Meet Timo the Ragdoll, Who’s Living Out a Disney Movie


Sometimes I see a photo of a cat so impossibly fluffy that I want to motorboat his belly ASAP even though I’ve never met him — like, I just want to bury my face in so much floof that I could honestly probably suffocate — but at least I’d die happy. Timo the Ragdoll is one of those cats.

Hailing from the Netherlands, the handsome, blue-eyed kitty has earned a devoted following on Facebook and YouTube not only because of his good looks but also his special relationship with koi fish. Yes, that’s right — Timo is best buds with a pond full of creatures who should be his dinner.

Timo’s adorable videos also show the friendly cat chilling with a parrot and a butterfly (well, sort of), proving that his life is basically a Disney movie, minus the choreographed songs about friendship or whatever. Here are 10 of our favorite Timo moments.

1. That time Timo got a brand new hammock

It might have taken Timo a few tries to learn how to navigate his new “bed,” but once he figures it out, it’s obvious he has many happy days a-loungin’ in his future. Perseverance totally pays off, you guys.

2. That time Timo lounged so hard, he thought he was a person


Cats might get an unfair rap for being lazy. But evolutionarily speaking, they’re conserving their energy for important activities such as torture and murder. Humans, on the other hand? We have less of an excuse — but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a five-hour House of Cards marathon last week, during which I looked a lot like Timo here.

3. That time Timo befriended a parrot

Okay, so Timo’s avian friend requires two AA batteries and is made from a cotton-polyester blend, but that doesn’t stop the cat from engaging with the toy in his trademark curious, friendly way.

4. That time Timo joined a rock band


Timo briefly played guitar and sang lead vocals in a band but was kicked out for showing up at too many gigs out of his mind on catnip.

5. That time Timo kissed a koi

This viral video shows Timo kissing and gently caressing his koi fish friend — “a very special friendship since he was a kitten,” according to the description.

6. That time Timo turned dude-bro


Here’s Timo cruising in his new Hummer. Somehow, even when the cat is rocking out like a total dude-bro, he’s still adorable and cuddle-worthy.

7. That time Timo met a butterfly

Again, Timo’s new friend is definitely battery operated — but can we all take a moment to appreciate how gently he approaches this flapping foe? If one of my cats encountered this “butterfly,” everything breakable on that table would be lying in shards on the floor.

8. That time Timo fell in love


Let’s face it — if I looked like Timo, I’d spend all day admiring my reflection in the mirror, too.

9. That time Timo looked out for the new guy

When a new koi fish wants to join the club, first Timo checks to make sure the new guy is legit. Once he’s confirmed the koi is cool, he makes sure the other fish are being nice to him, his floof commanding authority over human and beast. I only wish Timo’d had my back when I was awkwardly trying to make friends as a kid.

10. That time Timo tried online dating

catster-timo-mr. right

When he joined OKCupid, Timo learned the hard way that posing with this Mr. Right mug did not guarantee him a date. Next time he should probably try showing off his impressive expanse of belly floof.

All photos courtesy of Timo the Ragdoll Cat. For more, follow him on Facebook.

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