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Remember Meow The Jewels? You know, the world’s first (and possibly only) hip-hop album where the music consists of nothing but sampled cat sounds? Well, after being offered up to the world late last year as a gratis download, the movement shows no signs of stopping with the release of a new video for the song “Meowpurrdy” (which technically features some of Lil BUB’s meows and yelps somewhere in the mix).

While the last Meow The Jewels video for “All Meow Life” was a scatterlogical, cut-and-paste experience sourced from what we enthusiastically estimated to be around 140,000 other cat videos, this one embraces an animated, fantasy sci-fi style.

Image via YouTube.

It’s directed by the UK-based animator Cyriak, who has previously spent his time cutting videos for artists like Bloc Party and Flying Lotus while also creating some marvelously freaky animal shorts.

The action kicks off with a mammoth clowder of kittens all marching to the same sampled meow beat.

Image via YouTube.

Then we’re introduced to some sort of giant satan cat (an image that ties in with Bernie Sanders’s new pal Killer Mike‘s lyrics in the song).

Image via YouTube.

This nefarious kitty calls on his powers to summon up a bunch of what I’m gonna call tentacle cats who in turn spew out new tentacle cats and bouncing kittens. This image will haunt you the next time your own cat coughs up a hairball.

Image via YouTube.

Salvation comes in the form of a giant, shining guardian angel cat who pops up as EL-P’s verse in the song begins. Your classic good versus evil feline battle ensues, with our hero eventually sacrificing his own life to save the kittens. With that, all is calm and all is bright.

Check out the full “Meowpurrdy” video here with its original lyrics, or check out the safe-for-work version below:

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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