Research determined if cats might be left-pawed or right-pawed. Photography ©Olga Miltsova | Getty Images.

Right or Left? Research Determines if Cats Have a Preferred Paw

Right-handedness is more common in humans, but what paw do cats prefer? Researchers from the Animal Behaviour Centre at Queen's University have some insights.

Jackie Brown  |  Jul 16th 2018

Researchers at the Animal Behaviour Centre at Queen’s University in Belfast used owner surveys and an experiment to determine if cats might be left-pawed or right-pawed. For the survey, owners tracked which paw their cats used when stepping into a litter box or taking the first step down stairs.

Researchers also put treats inside a container and recorded which paw each cat used to get the treats. Although the results showed that cats overall aren’t biased toward one paw (the way right-handedness is more common in humans than left-handedness), they did have preferences (73 percent used one paw more to reach for the treats, and 70 percent showed paw preference when taking the first step on stairs).

Thumbnail: Photography ©Olga Miltsova | Getty Images.

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