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What We're Obsessed With: Precious Cat Tattoo Tights

These cat tattoo tights give a whole new edge to the crazy cat lady look without having to get an actual tattoo!

 |  May 17th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Do you looove cats so much that you want them with you wherever you go but you're afraid of the commitment of a tattoo?

Yeah? Then these tights are the purrrfect dainty solution for you!

Looks like a real tattoo!

Check out these awesome cat tattoo stockings from Tattoo Tights!

Totally tasteful and absolutely precious, you won't have to worry about being outed as a crazy cat lady when you can simply slip off these "tattoos" when not in cat-supportive company (but why would you want to do that anyway?).


They come in white knee high socks too!

Via Moderncat, photos via Tattoo Tights


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