A big orange tabby cat meowing.
Ginger cat meowing by Shutterstock.

Why Does My Cat Keep Meowing?

Cat won't stop meowing? There might be more to your cat meowing all the time than nonstop vocalization. Find out if all that cat meowing signals something serious like a medical condition.
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We all know that some cat breeds meow more than others (Siamese, anyone?), and some cats just enjoy making noises. But if your cat won’t stop meowing, a vet check might be in order. So, why do cats keep meowing? Here are some reasons for that constant cat meowing:

Cat with mouth open — trilling, meowing or making another kitty sound.
Your cat might be meowing if she’s in heat. Photography by annadarzy/Thinkstock.

1. All that cat meowing means your cat is in heat.

If your five- or six-month-old un-spayed cat won’t stop meowing, your cat might be in heat. Cat in heat sounds are eerily loud and almost sound as if the cat is in pain, and they’re usually accompanied by super-affectionate behavior and an odd, sway-backed position when you pet near the rump.

2. Excessive cat meowing could signal hyperthyroidism.

Typically found in older cats, hyperthyroidism displays a number of symptoms, including weight loss despite ravenous hunger, excessive activity and excessive vocalization. If your cat is showing these symptoms and your cat won’t stop meowing, take her to the vet right away for a checkup and blood test.

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3. If your cat won’t stop meowing, it could signal loss of vision and/or hearing.

If your older cat won’t stop meowing once you’ve turned off the lights and gone to bed, she may really feel lost. A cat who’s partially blind or deaf won’t be able to make her way through the house and may not be able to hear you.

4. Senile cats meow a lot.

Yes, cats can become senile. This condition, known as feline cognitive dysfunction or cat dementia, can cause a number of problems that will leave your cat feeling scared and disoriented. Her response will be wails, yowls and excessive cat meowing. A cat with cognitive dysfunction may also become more irritable, sleep more or have altered sleep cycles, lose coordination, and even on occasion become incontinent.

5. If your cat won’t stop meowing, she could have feline hyperesthesia syndrome.

A cat with this condition will sometimes get wild-eyed and just go nuts, almost as if she’s hallucinating. She’ll cry and yowl loudly, may have bizarre mood swings, her skin may ripple as if even the air hurts her, and she might have sudden fits of grooming herself like crazy, even leading to hair loss.

6. Cat meowing might signal pain.

A cat will rarely show pain, but sometimes when she’s really hurting, a cat won’t stop meowing. I saw this once when my cat had a urinary tract infection: she ran back and forth to the litterbox and tried to pee, but nothing came out and the effort was so painful she cried. (Of course, she went right to the vet after I saw this behavior!)

7. Your cat is meowing due to loneliness or boredom.

Single cats who are very closely bonded with their caretakers are particularly susceptible to loneliness or boredom. This kind of constant cat meowing or crying usually starts after you go to bed and continues until you respond or she gets tired of calling out for attention. If a cat won’t stop meowing because she’s lonely, these tips from the ASPCA may be helpful. Or, consider adopting a second cat.

Top photograph: Shutterstock.

Originally published in 2017.

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204 thoughts on “Why Does My Cat Keep Meowing?”

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  3. It has to be because of loneliness and boredom. Ever since my cats friend ran off, she started meowing and before her friend ran off, she hasn’t made a single meow. He ran off about 4 days ago and he usually comes back 2 days after he runs away. Me, my cat and my sister are worried. My parents are saying that he is fine. My cat started to meow at a wall that her friend always sleeps right next to. I’m worried about my cat and her friend. Could it be serious?

  4. I have a 7 year old Tom cat, over the past 2 months, he has just wondered around the house crying.
    He wants let out the fount door, then goes straight around the back and comes in the catflap ?
    He is well fed, he sleeps at night, he has always lived with 2 other cats, they are fine, and they all get along together.
    He follows me when I walk my dog. Don’t know why he seems so unsettled?

  5. My neutered cat was 14. Multiple vet trips, lots of tests. Ended up being hyperthyroidism. Apparently this is not a test done in routine lab-work. A separate blood test, I would have happily authorized, had it been suggested right off the bat. Happily we eventually got there. We caught it far enough along that he qualified for Radioiodine therapy and early enough where his kidneys would tolerate it. He is now fat and happy.

  6. My black female cat, 3 years old, neutered, meows every day. At 6 AM and at 5PM give or take 10 minutes. She won’t stop until I feed her! Without fail!!

    1. My first cat – Harvey (hurricane rescue) meows at 7:30 verey morning – he pulls my hair…mows some more and will s
      scratch at the blanket until I get out of bed….I feed him and he is happy…takes his morning nap while I walk around like a zombie. He meows like a crazy cat when he wants his lunch. Will not stop. Spoiled cat

  7. My 14 year old cat has always been a meower, but since the death of his “sister” about two weeks ago it has become louder , more constant and different in tone (more of a yowl than a meow now). I think hes lonely during the day without his companion. I’ m not sure how to help him.

    1. He probably is looking for his sister. Once I had 4 cats raised from birth and all was fine until the last one was left. She walked around upstairs letting out cat call types of meows. They say, if possible, show the cat the dead cat so it understands it’s gone. Anyways, two weeks later she started losing weight and ended up being put down. It all happened so fast. Here I thought she’d be happy to receive all the attention and I was wrong. Maybe get another cat companion for him, but hope they get along, like my two don’t. Best of luck to you.

    2. Find him another cat. Kittens adapt easier and my older cats (One is now 20.) never minded the age difference. They seem amused by the new baby.

    3. Hi Jay,
      Thanks for reaching out! So sorry to hear about your other cat. Here are a few articles that might provide some insight:

  8. My cat is 7 years old, the only one left of the litter no one adopted so I kept her. She basically ignored me, all she cared about was her mother. Last year her mother died and she’s constantly meowing at me. Follows me around, practically under my feet. Keeps taking me to the kitchen, yet she’s not hungry and doesn’t want treats. She’ll do this for hours every day. It’s been a year, shouldn’t she be over her mourning? She had a thyroid test so it’s not that. I play with her a lot. I have another cat too, but she torments that cat who is scared of her. I have to keep them separated. She sleeps very good all nite. How can this be corrected? Or can’t it.

    1. Hi Diane,
      It sounds like your kitty just wants a lot of affection / attention!

  9. I have a 20 year plus kitty grey tabby , who just showed up and never left she was already spayed. Tentative to men, but took to me 20 years ago. Now she is showing her age.
    She is screaming, almost wailing multiple times a day.
    She is still alert, eats a lot. Is 6.8 lbs. Uses a box .
    She is getting hard of hearing and seeing. She was testing for a thyroid problem but the meds almost killed her. She takes blood pressure meds.
    She doesnt sleep all that much in my opinion.
    I love her but it’s getting hard. We dont sleep much either. I have select nite lights around the house so she can see. I feed her when she wants . 1x in am , treats when my husband gets home and gain w me. I give her a small portions She is on rx food for renal care. Can I give her cbd oil? Would that help her? She came to me on her terms. She will leave me on hers too. Great article.

    1. Hi Tracey,
      Sorry to hear that your furbaby is struggling. We suggest asking your vet about CBD oil. These articles might help, too —

    2. Tracey,
      It sounds like it might be time to put your kitty out of her misery. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we need to think of the kitty’s well-being more than our own well-being.
      Best of luck to you and your baby.

  10. We have a Siamese kitty that’s roughly 7 years old. She just likes to meow. Constantly. She’ll have a toy in her mouth and meow while running around with it (it’s adorable). She’ll also just sit on our bed early in the AM and “chirp” until one of us wakes up and pets her. Certain breeds are just very vocal. She’ll meow just to hear herself meow I swear.

    1. My cat also meows with her toy in her mouth running around.
      I’ve duscovered it’s her way of asking me to play with her..As soon as I do play the meowing stops..

  11. Marianne Ziegler

    My 4 month old kitten has been living w me 2 months last night she meowed all nite till I got up? She’s never done this before

    1. Hi there,

      This article might provide some insight:
      Please discuss with a vet or behaviorist if this continues to concern you!

  12. My cat meows everytime we make eye contact
    And i mean everytime. She often sits right next to me just meowing, she meows when I pet her ect. she never meows when shes in another room only when she’s with me. Sometimes im scared she’s trying to tell me something imporatnt and im missing it.. Is it just cause she’s talking to me and being social ?

    1. Hi there Lexy,

      Thanks for commenting! This article talks about ways cats show affection and meowing is one of them:


      If you believe there could be a problem with your cat, we suggest bringing your cat to the vet to be checked.

    2. My cat tells me when her litter box needs to be cleaned by going to each side of her litter box and sniffing it if she smells urine she will find a place in my house to go so I wash her litter box with soap and water really good. and if I dont get to it right away she will let me know by constantly meowing. onceit is cleaned she is fine.

  13. My cat is about a year old. Hes obsessed with going outside but never has been. He can get to many windows to see. But he meows at night almost non stop. Scratching at front door, marking around the house. Not alot but alil bit. Hes a cuddler and when we walk out he kneads a blanket while staring at door. We don’t know what to do. He has a “brother” that doesnt do this. Hes alil younger . He doesnt meow like that during the day except on small occasions. Thanks in advance

  14. We have 2 cats, 1, five yr old female rescue and 1 male, 3 yr old that we found outside. I estimated the male was about 3 months when we found him. The problem we have is the male goes around crying A LOT! I try to play with him, give him attention, (even tho he prefers my husband), but that’s not what he wants. He’s healthy but very vocal. He doesn’t want to be touched much. Is there something I’m missing? He’s not a cuddler at all. I’ve never had a cat that behaves this way. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

  15. My daughter’s 4 cats are in her room we catified her room but they are always at the door meowing we spend a lot of time with them playing they are all siblings we took them in bottle feed them there mom got hit by a car also took them to the vet everything is fine but they drive me nuts I can’t let them out because of my cat she has a catatude help what do i do

    1. I am also in the same position. My friend recommended a book which have very good ratings but I have not tried it yet. Here is the link to one of its review https://www.catsmeowings.com/2017/03/the-cat-language-bible-review-how-to.html
      I would like to hear from others who have tried it before I go ahead to buy it.

  16. My 1 year old indoor female cat ( already neutered) goes through “crying” meowing phases during the evening. She is always in the same place when she does it and lasts a few minutes. I dont know why she is meowing or how to help her.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out! We suggest taking your cat to the vet to make sure there is no underlying medical issue.

      1. My 2 year old female cat is driving me crazy!! She has been spayed. She was an orphan kitten that I rescued from PAWS. I am home with her most of the day. The vet said she is healthy. But she meows so much it’s just driving me nuts…she has always been this way. If I approach her, she runs away. I honestly don’t know what to do…her litter box is always clean and she’s never out of food or water. Please help!!

          1. I adopted a male from the local animal shelter, and he was very quiet in the beginning but as he got closer to me he became very vocal when he just wanted Lovins! I began asking him when he meowed so loudly, if he wanted some Loving?? He would meow until I gave him the eye to eye look and petted & talked to him, then he purred alot and became quiet. Also when he is hungry he tells me. I have had cats all my life and never had such a vocal one. I really like it because it lets me know what he wants and sometimes it reminds me to LOVE on my cat! I live alone and it is comforting to hear & know he loves me & needs me! I Love My Vocal Cat!!!!

      2. my kitty cries by the door of the apartment around 6:45 every single night. She is super healthy, moderately affectionate, and well cared for….she’s just a vocal cat.

    2. Hi there,

      Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this! These articles might provide some insight as well. You may also want to discuss this with a vet:

  17. Mary-Lou Mayfield

    I have 2 cats who “talk” to their toys. One has a toy mouse, the other talks to a neck pillow, which he plays with like a kick toy. They carry them around, meowing. One meows at the back door (they were both rescues). I think he hears some other animal (cat, squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk) on the back porch and wants to investigate.

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  19. Any strays who show up and hang around my house during winter get a warm box and daily food and water. One year, a large tiger male showed up (Charles Todd aka Big Head Todd), and a few weeks later he was joined by a smaller orange and white companion. Given that oranges are usually male, kitty was named Oliver. Oliver was scrawny but fattened up from my food.

    Then Oliver began to expand sideways. That’s not from food! OlivETTE produced four lovely kittens in April 2016. Charles Todd disappeared, and Olivette & Co came inside, where they remain today.

    Olivette is not yet spayed. She’s not yet tame enough for me to get her into a carrier. I can’t pick her up. She comes to me to be petted, flops on the floor and lets me pet her belly while she makes air biscuits, but freaks if I try to pick her up. She’s skittish and freaks out when I stand up, and once she got so freaked because I yelled “no!” at one of the kittens who was about to wreak disastrous havoc that she hid for two days straight (and peed all over an afghan I’d been crocheting). In two years of living with me, this is as tame as she’s gotten, despite my trying very hard to connect.

    I’ve no idea how old she is–at least three, given that the kittens are two now. She has a cloudy spot on one eye and may not be able to see really well–and she is a MEOWER.

    I know why her previous people put her outside. She meows INCESSANTLY. And insistently. I call her the Cat Alarm that goes off every hour or so. I tune it out; I can live with it. But I can understand some people might not have been able to.

    I doubt she’s in heat all the time. She can’t be lonely with four other cats around. She isn’t lonely for me. She was maintaining weight nicely, but lately she’s gotten skinny again. She’s been treated (stealth) for fleas and twice for worms… I’ve no idea what it is, but hyperthyroidism makes sense. Cross your fingers that I can shove her into a carrier and that we can both survive the vet trip. And the aftermath (no 72-hour hiding, please).

    1. A vet visit would surely help. You could use a humane trap inside your home. Thanks for taking her in – that’s wonderful! Good luck ❤️

    2. I have to herd our semi-feral brother & sister pair into a smaller room (bathroom works best) and close them in with me. I have the carrier in there and accessible for them. Usually works out ok. When we moved, for the 3rd time in 5 yrs, I herded them to an empty bedroom and after seeing ne catch the male in a carrier, thr female ran into the other empty waiting carrier. Was easy the last time.

  20. Different breeds are so amazing. My Cornish Rex, who is 10 among my other kids knows he rules. They have a yell not like any other cat it is nowt a meow , and every morning at 4 am, he gets in bed and screams at me – which is “Feed Me” – now. However, i tell him to wait a bit until 5 a.m. and he knows that’s where we are at. They are an extremely vocal breed and i have noticed as he is getting a bit older – he has alot more to say. He must be loved every day and snuggled every night even more. They are quite the characters.

  21. Our 17 year old cat, George, lost his best buddy in May. We have two more female cats that don’t really care about snuggling/sleeping with George, so he’s been meowing alot lately when he’s not able to sit on our lap or getting attention. Brought him to the vet and he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, so he is on medication, but he still meows alot. Was thinking about getting a kitten for him, but not sure if the kitten would take to George. It’s always a dilemma with cats, since they are very complex critters and you never know how they’re going to get along. Any other suggestions?

    1. Michaela Conlon

      Hi there Pat,

      We are sorry to hear George lost his best buddy. Here is an article on grieving cats and how you can help George if he might be grieving:

      Do Cats Grieve? 5 Ways to Help a Sad Cat Mourn a Feline Friend

      Here is an article with tips for an attention-seeking cat in a multicat household:

      7 Tips for an Attention-Seeking Cat in a Multicat Household

      If you decide to get a new kitten, here is an article that might help on introducing cats:

      What to Know When Introducing Cats to a New Cat

  22. Caroline C Willis

    My cat Lila lets out a little meow when she preparing to jump on my shoulder – this could happen anywhere in the house!!

  23. One of our cats meows REALLY loud when she’s about to bring you a present. The present is usually a toy but can sometimes be a twist tie, milk ring or other object she’s found laying around the house. She’ll drop it at our feet, leave it somewhere we’ll find it or jump up on the couch/chair and drop it in our lap. She also meows really loud after she’s used the litter box. That also includes zooming around the house in a state we call “Poop-phoria.” Hee hee.

    1. Our cat brings us things as well. Clothing items, plastic bags, tissues (he once emptied an entire box), hair ties, etc…He yowls loudly when he does it.
      This started about 5 years ago when he was 9 years old.

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  25. Robin Blankenship

    I have two sibling kitties (boy and girl) and they are about 1.5 years old. I’ve had them since they were 11 mo. old. They are indoor only cats so I make sure I have a lot of toys, tunnels and a huge cat tree in front of a window with a bird feeder outside. I work all day so when I get home we do play. I cannot leave the room without them following me or crying outside a door. They sound like they are dying. My girl cat is mostly upset when I’m behind another door but my male kitty will wander around the house for a long time and just yowl his little head off. They are healthy, playful, eating and toileting just fine. I just wish I knew what was wrong. I don’t have a ton of money to be getting all kinds of tests done. I adopted siblings so they could keep each other company while I was at work but they just don’t seem satisfied. :-(

    1. Hi Robin —

      Thanks for reaching out! Sounds like you’re doing a great job taking care of these kitties, but they seem to just love attention from you! It may be that there’s nothing wrong at all — they just love being around you. Check out more insights into cat sounds here:

  26. We just moved to a new apartment, my young cat has adjusted nicely. Older cat about 3 we think ( rescued from a family who said he was neutered and vaccinated but gave no papers) has begun meowing a lot… like a lot a lot. We thought he may be bored or lost so we were told to try different calming things at the pet store. Nothing works. Have been playing with him, cuddling , making sure he has food etc and he still moews. We were told catnip. Worked for one day. Don’t know what else to do but starting to think it may be serious

    1. Hey Jennifer,
      Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. These articles might help provide further insight:

  27. I am a new foster Mom to a Mother Cat and her 3 healthy kittens. I’ve had her for almost 2 weeks and I think she is going crazy being locked up in the guest room. It’s a complete cat room that just happens to have a twin bed in it. They have everything they could possible need in there and I feed her every 4-6 hours because she is skinny and always acts like I haven’t fed her in days. She has been meowing A LOT ever since we got her, but today she is pacing and busted out of the room twice. She came back when I rattled the spoon (food). I am giving her the good milk supplement and good food (kitten food and grain free). ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated as MY 2 cats are not happy with the situation. Thanks!!! PS. She is recently spayed and her kittens are about 6-7 weeks old.

    1. Hi Pam,

      These pieces might help! Best of luck:

  28. I have 2 cats, they are 3 months old, females. One of them is very quiet and doesnt need much attention, she likes me but she wont complain or meow if i dont give her my 100% attention. The other one is super attatched to me, always comes to me and tríes to climb on my lap, follows me everywhere and in general she is constantly in need of affection. This is starting to be a problem because the cat meows non stop during a lot of time if im in my room studying alone (I cant study or work with the cat because its very distracting) the thing is the meowing drives me Crazy. Is this Just because she is a little kitten? Another curious fact is that the other cat(the one that its not so attatched to me) pisses on my bed, and I dont understand why. They always use their litter box(which i clean daily and is in a private Spot for the cats to do their business private) but from time to time the cat comes and literally pisses my bed right in front of me (this has happened 3 times over the last week), I had Another cat before and this never happened to me. My best guess is because they are 3 months old they are Just like Kids Trying to draw attention. Any thoughts, advices or tips would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Juan,

      Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this! These articles might provide some insight and you may want to contact your vet:

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  30. My 6-year-old cat, Kit Kat, has always been talkative, but over the past year she has gotten worse. She doesn’t seem to sleep as long as her companion, a 5-year-old cat, and is the more energetic of the two, so while she mostly meows for more food, sometimes it seems like she’s bored since the other cat doesn’t play as much as she wants. Basically, if Kit Kat isn’t playing or sleeping, she’s meowing.

    Each cat has a timed feeder that turns 3 times a day. The other cat eats and then goes on with her day till it turns again. But Kit Kat just keeps meowing and meowing. Even a half-hour after eating, she’ll immediately be begging again. The vets don’t think it’s hyperthyroidism because she isn’t losing weight – I actually had to put her on a diet, which stopped her from gaining additional weight but made the begging even worse.

    What should I do? She has an extremely loud, high-pitched meow (her only volume is SCREAMING), so she is giving me headaches and driving me crazy!

    1. Hi there—

      Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. These links might help:

  31. Jewell Widugiris

    My cat is a 10 year old cat and he’s meowing non stop hiding out in the corner of our basement what should I do?

    1. Mary-Lou Mayfield

      My older cat was hiding and meowing, and quit eating, too. I scheduled a vet appointment, then the cat “laid” a huge stool! I took the cat in anyway, along with the stool sample. Most likely he ate something that caused a blockage. Since he tends to have hard, dry stools, I gave him more moist canned food and cut back on the dry food. Also a mild stool softener (recommended by the vet) every other day. No more blockages!

  32. hello my cat is almost 2yrs old he meows cnstantly specially at night but i realized that is more meowing by the doors windows and if he sees something weird on the wall like paper i feel so bad and sad cuz i don’t know what i can do…do u have any suggestions? thanku Gbu

    1. Thanks, Deb! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. See if this article might help: https://www.catster.com/cat-behavior/cat-meowing-at-night

  33. My 19 year old cat meows continuously and is throwing up a little bit of blood now and again. Only sleeps maybe a few hours at night…….. is my cat in pain?

  34. I have a 6 to 7 month old female cat an at night only will she start meowing really loud when I call her she comes to me but will only lay with me for like 10 min an then she’s right back at it. It’s been going on for 2wks now I’m tired an just want her to sleep at night any suggestions? Please help anyone

  35. My cat is meowing all time and eat food too much they meowing all the time and walk here and there even they cannot sit at any place any suggestion for this issue please help me out and if possible please suggest me a treatment for that or some medician

    1. Hi—
      There should be some solid pointers above, but here are more related articles:

  36. My cat is 7 months old and he meows for hours in the mornings and won’t let me and my boyfriend sleep. He always has food available, he’s not in any pain or have any illnesses/health issues, and he doesn’t want any attention. Why is he meowing so much?

    1. I am dealing with exactly the same thing. My cat starts his meowing at about 5 in the morning and doesn’t stop until about 8. It’s like clockwork every morning. He has food and water always! Because he only does it during these morning hours and not at any other point in the day I don’t feel as if he is sick…Is he lonely? Does he do this because his owners are asleep and he wants constant attention? I am at a loss. Help!!

  37. Why do you use the feminine pronoun “she” instead of the neuter “he”? “He” is masculine but also neuter. The neuter pronoun refers to male and female, while “she” refers only to females. If you think you are doing it only to counterbalance the masculine “he” and don’t acknowledge “he” as neuter, then using only “she” is just as bad as using only “he” all the time. Ridiculous.

    1. Actually, I switch back and forth between articles I write. In some cases, I refer to a cat as “she” and in other cases I refer to a cat as “he.” I also don’t believe that “he” is neuter. If I wanted to go with neuter, I’d say “they,” which is, in fact, grammatically correct these days. But this isn’t a forum for grammar discussions which can veer into political ones, so I’ll keep my comment at this.

  38. My 5 year old cat, Bear, has been doing the constant meowing thing about 5 or 6 months now. He has been to the vet twice now. Nothing is physically wrong with him. He also is a bit more aggressive. By that I mean that if he is frightened or threatened even slightly, he is likely to bite or scratch or at least growl and lunge. Essentially, he has become high strung and jumpy. I take it as a good sign that he never does a whole lot of damage, so he must be trying to warn me without hurting me.
    He always was a bit more aggressive/feisty than any other cat I’ve had, but it is worse now. I enjoyed his “cattitude’ before but it’s out of hand now. I got him at 16 weeks and he was initially an only cat.
    I doubt if it’s any trauma from prior to me having him. Maybe he was a semi-feral kitten? I got him in the shelter with no history given to me except he came to the shelter alone no siblings, no Mama. He was about 1 1/2 yrs old when I introduced 2 year old Bella to the house. She’s much more mellow.
    I bought a house and we moved in 11 months ago. Maybe it’s that change but the crying and nervousness didn’t start right away. Maybe it’s the giant owl statue the neighbor has on the fence that I know Bear doesn’t like that keeps him so worked up. He hisses at it when he sees it. Possibly, it’s another predator outside. I haven’t seen a stray cat in my yard, since we first moved in, but there is something burying poop in my yard, could be a stray cat or a bobcat since only cats bury poop with cover up marks around it, not that I can do anything about that except maybe close the blinds at night so they can’t see it. Maybe Bear’s just bored and restless and I need to play with him more.
    Yesterday, at the vet , he was so freaked out he attacked me twice and also my other cat. The vet had to wrap him in a towel just to get him into the carrier. This is not a new vet but Bear was never like this at the vet before. He has been going there since he was a kitten. He’s usually curious and explores the room.
    The vet prescribed kitty prozac for him. I don’t think I’m going to get that filled, now that I think about it. He isn’t that unmanageable at home, if I stay away when he’s “in a mood”. The biting doesn’t happen that often and it doesn’t upset me too much. If you have cats, you get used to the occasional scratch or bite. They get their tails stepped and even the calmest cat will get ya.
    My house is generally calm with only me and my adult son ( who Bear thinks he belongs to). Bear usually gets along with my other cat just fine. They play together and lay and stand close to each other, so I know they are comfortable together. They have three or four litter pans for two cats and yet they use them all interchangeably, another sign they are ok with each other.
    My cats have a lot more space in the new house. They have 2 new cat trees in addition to the old one. I got those to give them some vertical space as Jackson Galaxy would suggest. They have two cat fountains, lots and lots of toys and are generally spoiled.
    They don’t go outside,except a roll on the patio once or twice a year. They do get to go in the garage, which they seem to think is “outside” to them. They have lots of interesting wildlife to watch in the windows like quail and lizards.
    I just can’t figure out why he is so much more crazy now. I’m out of ideas and ok the crying is the part that gets old after a while. I imagine he feels my tension when the crying starts to get old. Plus, I just want him to be happy and content…. and like me. :)

  39. Hello, recently i adopted one cat from someone, he just 1 years old, he eat too much and meowing whole day by very loud. Asking food again & again. But no any worm or diabetes problem. How to solve this? Please help me :-(

  40. My cat won’t let me do paperwork or sew at my machine. He gets right on top of it. He get right on top of my fabric, I’m afraid he will stick his paw under the needle so I stop seeing. Finally he gets bored and leaves .

  41. This rings very true for me, my senior kitty just suddenly started meowing in the hallway like she was lost, it was such a sad noise. We took her to the vet and she had hyperthyroidism, sadly also feline dementia, she was 19 and broke my heart when I had to put her to sleep. She went from being a happy healthy senior cat, to a mere shadow of her self, incontinent, scared, bewildered in the space of a few weeks. She was the furry love of my life, and I still feel like I didn’t do enough.

    1. Please don’t feel that you “didn’t do enough” for your kitty. You gave her a long and happy life filled with love, and no one could possibly do more.
      My sympathy on the loss of your dear friend. I have lost dear animal companions-from horses to cats-and understand how heartbreaking it is.
      Take comfort in knowing what you did for the animal for all those many years. While the pain never really goes “away” it does change over time, and becomes sweet and bearable.

    2. Boodie,
      No matter how much we do for our pet, I think we all feel like we didn’t do enough, after the fact. You did do enough, because you loved your pet. It’s just a part of grieving to feel that way. I feel like I didn’t do enough for every cat I ever had and, for that matter, I feel like I didn’t do enough for human relatives that I’ve lost. I try to just focus on how much I loved them, fur family and human family alike. I try to put that much more love into the fur babies and human family I have left because, in the end, it’s too late to change anything you feel you did less than perfectly and it will drive you crazy thinking about it. If you just love(d) them, then you did enough leave it at that. Hope that helps.

  42. Jane Elston Rivers

    My female rescue snowshoe will go into my bedroom and, after a few minutes, start meowing. I call it “yelling” for me because if I call out “I’m in here,” she comes running.

    1. renay, our rescue is the same way. Cinci only meows when she wants to be played with, and either has a shoe-string in her mouth that she is bringing to us to play with her with, or has the shoe-string in front of her, and is waiting for us to come and play with her. She doesn’t ever meow for any other reason, whether she is hungry, or anything.

      We don’t know if whoever left her in the rest area she was found in, attempted to do something with her first, and damaged her vocal chords, if it’s a genetic thing, if it’s just part of her personality, or some other reason. e have never had her neck x-rayed, as we don’t currently have the finances for that, as both I and my significant other are on disability, but she doesn’t have problems eating cat food, and she has a much better life now than she would have, had she not been rescued (my significant other’s vet said she would have died within 2-5 days, had she not been rescued), and all of the vets I have since taken her to have all said she’s one of the happiest cats they’ve ever seen.

      So if your vet doesn’t have any concerns, you probably should not be concerned, either. I hope this helps allay any fears you may have about your kitty’s “quietness”.

  43. Right on point with the hearing/vision loss and the cat dementia. My kitty Molly lost most of her hearing in the past year, and is starting to lose vision in one eye. She gets “lost” in the dark especially, and it’s really sad to hear her cry for help. I love her dearly, and she is otherwise very sweet and playful. The vet tells me she is extremely healthy for her age besides those symptoms. She eats great, eats people food, uses the box just fine, etc. It’s just that she is 21 years old.

  44. Lennie is a 4- year old mostly grey shorthair. She is such a chatterbox! She meows loudly while carrying her stuffed toys. Or looking out the window. Or just walking around the house. Her weight, appetite and litterbox droppings are normal. The vet said she’s a pefectly healthy young cat. Most interesting is how she will go from what sounds like crying to purring once she is petted. She will roll over on her back and let you rub her belly, which she loves. What she doesn’t like is to be held although she purrs like crazy when she is… I’ve had cats for years and have never experienced this behavior in any of them. Her sibling Bella is a quiet, happy lap cat. Her other housemate, Calli is fairly quiet also. Only Lennie is the spokescat of the group. I’m at a loss to explain this other than she just has a lot to say.

  45. Hi, I would like to know the reason why my cat is always crying in the middle of the night banging on the door and wanting to go out. Everynight I have to pick him and place him far away from the door but within an hour later, he came back to the door and start crying and banging.

    I am not sure if it cause of boredom because I had a a 2nd cat to keep him company. But he still wanting to go out from the house every single night.

    Please help me solve this . It has been disturbing my sleeps for a year.

  46. Hello, I have a question. My 1 1/2 year old cat that just recently, walks around my house,(very small 1 level floor) and does a long, loud meow, like he does it constantly, and it’s driving me crazy. All the cats I’ve had in my life, the only time I heard this type of meow, is when the cat is about to fight another cat, or ready to mate. Then other times he will just meow like crazy, especially right after we all gone to bed. Does anyone know why he might be doing this? TIA! :)

    1. My one cat does the same thing as well why meow’s like that in heat or something but cat is a one year black male cat

      1. My cat is 8 months old and sometimes tends to lash out otherwise normal cat. Just 4 days ago he got so agressive that he pounced on my head and bit me very badly on my forehead and scalp I HV taken tetvsc and an anti rabies vaccine now my whole face is swollen plz help

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