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7 DIY Cat Toys for Kids They Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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7 DIY Cat Toys for Kids They Can Make Today (With Pictures)

If you have kitties at home, you know how they are always tearing up their toys. If you have kiddos at home who love kitties, you might have someone hanging out who’d love nothing more than to make a few cat toys for their furry friends.

So, if your kid would like to get their hands on some projects, we found some cheap, easy-to-make DIYs from around the web for them to try out. Here’s what we found for DIY cat toys for kids.

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The 7 DIY Cat Toys for Kids

1. Purina Friskies Cat Tent

Materials: T-shirt, cardboard, tape
Tools: 2 wire hangers, safety pins
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you want a quick design for kids to make, your kitties will certainly appreciate this cat tent from Purina Friskies. It is so simple that virtually any child can make it! You can guide them along, but soon, with a few whoops, swoops, and pulls, they can turn their old T-shirt into a hideout for their furry pal.

You can easily use supplies you already have laying around your house. You don’t need scissors, either! But do be aware that the safety pins might require a little help from the parent to avoid pokes.

2. Hepper Official Easy DIY Cat Toy

Materials: Toilet paper roll
Tools: Pencil, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

There’s one thing for sure, there are really no toilet paper shortages in a home—unless we’re talking 2020. Thanks to Hepper, the trusty cat brand—we have an easy little DIY that any kid can do, with the supervision of their parents, of course.

All you do is take a single toilet paper roll leftover and cut it into a few rings. Once you have the rings, you can crisscross them inside of one another, creating a little ball your cat can bat around.

3. Cat Lessons Puzzle Tube Toy

Materials: Pringles can, paper
Tools: Glue, scissors, pencil, box cutter
Difficulty Level: Easy

Cat Lessons Puzzle Tube Toy is an excellent little project for the kiddos. All you need is an empty Pringles can, which shouldn’t be too hard with hungry tiny tots running around your house. It’s a great way to turn trash into treasure—for your cat!

Your child will likely need a little help with the boxer cutter—those can be pretty treacherous! But otherwise, you should be able to guide them—and they can even decorate the outside with whatever cat-safe art items they like.

You can stuff the kitty’s favorite treats in at the end and let them bat it around. You should have all these supplies right at home. Let your kid be creative!

4. Purina Friskies Puzzle Box

Materials: Tupperware, glass
Tools: Razor blade, marker
Difficulty Level: Easy

Does your cat enjoy a good challenge? You can get your kiddo on board to make this fun craft by Purina Friskies. All you need is a plastic container that you don’t use, because it will officially be unusable for its intended purpose.

All your little one has to do is cut out two holes in the top and fill the container with the cat’s favorite toys—it’s a win! It’s quick, easy, and you don’t need anything in particular to make it happen. You and your kids can get creative.

5. Jess Caticles DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cat Toy

Materials: Toilet paper roll, strings
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Here’s another use for your toilet paper rolls! Yet one more child-friendly design to add to the mix. All you need are three simple supplies to get started—a toilet paper roll, string, and pair of scissors.

Naturally, since scissors are involved, supervision is required, so make sure to keep an eye on your kiddo. But for most school-age children, this will be a simple task. You can make this in combination with others on the list too for the sake of variety.

6. Mark Montano Easy NO-SEW Pet Bed DIY

Materials: Old sofa cushion, polyfill, cushion foam, project fleece
Tools: Cutting tool, glue, gluesticks
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Mark Montano walks you through a nice little DIY cat bed. While it’s not a toy, per se, it is a nice little treat for your kitty if your kid has the time to make it. This is certainly a project that will require adult direction, so make sure you stand by your youngling as they make this craft—it’s a bit more complicated than the others.

You take an old couch cushion and essentially revamp it to create a snazzy new pet bed. So, if you love repurposing old things, it can be a fun craft—permitting you’re willing to put the money into it. In the example, they use the bed for a dog, but it’s just as versatile for a cat!

7. AmyFamily DIY Sock Toy

Materials: Socks, beads, thread
Tools: Needle
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you have a child that wants to learn some basic sewing skills, it might be the right time. This AmyFamily DIY is an easy-to-follow tutorial that your child can whip up in a jiff. It’s a fun way to repurpose some old socks around the home that had their mate eaten in the dryer.

Plus, it can be a terrific way for your kiddo to gain a new skill. The DIY is super easy to follow. You might have to help your little one learn to thread a needle and oversee the project, but they should have a blast making these adorable kitty plushies for their pal.

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So, which one of these seven DIYs caught your attention most? You could always save this post and make several items on the list. Having a crafty kid can be a really fun way to be frugal and spend some time with them. Just let them have fun with it!

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