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9 Adorable DIY Cat Plushie Crafts You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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9 Adorable DIY Cat Plushie Crafts You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Cat plushies are fun to collect and even more fun to share with friends. Did you know you can DIY cat plushies too? We’ve collected some of our favorite patterns below. Whether you like to sew with fabric or yarn is more your thing, there’s sure to be an adorable kitty below you’d love to make for someone special. Even if that someone special is you!

Review the ideas we have gathered on the type of fabric you would like to use for the plushie project:

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Fabric DIY Cat Plushies

1. The “Swat Team Kitties” Felt Sewing Pattern by

The “Swat Team Kitties” Felt Sewing Pattern by CraftyAlienStudio
Image Credit: Crafty Alien Studio
Materials: Felt sheets, embroidery floss, stuffing
Tools: Embroidery needle, scissors, stuffing
Difficulty Level: Easy

These Swat Team Kitties measure about 3.5 inches tall when finished and only take about 30 minutes each to make. The pattern includes full-color photos to walk you through the entire process for each cat, which includes instructions and patterns for each style: tuxedo, tabby, Siamese, calico, and a solid one that you can make whatever color you wish. Get creative and make your felt kitty look just like your own!

Because only basic sewing stitches are needed, you can learn them quickly, making this a perfect sewing project for beginners. Supplies are inexpensive and easy to find, so why not have an entire army of felt cat plushies? They may also be great Christmas ornaments or fun gifts for friends.

2. Cute Kitty Softie by

Cute Kitty Softie by DIYFluffies
Image Credit: DIYFluffies
Materials: Fleece, felt, thread
Tools: Sewing machine, scissors
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

The Kittie Softie is designed to be huggable and soft and is perfect for a snuggle friend or as the ideal way to relax and de-stress while or after working. The pattern contains color photos walking you through every step and the cutouts needed for the fabric pieces. Fleece gives this plushie a wonderfully smooth feel that kids will love, but you might make one for yourself too.

With some modification, you could also make the pattern mimic your favorite kitty, adding stripes for a tabby or shapes for a calico. The printable PDF pattern is available in four languages: English, French, German, and Dutch.

3. Stuffed Toy Cat Pattern by Makerist

Stuffed Toy Cat Pattern by Makerist
Image Credit: Makerist
Materials: Fabric, thread, polyfill
Tools: List included in PDF
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

The Stuffed Toy Cat printable pattern from Makerist also includes a modification to turn the same pattern into a lion! Each can be made in a small 11-inch size or a larger 15-inch size. On top of that, the sewing pattern designer offers additional pattern bundles to make basic clothing and dresses for these stuffies. This will be the ideal pattern set if you know a little one who loves to play dress-up.

Like other sewing patterns on our list, these come with step-by-step instructions and full-scale pattern cutouts to walk you through creating these adorable cat plushies. The designer, Caroline Lefebvre, invites you to share your creations with her on social media.

4. Cat Plushie Sewing Pattern by Scratch and Stich

Cat Plushie Sewing Pattern by Scratch and Stich
Image Credit: Scratch and Stich
Materials: Fleece or felt, embroidery floss/heavy thread, polyfill
Tools: Tailor’s chalk/fabric pen, basic sewing tools
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Cat Plushie has a unique look and, when made with black fleece like in the example shown on the Scratch & Stitch website, would be perfect for Halloween. Feel free to choose any colors you wish to match your favorite kitty or style. This pattern is free, and all the steps are provided online, so you can follow along with Cathi as she makes one of her own.

Although the plushie looks professional, it’s straightforward to put together, and all the pattern cutout pieces are provided. Guidance for cutting the fabric is also helpful if you are new to DIY plushies, making this another great pattern for beginners!

Yarn DIY Plushie Patterns

5. Donut Cat Plushie by A Little Love Every Day

Donut Cat Plushie by A Little Love Every Day
Image Credit: A Little Love Every Day
Materials: Sport weight yarn, fiberfill, safety eyes, embroidery thread
Tools: Crochet hook, tapestry needle
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

What could be cuter than a Cat Donut plushie? Amigurumi is a crochet technique for making plushies and animals with a lot of detail, and it’s used here for this adorable kitty. Although this item is small, you should be comfortable with basic crochet stitches and be able to crochet in the round. There are photos of the steps needed to assemble the pieces and turn your donut into a cat.

This DIY cat plushie would make a great small gift for a friend and would also be a great way to use up smaller amounts of leftover yarn!

6. Cat Pattern by Amigurumi

Cat Pattern by Amigurumi
Image Credit: Amigurumi
Materials: Yarn, fiberfill
Tools: Crochet hook, tapestry needle
Difficulty Level: Advanced beginner

The microfiber velvet yarn makes this Amigurumi Cat pattern so unique. It might also be the cute look on its face that makes you think it just got into a lot of trouble, and you’re not sure why yet. With such a soft feel, any young one would love to snuggle their new cat stuffie, and the yarn is available in many beautiful colors.

Only basic stitches are required for this pattern, but there are many pieces to make and fit together, making this a little more advanced than your basic beginner crochet project. This will be a great project if you’ve already made a plushie or two. One of the best features is that it’s a good size but still works up quickly.

7. The Fat Cat Crochet Pattern by Annie’s Craft Store

The Fat Cat Crochet Pattern by Annie's Craft Store
Image Credit: Annie’s Craft Store
Materials: Yarn, fiberfill
Tools: Crochet hook, tapestry needle
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Fat Cat crochet pattern is popular from Annie’s Craft Store, a big name in yarn crafts. It’s designed explicitly as a stash-buster since you only need small amounts of 6 colors. Choose ones that blend well together, or go for ones that don’t and see how they work up into a fun and lively cat just waiting for hugs. The eyes are also crocheted, and you won’t need to purchase safety eyes or worry about kids or pets getting a hold of plastic or metal pieces.

Only a few basic stitches are needed, and if you can work in the round or are willing to give it a try, you can tackle this DIY cat plushie in just a few hours.

8. Quick and Easy Knit Cat by Love Crafts

Quick and Easy Knit Cat by Love Crafts
Image Credit: Love Crafts
Materials: Yarn, buttons, thread
Tools: Straight knitting needles
Difficulty Level: Easy

Is knitting more your style when it comes to yarn? These Quick and Easy knitted cats are just over 3 inches tall and perfect for sitting on your desk or dresser. While they aren’t ideal for small children, they are perfect for a pick-me-up gift or to surprise a friend. The color combinations are endless, as you can choose to use a solid color, stripes, or go with speckled or variegated yarn. Glitter yarn, anyone?

Their expressions are genuinely unique, with tiny buttons and simple whiskers. They aren’t too complex if you are comfortable keeping tension and working with smaller needles. Plus, they work up fast, so you can quickly have an army of cats.

9. Knitted Stuffed Cat by Budget Girl

Knitted Stuffed Cat by Budget Girl
Image Credit: Budget Girl
Materials: Cotton yarn, polyfill
Tools: Circular knitting needles, double-pointed knitting needles, yarn needles, stitch markers
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Chelsey isn’t the original designer of the Knitted Stuffed Cat pattern, but she links to the pattern on her page. Instead, she offers how she followed the pattern. She lists the pattern materials and which ones she chooses to use. The most valuable part of her account is that she goes through each part of the pattern that she struggled with because it is a more advanced pattern. There are links to resources she turned to when learning the skills she needed to create this gorgeous knitted cat plushie.

This is a more advanced knitting pattern, so you should be comfortable working with circular knitting needles and techniques like picking up stitches. Her experience working with the pattern is helpful, but don’t forget to grab the link to the original design at the top of her web page!

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When Looking for a Plushie Pattern

Each of the DIY cat plushie patterns we featured above is not only cute but easy to make, even the more advanced ones. But which ones should you choose to make? If you’re having trouble deciding, here are some thoughts on narrowing down your choices.


Are you more comfortable working with fabric or yarn? Even if you are new to DIY projects, some crafters may prefer one type of crafting to another. If you don’t have a sewing machine and still want to sew, check out the Swat Team Kitties project in position number one. Crocheting and knitting might have a slightly steeper learning curve but are addictive hobbies once you get going, so don’t let nerves get in the way if you see a cat plushie you like.


It might be easier to decide what to make if you already have the materials you need on hand. If you don’t, you may need to look at the cost or availability of the materials and tools required. For example, if you don’t have a sewing machine, then purchasing one might not be ideal.

Some of the plushies on the list could be hand-sewn, but it’s usually not recommended because of the stress applied to the seams when stuffing is added. Finding yarn and a crochet hook might be more affordable.

Difficulty Level

Do you already know how to sew, crochet, or knit? If you don’t, be sure to look at the difficulty level closely. You do not want to gather all the materials and get going, only to be discouraged halfway through when you encounter a roadblock.

DIY projects should be fun and never frustrating. If you are not sure you can tackle a project, there’s no harm in looking through the pattern to see what’s required ahead of time. If there are techniques required you haven’t attempted yet, head to YouTube to see if you feel comfortable giving it a go yourself.

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Final Thoughts

DIY cat plushies are a great way to express your creativity. You can also make gifts for others or find new ways to decorate your home and show off your passion for felines and the love you have for your own. We’re confident you’ve seen at least one project above that you’re eager to try, and we hope you enjoy your DIY adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Lucille Cottin, Shutterstock

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