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Catster's Style Picks: Enough About the Cat Ladies, Here's Something for the Gents

Cats own the internet. You know it, we know it, I Can Haz Cheezburger is counting on it. So if you're a guy who happens to like cats, there ain't no shame in wearing it on your sleeve.

 |  Mar 15th 2012  |   3 Contributions

For every "crazy" cat lady out there, chances are you'll find a crazy cat guy. Yes, men are just as obsessed with their feline friends as women are! I can certainly name a few who aren't ashamed to love their kitties.

This week's Catster Picks are for cat-loving urban men who like to sport their kitty admiration in cool ways, and supply their cats with awesome gear.

1. Cat in the Sac T-Shirt -- This cap-wearing kitten graphic shirt will put a smile on anyone's face. I know it's a men's T, but I would totally wear one myself. 

2. Necano Digital Cat Camera from SuperHeadz -- Are you a cat-loving guy who teats your gadgets like pets? It'll all make a lot of sense with this camera.

3. Urbanears Headphones -- Complete your urban cat-daddy look with these colorful headphones.

4. Cap Sac -- Cap Sac is no ordinary hat. It's more like a fanny pack for your head. You could keep kitty treats in yours, which is guaranteed to make your kitty jump all over you.

5. Rogz Catz Glowcat Glow-in-the-Dark and Reflective Cat Collar -- Deck out your cat in this gecko-print collar, making him stylish while keeping him safe at the same time.

6. Car Car Collar Bell -- Why get an ordinary collar bell when you can get one shaped like a car? This will score your cat so many cool points!

7. Simon's Cat Cocoon Cat Bed -- Your cat-friendly pad will look amazing with this Simon's Cat bed. It even comes with a mouse toy for your kitty.

8. Lightsaber Plush Toy by Meowadays -- How do you make your cat love Star Wars as much you do? Give him his own lightsaber toy!

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