Cheese and Olive, Siblings, Moved to L.A. From Sweden


Last week we introduced you to the charms of Guinness, a cat named after his favorite stout. This week we present a couple of cats who would pair perfectly with a pint or two of beer — Cheese and Olive. This brother and sister pair have become an online hit thanks to the way their Instagram account takes you right into their shared world.

Here’s what you need to know about these eye-catching Abyssinians.

Who are Saulus ave Sol and Impala Soul of Africa?

Image via cheeseandolive Instagram

Cheese and Olive’s story begins when their humans, Eric and Angelica, were considering introducing a cat into their lives in the latter’s hometown of Sundsvall in Sweden. Being that Eric had an allergy to cats, they decided to aim for something closer to hypoallergenic, an Abyssinian.

They went to visit two kittens going by the grandiose names of Saulus ave Sol and Impala Soul of Africa, became duly smitten, and wound up taking both of them home.

“They were the most adorable fur babies,” recalls Eric.

When Eric and Angelica later moved to Los Angeles, the newly renamed Cheese and Olive made the journey too.

About that name change

Image via cheeseandolive Instagram

According to Eric, “The golden fur of Saulus was so inspiring that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to name him Cheese or Pizza.”

In the end, he plumped for Cheese and added Pizza as an official middle name.

Originally, Angelica toyed around with renaming Impala as Tortilla, with the idea the two kitties could make a quesadilla together. The concept didn’t stick, though, and in the end she settled on Olive, a name she considered “perfect for a little delicate girl with eyes as green as olives.”

Cheese vs. Olive

Image via cheeseandolive Instagram

Eric says that the two cats have very distinct personalities.

“For instance, Olive growls and Cheese never stops communicating,” he explains. “Olive always sits with one paw raised, while Cheese stares into the mirror at himself; Olive drinks water by first knocking it out of the bowl with her paw and Cheese head-butts his face when he wants cuddles.”

Breaking down their differences further, he characterizes Cheese as a “very loving alpha male with his main concerns being cuddles, food, following behind me with every step I take, and watching over his baby sister Olive.”

In comparison, Olive herself is said to be “a shy timid princess who enjoys napping on her humans and climbing on their shoulders.”

Can they kick it?

Image via cheeseandolive Instagram

When it comes to playtime, Cheese and Olive have a couple of favorite games.

“They love to explore, but Cheese of course checks places out first and once Olive knows it’s safe she will follow,” says Eric. “They also play with this little candy toy by knocking it back and forth to each other all over the room like kitty soccer.”

All the cheeses

Image via cheeseandolive Instagram

With Cheese being a confirmed foodie, what would he include in the ultimate cheese plate?

“For sure it would involve brie, goat cheese, and cheddar,” explains Eric. “Those are all the cheeses that Cheese comes and steals from his humans.”

Ice cream sundae cat

Image via Cheese & Olive

If you check out the merch section of Cheese and Olive’s website, you’ll see t-shirts, throw pillows, and tote bags featuring the cats reimagined as ice cream sundaes.

Eric says the idea came about simply because of the cats’ humans love of ice cream.

Also, if you’re moved to order a Cheese and Olive cat ice cream sundae t-shirt, 35 percent of proceeds will be donated to the spacLA shelter.

Hop over to Cheese and Olive’s Instagram account to follow along with their latest moves.

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