at the scheduled time.

Do you know the true breed of your cat? How much does it matter to you? What other breeds have you had or loved? Let us know in the comments!

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