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Weruva Patés Cat Food Review (2024 Update)

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on July 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Weruva Classic Cat Paté Review

Weruva Patés Cat Food Review (2024 Update)

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Weruva Patés cat food a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. 

You may be familiar with Weruva, as it’s a brand that’s been around since 2006, but you might not be as familiar with all their food lines. One of their lines is the patés line, featuring patés high in protein and moisture but low in calories. The company was started by a couple who were dissatisfied with the quality of cat foods that were on the market at the time; because of their dissatisfaction, they decided to start Weruva to provide cat parents with healthier, quality options.

This company exclusively makes wet food for cats but has also expanded into making dog food and a few supplements. Their wet food for felines includes patés, purees, gravies, and minced foods. They also have a specialty line that is low in phosphorus for those who require that in their diet. Plus, all their cat food is grain-free, with a focus on quality protein and moisture for hydration.

Overall, the brand is popular and suitable for nearly all felines. Cat parents are thrilled that picky eaters love it, and a good majority of kitties seem to love the taste of this food. We find that Weruva Patés Cat Food, in particular, gives your cat a boost of protein from excellent sources and provides them with a lot of extra hydration. There are a couple of iffy ingredients in this food, though, and a lack of flavor options, so have a look below to learn more about this food!

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Our Favorite Weruva Patés Cat Food Recipe

Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Weruva Classic Cat Meal or No Deal Weruva Classic Cat Meal or No Deal
  • High in moisture
  • Protein from quality meat sources
  • Lower in calories than some other foods
  • Weruva Patés Cat Food Reviewed

    If you’re unfamiliar with Weruva Patés cat food, this line of patés is made by Weruva, a company that’s been around since 2006 and features high-protein and low-carb foods for kitties. Weruva has other wet cat food products that use minimal plant ingredients and go heavy on quality proteins, but we like the patés because they offer your cat plenty of flavor, moisture, and great ingredients.

    The downside to Weruva is that it’s definitely on the pricier side, so you’ll need to determine for yourself if the quality is worth the price. The line also doesn’t have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to flavor. The Weruva Patés uses sunflower oil, too, which might not be the best source of fatty acids for felines. So, is this cat food a good one for your cat? Let’s take a closer look!

    Weruva Classic Cat Meal or No Deal Canned Food

    About Weruva Patés Products

    Weruva Patés products are made with high-quality, human-grade cuts of fish and other meats with no grains. The line also focuses on moisture to ensure your cat stays as hydrated as possible. This line doesn’t just come in cans; the patés can also be found in pouches that make it easier than ever to serve your cat their meals.

    Unfortunately, this line from Weruva offers few flavor options. Most options contain chicken, though many also include other meats with the chicken, like beef or salmon. There are only a couple of purely fish flavors, along with a couple of fish and other meat flavors. So, you’re fairly limited when it comes to flavor options here.

    Who Makes Weruva Patés and Where Is It Produced?

    This company was founded in 2006 and is family-run. Begun by Stacie and David Forman, the name of the company comes from the couple’s cats, Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa. The Formans started their company because they were frustrated with the quality of the pet food that was currently available, hence why they focus on quality ingredients. Weruva started out only making cat food but eventually expanded to include dog food.

    While the headquarters for Weruva can be found in Natick, Massachusetts, the company partners with a human and pet food processing facility in Thailand. The seafood in their foods comes from the Pacific Ocean, lamb and beef are sourced from New Zealand and Australia, and chicken comes from Thailand.

    Which Types of Cats Are Weruva Patés Best Suited For?

    Pretty much any feline should do well on Weruva Patés. The FAQ page on the Weruva website says their food meets requirements for cats with kidney issues, UTIs, and diabetes, so if your pet has any of these issues, they should be fine with this food (although it’s advisable to talk to your vet before switching your cat to a new food). This brand also helps promote weight management due to the lack of carbs, so if your pet has been dealing with a bit of weight gain, this food may be suitable for them.

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    Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

    Which Types of Cat Might Do Better With a Different Brand?

    Really, this line of food from Weruva is suited for most cats. If your pet doesn’t like chicken, needs grains in their diet, or perhaps has a specific food allergy, they might be better off with a different brand. If so, we recommend Friskies patés, as they have far fewer chicken selections and more seafood. They also have many more flavors of food than Weruva and contain grains.

    Recall History

    Weruva Patés has never been recalled, but the B.F.F. line was recalled in 2017 because the food was linked to neurological issues in felines and even some deaths. The recall for Weruva’s B.F.F. line was exclusive to Australia only, and the foods included were made in a facility that handled no other Weruva products. There have been no other recalls for this company.

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    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    Reviewing the ingredient list for any food you’re considering feeding your cat is important, as you want to know exactly what your cat is eating. You want to ensure that foods have quality ingredients and contain the ingredients you want for your pet, too. Here’s a closer look at some of the main ingredients in Weruva Patés—some good and some bad!

    Protein Sources

    The protein in the Weruva Classic Cat Meal or No Deal Chicken & Beef Pate Canned Cat Food comes primarily from chicken and beef, though there is also tuna in this food. These meats are the second through the fourth ingredients on the ingredient list (with chicken broth being the first), and since Weruva uses quality, human-grade meats, you can rest assured that your cat is getting protein from excellent sources with this food. In fact, these meats are the primary ingredients in this food, as everything listed after this is a vitamin or food thickener.


    Part of Weruva’s focus is on moisture, and this food contains 86.5% moisture, which will help your cat stay hydrated. Most of this moisture comes from the chicken broth, which is the first ingredient in this food, so not only is the cat staying better hydrated, but they’re getting just a bit more protein in their food, too. However, chicken broth has quite a bit of sodium, and too much sodium is bad for felines, so that may be a concern.

    Sunflower Oil

    While cats can have sunflower oil, which does provide them with omega-6 fatty acids, the ingredient isn’t necessarily the best. Omega-6 fatty acids are important to a feline’s health (although many pet foods contain too many of these), but it’s better if this source of fat comes from an animal source rather than a seed oil. It isn’t unsafe; it just could be a better ingredient.

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    Weruva Patés Cat Food Review

    Weruva Classic Cat Meal or No Deal Chicken & Beef Pate Canned Cat Food

    Weruva Classic Cat Meal or No Deal Chicken & Beef Pate Canned Cat Food is a creamy recipe that provides your kitty with a ton of protein from real meat and plenty of moisture to help them stay hydrated. Made primarily from meat, this food has no grains or gluten, so if that’s something you’re looking for in a cat food, you may love this one. Weruva is also a bit lower in calories than some other wet foods, so it can help your kitty stay at their healthiest weight. Plus, picky eaters were big fans of this brand!

    However, the addition of chicken broth and sunflower oil may be a turnoff for some people. Several cat parents also found the texture of this food strange (as did their kitties). A few felines threw up after eating this food, too, though cat parents weren’t sure what about the food made them do so.

    • Protein from quality meat sources
    • High in moisture
    • Lower in calories than some other foods
    • Has sunflower oil
    • Some found the texture of this food strange
    • A few cats threw up after consuming

    Ingredients Analysis

    Crude Protein: 8.0%
    Crude Fat: 1.5%
    Crude Fiber: 1.0%
    Carbohydrates: 0.7%
    Moisture: 86.5%
    Ash: 1.5%

    Calories per cup breakdown:

    1/2 can: 46.5 calories
    1 can: 93 calories
    2 cans: 186 calories

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    What Other Users Are Saying

    Don’t just take our word on how good a food Weruva Patés is, though. Check out these reviews from cat parents who have used this brand!

    • Chewy – “The added moisture is a great way for my elderly cats to stay hydrated. The ingredients are healthy without fillers. Feed all my cats Weruva wet food – very pleased with this food.”
    • Petco – “This is the only high-quality wet food in cans that my three cats will consistently gobble up. My cats will only eat pate, and it has to be really moist so this puree consistency meets their rigid requirements. It’s a really great way to get more liquid into them.”
    • Amazon – Of course, Amazon is always an excellent resource when it comes to reviews. You can read several reviews for Weruva Classic Cat Meal or No Deal Chicken & Beef Pate Canned Cat Food here!

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    Weruva Patés Cat Food contains some excellent protein sources, as well as plenty of moisture for a much-needed boost of hydration. This food is fairly low-calorie, too, which makes it suitable for kitties trying to watch their weight. There are a couple of downsides to Weruva’s food, though, such as the inclusion of sunflower oil and the added sodium from the chicken broth. Plus, there aren’t a ton of flavors to choose from, and of those available, many contain chicken, which might not work for all felines. Overall, though, this food seems to be high-quality and relatively healthy, as well as popular with cats and cat parents alike!

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