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WOW DDP today

February 4th 2012 7:27 pm
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WOW WOW MOL I can't believe I am DDP again so soon!!!! WE almost missed it because Mom had a crazy day, we won't go into it, but she wasn't going to let us on tonight, but we convinced her to let us on. Well lookie here mom I am DDP again with my Diary about my Secret Admirer...

Thank you for choosing me today to be DDP what a honor and thank you my friends for helping me celebrate and believe me I am so glad I got Mom to let me on tonight.

Now I wonder who my SA is, I am still trying to figure it out, but then again it is exciting not knowing and getting all of the special attention...I am a lucky little princess.

Thanks again, now I must go and read all of my messages from all of my friends.

Tu Two so honored today to be DDP


My Secret Admirer

February 3rd 2012 9:21 pm
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My secret admirer sent me pretty red lips, with hugs and kisses...my admirer thinks of me and wants me to have a pawsome day...

Oh how lucky I feel to have a secret admirer, but I don't know who it could be, this is fun trying to figure out who this could be...is it Milo, Smiley, Max oh my I tell you this is so hard to figure out who my secret admirer could be...

I am with Zeke, tomorrow is another day and I think we will have to put our heads together and figure this one out...so fun cause we all have a special admirer and we have no clue!!!!

Tu Two


My valentine

February 1st 2012 3:16 pm
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I have my Valentine I do, he is so cute, he is orange and white. Our families are friends his sister Abby is my BFF, his brother Rex is Tallulah's sweetheart....

My Valentine is Simba...I am so lucky he is my Valentine!!!!

We are somewhat a like, he like to play with balls, I like to play with Krinkle balls, he loves the faucet water and I do too...

I am a lucky girl that such a sweet and handsome kitty wants to be my Valentine, I sure hope he will become my special one and only sweetheart too...


Valentine Gem
Valentine, you are a gem;
You fill my life with joy and pleasure;
With all you give and all you do,
You’re a very special treasure.
I really like the kitty you are;
You’re a class act, in every way;
I care about you, and I hope you have
A very happy Valentine’s Day!

One happy special sweet kitty girl got her Valentine!!!

Tu Two


Sweet girl looking for her valentine

January 31st 2012 4:42 pm
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I am a sweet girl, fun and playful looking for her very own valentine...Mom says I am old enough to have a valentine sweetheart...so I am hoping I will find my valenitne...

I want a sweet fun loving and playful boy kitty, anyone of you interested just ask me to be your valentine....

Waiting for my boy kitty to ask!!!!

Princess Tu Two


Da Bird Da Bird flies all over the house

January 30th 2012 3:46 pm
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Da Bird Da Bird oh how it flies all over the house and I chase and chase, I jump and jump high in the air, I twist & turn, I hear the flutter of the bird and then I attack...even Xena and Zeke are having fun, but I am faster than them running all over trying to get Da Bird...

No it isn't a real bird it is the Da Bird a feline fun toy....Mom bought it at the cat show this weekend for us...that is now my favorite toy, I go looking for it and if I don't find it I sit by Mom looking at her until she gets Da Bird out and we play chase and chase, jump & jump getting Da Bird...

Do any of you have Da Bird?...if you don't I think you need to talk to your Moms and ask her to get it for you...when Mom makes it fly around it sounds just like a birdie flying by.

Mom has been taking pictures, she told me she has to get some of my flying through the air trying to get Da Bird...

I got Da Bird Mom, I got Da Bird...what fun I have!!!

Tu Two


Manx or Japanese Bobtail?

January 29th 2012 5:35 pm
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WOW now we don't know if I am a Max or a Japanese Bobtail!

Mom went to the Cat Fancier's Cat Bowl cat show yesterday and she talked to breeders for Max and Japanese Bobtail because she wanted to see the real breed up close and talk to the breeders about me.

Well Mom isn't sure now, she had pictures of me to show them what I look like. The Manx Breeder told Mom I have high cheek bones more like the bobtail unlike the Manx that has more of a round head, what do you mean I don't have a round head, what kind of head do I have a square head...I don't think so , I am not square.

Manx are more stocky and bigger, I am long and not stocky...and I do have markings like some Japanese Bobtails...so now we ask what am I...

The breeders took out their cats and let Mom see them up close and they showed Mom their faces and the differences...the breeder of the JB said I do look like a JB with the more pointed face, being more slender in the body and the high cheek bones..

So do we say I am a Japanese Bobtail DSH mix or Max DSH mix, we are confused...

Mom says it really doesn't matter but it would be nice to know which one I am....Oh MOL I am confused...I am just a kitty princess with a nub of a tail.

Confused Princess and her Mom

Tu Two


DDP 1/20/2012

January 20th 2012 7:26 pm
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First I must thank HQ for bestowing the honor of DDP today along with my other honorees....we especially are happy they chose my diary entry about our Angel Tallulah visiting us and Mom caught it on my picture....we do believe that our angel came to be with us and wanted Mom to see it in her picture of me.

As you know we haven't been on catster much Mom has been resting and because she has her own business she is busy with doing her estimated taxes and end of the year things, getting ready for 2012.

Lucky for us because we are getting more Mom time and today was extra special because Mom told me that she would get my favorite treat....tuna flakes, yes I do go crazy over them...I was waiting for me return and when she came into the kitchen I got on the counter and waited for my treat....yummy

Mom also gave me lots of love and we played, so I would say I had a pawtastic day because of my honor and Mom was home with me most of the day..

Thank you Weebeesiamese and Big Harry for making my pretty pictures and my friends that stopped by to leave me gifts of hearts and pink ribbons...

I am so honored and I am a lucky girl kitty

Tu Two


Mama thinks it is Tallulah!

January 11th 2012 2:51 pm
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Today Mom got a surprise when she was looking at the pictures she took this morning of me. She saw a white spot on one picture she took of me in the kitchen I was asking for her to let me go into the other part of the house...when she looked at the picture WOW there in the background is a white spot that looks almost like a glowing shape of a butterfly...Mom knows it was Tallulah our angel! Think my angel was watching me.

It was not in any of the other pictures except for one more one of our doggie Milo she took of him this morning. She took pictures of us in the front room no spots, pictures of one of her clients kitties no spots...Tallulah used to love to play with Milo they would chase each other so Mom thinks Tallulah was behind Milo wanting to play.

So do you think it is Tallulah? We do....check it out, Mom put the picture on my page the second picture.

This is new camera Mom got for her business to take pictures of her clients pets, it is small and she can carry it with her all the time instead of her big fancy camera, it just shocked Mom because she has never had this happen before..

Well I gotta go and she what is going on outside, talk to ya later


Catnip, tiger tail oh my!

January 6th 2012 2:47 pm
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Catnip, tiger tail oh my! we got catnip we loves catnip I love to stick my head in the container and eat it yummy! I do feel good after eating catnip...oh my! I go crazy all over the house!

Oh my a tiger tail we got, it is so soft, fuzzy and the feathers at the end oh my! I love the feathers and love that Mom plays with me on my cat tree with our tiger tail oh my!

I have to thank my friends for sending me the catnip and tiger tail oh my! we loves them....

Now I must go eat some catnip along with Xena, run around the house being crazy and loaded, of course then I will play with my tiger tail oh my! I am just glad it isn't a real tiger tail!!!OH MY THAT WOULD NOT BE GOOD, JUST GLAD IT IS ONLY A TIGER TAIL TOY!

Tu Two oh my


The case of my missing pink butterfly collar

November 28th 2011 4:01 pm
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Oh where oh where have you gone my pretty pink butterfly collar...one day here on my neck the next not on my neck and no where to be found....

I think I need to hire a nose sniffing dog to find my missing collar...Mom has looked and looked, but no pink butterfly collar to be found...if only I could talk human and tell Mom where it might be, but I don't even know..

We are sad that I lost my pink butterfly collar because not only was it pink, but it had the butterflies on it too honoring our Tallulah...Mom keeps saying Tu Two where is your collar, what did you do with it...I don't know it was on me one day and the next it was not...

I do think we need to hire the sniffing dog to find my collar....what do you think?

Guess what Mom went to Petco today to get some doggie client Christmas gifts she decided to look at the cat collars hoping that she would find me another pink butterfly collar and you know what there were 2 left so Mom bought both...now I have my pretty pink butterfly collar and one for just in case I lose this one too...but it is still a mystery as to where my collar disappeared....does any one know where my collar is....maybe the dog ate it do you think?

A happy princess kitty in my pretty pink butterfly collar once again

Tu Two

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