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Ragamuffin Cat: Breed Info, Pictures, Temperament & Traits

white ragamuffin cat
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The Ragamuffin is a gentle giant in the cat world. Weighing in at up to a whopping 20 pounds, these cats are super cuddly and affectionate. They can be any color, but they typically have white markings on their head and ears, tail, and/or face, and they almost always have white paws. Ragamuffins are outgoing and want to spend all their time with their human or animal family members.

Height:9-12 inches
Weight:10-20 pounds
Lifespan:13-18 years
Colors:Almost any color, most with white markings
Suitable for:Families with kids, apartments, houses, calm or active environments
Temperament:Gentle, patient, outgoing, affectionate, curious, playful

They will be the first to happily greet visitors at the door, and they are rarely found hiding away from the action unless something truly scares them. These cats are also highly curious and playful, so they seem to always be looking for a toy to play with if a family member is not available to entertain or cuddle them. However, they are calmer than many other cat breeds and are not known for antics such as climbing the curtains and bookshelves.

Overall, these are great pets for families with or without kids, single adults, and the elderly. They can adapt to most living situations, even a mobile home or RV! They love to travel and can even learn how to walk on a leash. Are you interested in learning more about this magnificent cat breed? You have come to the right place. Following is all the information you need to know about the almighty Ragamuffin.

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Ragamuffin Characteristics

Ragamuffin kittens are irresistibly adorable, and they stay cute as they age into adulthood. Their heartwarming personalities and gentle personalities make them hard to pass up when choosing a new pet for the household. Here is what you need to know about this cat breed before adopting one.

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3 Little-Known Facts About Ragamuffins

1. They Are All Born White

All Ragamuffins are born with white hair that gradually changes color as they age. The colors that they develop can be anything from brown and orange to gray and tortoiseshell.

2. They Are Actually a Mixed Breed

The Ragamuffin is a close relative of the Ragdoll cat breed. When a Ragdoll is crossbred with a Himalayan or a Persian breed, the resulting kitten is called a Ragamuffin.

3. They Must Have Access to Toys

This playful cat loves their toys, and if none are available, they will turn things like shoes, toilet paper, and even kitchen towels into toys, which is something their family members may not appreciate.

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin is easy to get along with, forgiving, and patient. They enjoy a nice long snuggle with their family members, but they like to play and explore just as much. These cats do not have an enemy in the world, whether human or animal. They are not overly active, but they do enjoy spending time with toy balls, hanging toys, and cat gyms.

These cats will follow their human family members around the house, never wanting to be far behind. They do not mind whether they are laying on a lap, playing a game, or having a friendly conversation, as long as they are interacting with others. They do not like spending time at home alone, so in their households, someone should generally be around throughout the day or another pet should be home with them when humans cannot be.

Overall, these cuddly cats are not much trouble, but they will not tolerate being ignored. They do not need a large house to live in, as they can adapt well to apartment living. However, they do enjoy the outdoors and can learn to walk on a leash if an enclosed porch or patio is not available to them. They are also known for being big on road trips.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

Ragamuffins love people of all ages. They are protective of and affectionate with babies and toddlers. They are playful with and attentive to older children. They love nothing more than cuddling up with their teenage and adult family members. They do not enjoy being teased, though, so children should be taught not to chase, poke, tug, or smother the cat.

Ragamuffin cat
Image Credit: Kill_Baal, Shutterstock

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

This beautiful breed is great with other animals. They do not mind living in a big pack of cats or with a dog or two if the dogs do not chase. They also do not have much of a prey drive, so they typically do well when living with smaller animals like hamsters and ferrets. They should not be expected to immediately warm up to strange animals, but they will become fast friends with other cats and dogs after introductions.

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Things to Know When Owning a Ragamuffin

Now it is time to discuss properly caring for this eye-appealing cat breed. Here are all the things you should know about caring for a Ragamuffin.

Food & Diet Requirements

The Ragamuffin is happy to eat commercial dry food, wet food, or a combination of both. They can also do well on a homemade food. How much these cats eat each day depends on their weight, health, activity level, and age. But in general, they can eat anywhere from ½ cup to 1 cup of food every day.

Their food should be comprised mainly of real animal protein, so chicken, beef, fish, or another type of protein should be the first ingredient on the food list. Ingredients that should be avoided include corn, soy, and artificial ingredients. Ragamuffins should have unlimited access to fresh, clean water throughout the day too.


Like all cats, this breed does need exercise to stay fit, healthy, and happy. They should not be left outside unattended and should wear a leash even in the yard to keep their curiosity in check and their life out of danger. However, they do not need to go outside at all to get the exercise that they need. If they have access to a variety of toys, a cat scratcher, and a large cat gym to enjoy, they should get all the exercise that they desire and require.

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While there is no need to train a cat, potential owners who are interested in doing so would be happy to know that Ragamuffins are easily trainable. They can learn how to come, sit, and stay, just like dogs can. They can also learn how to retrieve items and to talk or stop talking on-demand. Training should be done in small spurts because these cats do not have long attention spans.

Grooming ✂️

This cat breed has long, luxurious hair that does shed moderately, but there is no need for daily grooming to keep your floors and furniture clean. Brushing or combing a Ragamuffin twice a week will keep shedding to a minimum. Their hair is so silky that it is not prone to matting, but if a mat does develop, it can simply be trimmed away. Their nails should be checked twice a month and clipped if necessary. No bathing is necessary, as the Ragamuffin does a wonderful job of self-grooming.

Health and Conditions

The Ragamuffin is only prone to a couple of health conditions that potential owners should be aware of. They are generally healthy if they eat properly and get enough exercise.

Minor Conditions
  • None to note
Serious Conditions
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Cardiomyopathy

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Male vs. Female

There are not any differences between male and female Ragamuffins that make one or the other a better pet. However, there are slight differences that potential owners may want to take note of. For example, male Ragamuffins seems to be a little tougher to potty train, especially if they are expected to go potty outside. Also, girls tend to be more aggressive when it comes to wanting attention than males, but both genders are extremely affectionate.

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Final Thoughts

The Ragamuffin is one special cat breed that has so much love, affection, and companionship to give. Because they get along great with kids and other animals, they can be happy living in virtually any type of household, small or large. They do not require much grooming, yet they sport a magnificent coat that never gets overlooked by strangers. We think that this is a cat breed that every family looking to adopt a pet should consider. Are you interested in adopting one of these cuties? Why or why not? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

Featured Image: picture.factory, Shutterstock

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