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What Treats Does Your Cat Like Best?

Chicken, apple and kale or cooked turkey bacon? Here's what Catster readers say are the treats their cats like best.

Arden Moore  |  Feb 13th 2020

Catster reached out to pet parents across the country to ask them what treats their cats like best. Some of the answers may surprise you.

Samantha Martin, a renowned animal trainer who travels the United States in a van full of rescued cats known as the Amazing Acro-Cats, keeps her feline troupe hydrated and happy by dishing up boiled chicken breast in water. “We give them the excess water to drink, and they love it,” she notes. “This chicken water gives them extra hydration and nutrition.”

Heather Branch, a professional pet sitter and owner of Best Friends Forever Pet Services in the Mid San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, gets her healthy cat treats from health food stores like Trader Joe’s and online through the Pawtree company. “My cat, Scooter, is a healthy, active senior girl who is 17 years old,” she says. “Scooter is happy with the Pawtree brand that contains chicken, apple and kale as well as a few, tiny bites of cooked turkey bacon and Trader Joe’s cat treats.”

After one of her cats required veterinary treatment for a bladder infection, Debbie Redondo of San Diego, California, transitioned Fergie and Phoebe to grain-free canned foods and homemade treats consisting of beef, chicken or pork. “I want to keep them as healthy as possible,” she says.

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