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25 Top Cat Blogs Every Kitten Lover Should Read in 2024

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on July 1, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


25 Top Cat Blogs Every Kitten Lover Should Read in 2024

Cats are loved by the internet and have become a staple in internet culture. While cat videos are the most popular form of online cat content, there are many fun and informative blogs dedicated to cats.

With how vast the internet is, we’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of various cat blogs for all kinds of readers. Here are some fascinating and entertaining cat blogs that’ll connect you with other cat lovers and make you love cats even more.

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The 25 Cat Blogs

Cat Lifestyle Blogs

These blogs are your one-stop shop for all kinds of information about cats. They have numerous articles about cat breeds, behaviors, and health. They also have product reviews of the latest cat food, toys, gadgets, and supplies.

1. Your Cat Blog

Your Cat Blog
Image Credit: Yourcat

Your Cat Blog is a friendly website that has numerous articles on general cat care and breed information. It also occasionally covers the latest news and heartwarming stories about cats and has an advice column that’s run by cat lovers and experts.

2. Hepper Blog

Hepper is a pet product brand that specializes in making high-quality cat products designed to improve the lives of both cats and their owners. It also runs an informative blog that provides information on general cat care, breed information, and pet gear, as well as information about dogs as well.

3. Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat Blog
Image Credit: Tuxedo-Cat

Tuxedo Cat is run by a team of cat lovers and experts. The blog contains helpful information on cat care, nutrition, and behaviors. It also posts product reviews on the latest and most popular cat products.

4. Pawsome Kitty

Pawsomekitty blog
Image Credit: Pawsomekitty

Pawsome Kitty has a wealth of information on all things cats. It’s a great place for first-time cat owners to start and will be a frequently visited reference while you learn to become a good cat parent.

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Cat News and Advocacy Blogs

The following blogs focus on delivering the latest news about cats. They’ll help you stay up to date on research, advocacy, and feel-good stories about cats.

 5.  The Catnip Times

The Catnip times
Image Credit: Thecatniptimes

The Catnip Times has been around for over 10 years. It has covered the latest news on cat research and has also written inspiring stories of real-life cats, cat owners, and cat heroes.

6. Katzenworld

Katzenworld blog
Image Credit: Katzenworld

Katzenworld provides informative content and news. It primarily focuses on cat advocacy and welfare topics and how to provide the best care for cats.

7. LoveMeow

lovemeow blog
Image Credit: Lovemeow

LoveMeow posts many heartwarming articles about people’s encounters with cats. It also has a Cuteness section that’s dedicated to displaying photos of adorable cats and feel-good stories.

8. The Purrington Post

The purrington post
Image Credit: Thepurringtonpost

You can easily get lost in the plethora of information found on The Purrington Post blog. Along with bringing you the latest news on cats, The Purrington Post often posts reviews of new cat products and has a whole page dedicated to funny cat content.

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Individual Cat Blogs

Some cat blogs are written from a cat’s perspective, and they can get really creative with developing a voice for their cats. Here are some fun personalities to follow.

9. Lola the Rescued Cat

Lola the Rescued Cat is a blog that focuses on rescue cats and pet adoptions. The blog has seen less activity lately, as Lola has passed away, but the Facebook Group is still running, and posts are uploaded every few days.

10. Living With Loulou

Living with Loulou
Image Credit: Livingwithloulou

This blog follows the life of Loulou the cat, and the posts are written from her perspective. Most of the posts are written in the style of diary entries and are fun imaginations of what may go on in a cat’s mind.

11. Feline Opines

Feline Opines is a blog that follows the life of a family of rescue cats. The entries are usually written in the voice of one of the cats and often contain cute and funny takes on current events.

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Cat Art and Entertainment Blogs

Some cat blogs combine people’s love for cats and creative expressions. Here are some cat blogs that focus on posting content related to the creative arts and entertainment.

12. Cat Wisdom 101

Cat Wisdom 101
Image Credit: Catwisdom101

Cat Wisdom 101 provides the latest news and trends on all things cats and produces educational posts on cat behavior, health, and advocacy. It also posts information on fun and interesting events for cat lovers.

13. The Creative Cat

The Creative Cat Blog
Image Credit: Thecreativecat

The Creative Cat blog is an archive of cat photos, writing, and art. Many of the photos are posted by the blog creator, but you can find many artworks submitted by other people.

14. Simon’s Cat

Simon Cat Blog
Image Credit: Simonscat

Simon’s Cat is a collection of cartoons inspired by real cats in the artist’s life. It’s easy to get lost in all the comics and videos produced by Simon’s Cat. Many of them portray funny or endearing experiences that many cat owners can relate to.

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Cat Travel Blogs

Traveling with cats is possible, but it comes with a unique set of challenges. Here are some cat travel blogs that provide useful information and will inspire you for your next trip with your cat.

15. Van Cat Meow

Van Cat Meow is a blog created by a couple living the van life in Australia. They have a cat named Willow that accompanies them on their travels. While they don’t post as often on their blog, they do have an active Instagram account where content is posted regularly.

16. Traveling Cats

Travelling Cat Blog
Image Credit: Traveling-cats

Traveling Cats offers some advice and information on how to travel with cats. However, it mostly focuses on cat photography. It has many beautiful photos of cats taken from all over the world, and you can also submit your own cat photos.

17. Travfurler

Travfuler blog
Image Credit: Travfurler
Instagram: @travfurler

Travfurler is a company that produces dog and cat outdoor travel gear. It also has an informative blog that gives travel and vacation tips for cat owners and dog owners.

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Cat Health and Nutrition Blogs

It’s important to stay on top of your cat’s diet and nutrition and ensure you’re feeding them high-quality meals. The following blogs focus on health and nutrition and collect information from researchers and experts in the field.

18. Cat Nutrition

Cat Nutrition Blog
Image Credit: Catnutrition

Cat Nutrition provides informative content on cat food, health issues, and general care. You can find fun recipes for homemade cat food and treats, along with information on health issues commonly linked to diet and nutrition.

19. International Cat Care Blog

I Cat Care
Image Credit: Icatcare
Instagram: @icatcare
YouTube: @icatcare

International Cat Care is a cat welfare charity. Among the many things it does, it runs an informative blog that’s designed to be a resource for both cat owners and professionals in the field. You can find advice for all kinds of cat health issues and news and updates on the latest in cat advocacy.

20. Meowtel Blog

Meowtel is a cat-sitting app, but it also runs an informative blog for cat parents. You can find a ton of helpful information on how to address and handle cat behaviors and health issues.

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Cat Behavior and Training Blogs

It takes time to understand cat behavior and how they communicate. These cat behavior and training blogs provide educational advice and tips for challenging behaviors and building a stronger bond with your cat.

21. Outdoor Bengal

Outdoor Bengal Blog
Image Credit: Outdoorbengal

Outdoor Bengal specializes in creating cat-friendly spaces in your home that’ll keep your cat happy and healthy. You’ll find plenty of useful tips on physical and mental stimulation and training for your cat.

22. Jackson Galaxy

Jackson galaxy blog
Image Credit: Jacksongalaxy

Most cat owners are familiar with or have heard of Jackson Galaxy. This famous cat behaviorist has a website filled with useful and practical tips for addressing all kinds of cat behaviors and understanding your cat better.

23. Patience for Cats Blog

Patience for cats blog
Image Credit: Patienceforcats

Patience for Cats offers cat behavior and training consultations. Its blog focuses on addressing common challenging behaviors and teaching how to communicate with cats effectively.

24. Pawsitive Vibes Blog

Pawsitive blog
Image Credit: Pawsitivevibescats

Pawsitive Vibes is another cat behavior consultation service. Its blog provides practical advice for challenging behaviors and how to build a healthy and trusting bond with your cat.

25. Cat Behavior Solutions

cat behavior solutions blog
Image Credit: Catbehaviorsolutions

Cat Behavior Solutions is a non-profit organization that works to reduce shelter cat surrender by helping cat owners correct challenging behaviors. It also has a blog that provides useful tips and tricks for cat training. Another helpful resource is the Cat Talk Radio Podcast, which answers cat-related questions submitted by listeners.

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The sheer number of cat blogs shows just how interesting our feline companions are. So, make sure to check out our recommendations and do your own exploring. You’ll be sure to find some helpful information and feel-good stories and may even meet other fellow cat lovers through them.

Featured Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

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