Videos We Love: Can Cats See Ghosts?


My old apartment building was constructed sometime around the turn of the century. It was drafty, creaky, charming — and most likely haunted. My cats, Bubba Lee Kinsey and Phoenix, seemed to know that ghosts were lurking in the rafters. Every once in a while, they’d sit side by side in the middle of the floor and stare at the exact same spot on the wall, their eyes fixed and wide. Here’s the creepy part: There was never anything on the wall — at least not that I could see.

Apparently Bubba and Phoenix aren’t the only kitties in tune with paranormal activity. In honor of Halloween, here are five cats who ain’t afraid of no ghost. Or are they just cats being cats? Tell us what you think in the comments!

1. Ninja cat sees a ghost

This cat literally climbs the walls to stalk his invisible prey — and in the final slow-mo shot, you can see some sort of strange light reflected in the television screen. Is this cat chasing a ghost — or is it just a bug?

2. Fat cat sees a ghost

Does this 20-pound girl want some chin scritchies from a specter — or is the spooky music making the mundane menacing? Sometimes Bubba and Phoenix used to act like this in my old place, so I’m not sure what to think.

3. Ghost cat roams the halls

This is allegedly footage of a cat ghost roaming the halls of a townhouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Do you think it’s legit? I’m not so sure.

4. Ginger cat sees a ghost

When Butters the cat started running around the house like a maniac, her humans grabbed the camera. The footage is a bit fuzzy, but some sort of light streaks across the screen at about 15 seconds in — and the cat follows it. Is it a ghost — or just a coincidence?

5. Playful kittens see a ghost

This couple was playing with their foster kittens just days after their older male cat, Stash, passed away. When an orb of light floats past the bed, two kittens completely lose interest in the feather toy and stare intently at nothing. Moments later, an adult cat meows — even though there were no adult cats in the room. Was Stash coming out to say hello — or was the couple just hearing things?

Has your cat ever seen a ghost? Tell us in the comments!

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