Texts From Mittens

Texts from Mittens: The New Year’s Resolutions Edition

Mittens struggles to keep his resolutions, Drunk Patty wrecks cheese, and Fiona's had it with her boyfriend's catnip shenanigans. Mittens texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Jan 4th 2017

It’s not even a week into the new year, and Mittens is frustrated with his inability to keep his resolutions. Mom feels sad for him, but she believes they were a stretch to begin with. The Mittens is certain he’s tough enough to handle any resolution. Maybe.

Just when all feels right with the world, Drunk Patty steps in and forever ruins cheese for Mitty. He’ll never look at a piece of cheddar the same way again. And, by the way, shouldn’t she be making snacks in her own kitchen?

Uh oh. Mittens is in hot water with Fiona again. Will he ever be able to stop craving the almighty nip? Will he realize when too much is too much? Maybe Stumpy is a bad influence. No, that can’t possibly be it.

Read on for a closer look into Mittens’ most recent woes.



"No cheese was cut."

“No cheese was cut.”



Fiona's at the end of her rope.

Fiona’s at the end of her rope.



New Year's Resolution #FAIL

New Year’s Resolution #FAIL