It’s Your Cat’s Birthday? You and Your Kids Can Throw a Party


Our cats are beloved family members and friends — why not celebrate them with a birthday party? Don’t worry; you don’t have to know the actual date of your cat’s birth. You can choose their adopt-a-versary or even pick a random date. I don’t think kitty will call you out on it. And kids are all about birthday parties, right? They’d be the most enthusiastic party-planners ever!

If you and your children do decide to throw a party for your cat, there are a few things to consider. You certainly don’t want to send out dozens of invitations asking everyone you know to show up and bring their pets (even though your kids will probably want to do just that).

Here are some definite “DOs” for planning and creating a memorable and respectful birthday party for your cat.

DO be mindful of your cat’s comfort and temperament

Some cats enjoy a house full of people, and some can’t get under the bed fast enough when the doorbell rings. Perhaps your cat is comfortable around certain familiar people; maybe he is really only comfortable around you. Even if your cat does well around groups of people, I’d recommend only inviting children with whom he’s had positive experiences and who know how to properly behave and engage with your cat. Plan your guest list with your cat’s comfort and temperament in mind. Even if you and your kids are the only guests, it’ll be perfect!

DO create fun invitations and decorations

Most kids love to get creative. Have them whip up some handmade or computer-generated cat-themed invitations! On the invitations, remember to tell guests to leave their pets at home. Children can also make paper fish streamers and even hang paper mice and fish all over the party room! And don’t forget about cat ears for the guests!

DO offer great snacks

Human guests can nosh on goldfish crackers, Kit Kat candy bars, and kitty cupcakes. And for the guest of honor? How about some fresh catnip or cat grass? Make it something special, but keep your cat’s digestion in mind. Even though it’s your cat’s birthday, do not give him cake or chocolate — this is a giant no-no for cats.

DO keep an eye on doors

If you do decide to invite multiple guests, be mindful of open doors as guests arrive. You wouldn’t want the guest of honor to escape!

DO spend extra time with kitty

I know we all engage our cats in daily play, but the party is the perfect occasion to spend a little extra time with the birthday cat. Let kitty show off his best jumps to the party guests while he goes nuts with his favorite wand toy! After everyone’s left, enjoy extended snuggles with your cat and recall fun memories about your cat with your children. Perhaps even look at old pictures or scrapbooks!

DO take lots of photos

You’ll want to remember this special occasion, so take (even more) photos than you would on a regular day! Your child might enjoy being the photographer and then creating a homemade or virtual photo album after the party.

DO let guests know what kind of gifts to bring

If you do decide to accept gifts, indicate what type of gifts your cat should receive on the invitation. I’ve even read about people making Amazon wish lists or registering for cat gifts at Target. This, of course, isn’t necessary. It’s probably a good idea to at least guide your guests in the right direction so you don’t end up with a bunch of treats that your cat won’t eat. Let guests know to avoid ribbons if they decide to wrap the gift. As much as kitties love the ribbons, they could swallow them and cause major damage to their digestive tract.

Have you thrown a birthday party for your cat? Tell us about it in the comments!

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