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How Can I Stop My Cat From Waking Me Up? 20 Tips & FAQ

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 6, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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How Can I Stop My Cat From Waking Me Up? 20 Tips & FAQ

It can be so frustrating when your cat keeps waking you up early in the morning! Whether it’s incessant meowing or relentless scratching, an early alarm call from your feline friend is the last thing you want. So, if you’re looking for how to stop your cat from waking you up at night or in the morning, here are 20 tips that will help.

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The 20 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up

1. Train Your Cat

Work with your cat on commands like “quiet” and “stay” to teach them that meowing and scratching aren’t acceptable behaviors around sleeping humans. Note that this may not work with all cats, as cats aren’t as easily trained as dogs. But with patience, you may have success.

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Image Credit: zossia, Shutterstock

2. Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Attention

Make sure they have plenty of attention before bed so they don’t feel lonely or neglected. Giving them attention can also help your cat to feel more relaxed and less stressed, so they won’t be begging for your attention as often.

3. Stick to a Sleep Schedule

If your cat is waking you up earlier than you’d like, try going to bed at the same time every night so that their wake-up call doesn’t feel as disruptive. Sticking to a schedule helps your cat to develop a routine, and if you sleep and wake up at the same time every day, your cat knows what to expect and won’t wake you prematurely.

4. Create an Environment That Encourages Rest

Provide them with comfortable places to sleep where they feel safe and cozy. This way, they will be encouraged to rest as well instead of keeping you awake.

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Image Credit: Kutikova Ekaterina, Shutterstock

5. Feed Them Before Bed

Feeding your cat before bedtime can help relax them, just like humans get sleepy when they get a full belly. Or provide your cat with a chew toy or puzzle feeder to occupy their time while you sleep.

6. Give Them Plenty of Exercise During the Day

Make sure your cat has plenty of physical and mental stimulation during the day. This can help tire them out and make it easier for them to stay asleep at night. Cat trees and cat playgrounds are a great way to provide exercise for your kitty. But you can also use interactive toys, wands, and laser pointers.

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7. Close Your Door

If you have a door that can be closed, shut it before bed so that your cat can’t come in and bother you while you sleep. Your cat may try to scratch to get in the first few nights, but don’t open the door. Eventually, your cat will learn not to bother you while you sleep.

8. Don’t Let Them Sleep With You

Some cats like to cuddle up with their humans, but it encourages waking up if they’re too close. To avoid this, keep them off the bed entirely or provide them with an alternative sleeping space if they must sleep near you.

9. Establish a Routine

Create a consistent nighttime routine with your cat so they understand when it’s time for bed and can settle down without disturbing you. A routine is different from a schedule, but the two go hand in hand. It’s important for your cat to know what to expect at the same time every night.

10. Use a Nightlight

Although cats have excellent night vision, some cats may not like being left alone in the dark. If your cat is meowing or scratching because they’re unhappy in the dark, try using a nightlight to create a calming atmosphere in their sleeping area.

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Image Credit: Vika Hova, Shutterstock

11. Make Sure They Have Access to Water

Cats often wake up if they get thirsty during the night, so make sure there’s always fresh water available for them to drink at any time of day. This goes along with creating a routine. Make sure their water bowl is filled at bedtime.

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12. Move Your Cat’s Sleeping Area

Try moving their bed or mat away from where you sleep so that they don’t feel tempted to jump on top of you while you snooze. Giving them their own space to sleep away from yours can encourage them to rest. But at the very least, they won’t be bothering you as much if they do decide to stay awake.

13. Provide a Scratching Post

If your cat’s scratching on things in your room and that wakes you up, provide them with a designated scratching post that’s not close to where you sleep. They can scratch away without disrupting your rest.

14. Play Music or Nature Sounds

Playing calming music or nature sounds in their sleeping area can help keep them relaxed and quiet at night. If too many outside noises are happening in your cat’s sleeping area, it can keep them awake.

15. Try Feliway Diffusers

Feliway diffusers are designed to mimic natural feline pheromones and can help relax cats, making them less likely to meow or scratch to wake you up.

16. Cover Their Bed

Put a small blanket over their bed or mat to make them feel more secure while they’re sleeping and less likely to disturb you when they wake up in the morning. This can give them a space in which they can feel more secure knowing that they can sleep safely.

cat with wool blanket
Image By: Dimhou, Pixabay

17. Spritz Water

If your cat is awake and being disruptive, try gently spraying them with water from a spray bottle to redirect their attention away from waking you up. Your cat will learn to associate this action with them waking you up, and hopefully, they will stop. However, we don’t really recommend this one if you can help it, as doing this could have long-term negative effects on your relationship with your cat.

18. Invest in Toys That Activate Automatically

Provide your cat with toys that activate automatically at night so they don’t get bored and start bothering you while you sleep. Just make sure the toys don’t make too much noise, as that can be just as disruptive to your sleep as your cat waking you up.

19. Give Them Somewhere High Up to Sleep

Cats like to feel safe and secure when they sleep, so provide them with plenty of elevated surfaces where they can snuggle up without disturbing you. Cat trees with condos are a great way to provide this.

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Image By: Ay S, Pixabay

20. Play With Your Cat Before Bed

Taking time to play and interact with your cat before bed can help tire them out. Whether you’re playing with wand toys, interactive toys, or something else, getting them worn out can help them sleep longer during the night without waking you up.

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How Can I Make My Cat More Comfortable at Night?

To make your cat more comfortable at night, try providing them with a cozy bed away from where you sleep, installing a nightlight in their sleeping area, and covering their bed with a blanket to make them feel secure. You may also want to consider playing relaxing music or nature sounds in their sleeping area and providing them with plenty of access to water so they don’t wake up thirsty. Finally, make sure you give them plenty of physical and mental stimulation during the day so they’re more likely to sleep through the night.

What Should I Do if My Cat Wakes Me Up at Night?

If your cat is waking you up at night, the best thing to do is to gently redirect their attention away from you. Try giving them a toy or playing with them for a few minutes so they are more interested in that than trying to wake you up. Also, try to reward them for good behavior during the day with treats or positive reinforcement so they are more likely to sleep through the night without disrupting your rest.

Image By: Paul Hanaoka, Unsplash

What Should I Do if My Cat Meows at Night?

If your cat is meowing at night, there are a few things you can do to discourage them. First, try redirecting their attention away from meowing by providing them with toys or playing with them for a few minutes. You may also want to make sure that they aren’t meowing for a reason, as some cats may meow to let you know that something is wrong. Finally, you may want to consider investing in Feliway diffusers as they can help relax cats and reduce their need to meow at night.

How Can I Make My Bedroom Cat-Proof?

To make your bedroom cat-proof, try closing the door of your room so they don’t have access to it when you are sleeping. You may also want to ensure that all electrical cords are tucked away and out of reach and that anything fragile is inaccessible. Finally, make sure all windows are securely shut to prevent them from escaping or getting into other areas of the house.

What Should I Do if My Cat Sleeps With Me?

If your cat sleeps in the room with you, there are a few things you can do to make sure they are safe and comfortable. First, consider giving them a cozy bed or blanket away from where you sleep so they don’t disturb you. If they are still restless during the night, try playing calming music or nature sounds to soothe them and help them drift off to sleep.

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Creating a routine and a relaxing environment can help make sure that your cat is sleeping through the night. These tips should help you and your furry friend get a better night’s rest! With some patience, understanding, and dedication, you can both enjoy a peaceful slumber. Happy sleeping!

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