Artist Jason Freeny Shows Us Hello Kitty’s Skeletal System


Do you ever look at Hello Kitty and wonder, “Hmmm, what’s really inside Kitty Chan? What deep, dark, and highly disturbed secrets must she be hiding under that playful facade?”

Well, thanks to the artist Jason Freeny, you can ponder no longer, as his toy art sculptures take pop culture characters like Kitty Chan and splice them open in an off-kilter anatomical fashion.

Here’s a snapshot of his feline-related art, which he likes to describe as “candy-colored madness.”

Under my skin

Image via Instagram

Titled Anatomical Hello Kitty, this modified cutaway vinyl action figure finally lets you peel back the Sanrio heroine’s pristine white flesh and learn about her scientific insides. Of course, her iconic red bow stays.

Going way back

Image via Instagram

Harking back to Hello Kitty’s previously unseen early days, the Fetal Hello Kitty model lets us all revisit the genesis of this eminent cartoon cat. No idea what happened to her umbilical cord, although you wouldn’t bet against her friend Badtz-Maru being involved in the caper.

Triumph of a heart

Image via Moist Production

And once more with the Hello Kitty love movement: Here we have the officially titled Cardio Kitty. For some reason, it makes me think of that Spike Jonze-directed Bjork video that stars a cat.

Introducing Moof Cat

Image via Moist Production

Have you ever heard of a Moof Cat? Well, if not, here’s the deal: It’s a small, child-friendly stool or seat that’s created in the image of a box-shaped cat. And yes, there is a prominent poop hole present and correct.

You do it to yourself

Image via Instagram

Are we looking at an upright cat or a feline-esque bear here? I’m not entirely certain, but this Self Medicated Sculpture was created in cahoots with the graphic designer Luke Cheuh. Steady with the scalpel!

Dog balloon ahoy!

Image via Instagram

Okay, now this piece is definitely not from the feline field, but the artist’s line of canine balloon animals are pretty cool, right? I’ve included a snap of it here in the interests of bipetual peace and harmony. We’ll get back to the strictly cat stuff now.

Who’s Nacho?

Image via Instagram

From digging through Jason Freeny’s Instagram account, I’m going to assume that the smoosh-faced Nacho is actually the brains behind the whole operation.

Head over to Jason’s Instagram, Facebook and website to check out more of his fantastically warped creations.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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