Do Cats Have Good Memories?


Well, we know for sure Grizabella had a long memory, because she wouldn’t shut up about it in Cats.

There isn’t an abundance of research regarding the feline memory, but we do know that their strongest memories are built on physical experiences. According to some studies, dogs have a memory span of about five hours, while cats boast 16 hours. I’m not sure how that works, since cats sleep about 18 hours a day, but anyways, their visual memories are very short.

A New York Times article cites a researcher who has linked feline memory with their physical activities such as rear legs “remembering” to step over a barrier once the front legs have done so. Older kitties can also suffer from a kind of Alzheimer’s called feline cognitive dysfunction. So remember (ha!) to treat your kitties well. They never forgive, but they might forget eventually.

“Memory” by Sarah Donner



On experience they do rely
Heavily to solidify their
Memory is more physical
And doesn’t depend as much on the visual

Memory — every cat has a memory
For the one who brings wet meatz
or the one who gives treats
They remember the one who squirts them in the face
When they chewed on your spider plant

Long term is better than the short
Unless they have a disorder
It varies with intelligence
And age can also affect

Memory — every cat has a memory
And this song is a parody
So please do not sue me, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
They remember the things that bring them pleasure or pain
Let the memory live again

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