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Top 10 Cutest Cat Videos of All Time

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on January 16, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Top 10 Cutest Cat Videos of All Time

There’s no denying the fact that the internet loves cats. You can find an endless supply of viral videos that feature cats doing all sorts of things. You can even find compilation videos that feature some of the most popular cat videos of the week.

While it’s impossible to list all the cute cat videos that are online, we’ve compiled our own list of our top favorite cat videos. These videos of adorable cats are sure to bring a smile to your face and lift your mood.

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Top 10 Cutest Cat Videos of All Time

1. Football Black Cat

  • Year Posted: 2019
  • Video Length: 0:54

This viral video garnered millions of views online, and many people across the US saw it happening live on TV. It’s a testament to how a cat’s curiosity can get them into some hilarious situations.

A black cat suddenly appears on the field during a football game between the Cowboys and the Giants. The cat pauses the whole game and gains the adoration of all the fans in the stadium and everyone watching from home.

2. Performing Magic Tricks for Cats

  • Year Posted: 2019
  • Video Length: 1:20

This video is a collaboration between YouTuber Zach King and famous internet cat Michael the British Shorthair. Both King’s and Michael’s individual videos often showcase brilliant and funny editing. So, it was quite the experience to see them working together to create a fun video. It has plenty of cool visual effects that make you want to rewatch it over and over again.

3. That Little Puff

  • Year Posted: 2023
  • Video Length: 32:37

That Little Puff is a TikTok channel that exploded during the pandemic. It has hundreds of millions of views, and it’s no surprise that so many people want to watch these adorable videos of Puff the Cat. Puff’s earlier videos featured him cooking some of his favorite dishes, and his content evolved to testing out life hacks. That Little Puff also has a YouTube channel, and this particular video shows some of the most watched videos of 2023.

4. Cute Kitten Hugs His Teddy Bear

  • Year Posted: 2010
  • Video Length: 0:26

This cute cat video features an adorable cat named Meesha expressing his love for his toys. He’s snuggled up in a blanket and hugging a soft teddy bear. There’s soft lullaby piano music playing in the background, making it a great video to help calm you down and de-stress. It really does make you feel like everything is going to be alright, no matter how your day’s been going.

5. Mother Cat Tucks in Her Kittens for Bed

  • Year Posted: 2023
  • Video Length: 4:00

This adorable video features extremely cute kittens interacting with their mom. It’s 4 minutes of kittens playing together and getting ready for bedtime. After playtime, they get nursed by their mother, and they start feeling sleepy. After a few seconds of fighting off their tiredness, they finally give in and begin to doze off. The video ends with the two kittens sleeping underneath a soft blanket, and you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside after watching.

6. The Two Talking Cats

  • Year Posted: 2017
  • Video Length: 0:55

This video went viral several years ago and now has over 100 million views. It features two cat siblings meowing back and forth, and it looks like they’re having a full-on conversation. Their owner captured this moment because the cats would usually fight rather than share vocal exchanges. Apparently, the cats chatted for over an hour, and this video just caught about a minute of it.

7. 2-Week-Old Kitten Lets Out a Roar

  • Year Posted: 2015
  • Video Length: 0:51

This video is a classic cute cat video that features an adorable kitten. Gizmo is a 2-week-old kitten who was rescued when she was found alone in a parking lot. When the video was recorded, she had just opened her eyes and was starting to move around and stand on her own. She was feeling very vocal, and her meows got progressively louder until she let out a “roar.”

There are several videos of Gizmo. So, if you’re a fan of her cuteness, you can watch more content and follow her kittenhood journey.

8.  Cat Using Talking Buttons

  • Year Posted: 2021
  • Video Length: 3:18

While you may come across several videos of dogs using talking buttons, it’s rare to find cats that learn to use them, too. This video features Billi the Cat, and she’s learned to use talking buttons to tell her owner what she wants and express her moods. She can let her owner know when she wants to go outside or when she wants to play with a catnip toy. When asked if Billi has a favorite button, her owner responds by saying that Billi most often presses a button to let them know that she’s feeling mad about something.

9. The Kiffness x Lonely Cat

  • Year Posted: 2023
  • Video Length: 3:04

The Kiffness has produced many videos that have gone viral. He’s known for creating songs that fit in with or incorporate audio clips from other viral videos. This particular song features a clip of Lonely Cat, which is a cat that’s meowing, and it sounds like he’s saying, “Sometimes I’m alone.”

A full song, including a trumpet solo, is produced with this one clip. If you enjoy this video, you can find several other creative cat videos that The Kiffness has made.

10. Kitten Steals Dog Bed

  • Year Posted: 2021
  • Video Length: 2:20

This video perfectly captures the relationship that cats have with dogs. A tiny kitten has taken over a giant dog bed and is resting comfortably right in the center of it. The Golden Retriever that uses the bed spots the kitten and makes attempts to push him off. However, the kitten stands his ground and even hisses at the Golden Retriever. Eventually, the Golden Retriever gives up and lies down next to the bed.

The sheer difference in size between the two animals makes the video even funnier. However, it ends on a sweet note, with the kitten allowing the dog to take up a small portion of the bed.

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It seems like cats can’t help but be admired. Whether they’re doing something particularly extraordinary or just going about their daily lives, humans love to feature cats in their videos. We love that there are so many cute videos of cats on the internet and feel happy knowing that there will always be a fresh supply of new cat videos being uploaded to the internet every day.

Featured Image Credit: McLittle Stock, Shutterstock

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