Meet Lady Pippa Hathaway, the Instagram “People’s Princess”


We would like to formally present to you the honorable Lady Pippa Hathaway as our pick for Social Cat of the Week. This noble young fresh face is fast becoming the darling of the Instagram scene, thanks to her slick and stylish photos and playful personality.

Pippa has already courted a following of nearly 40,000 fans on Instagram; I spoke to her lady-in-waiting to get the scoop on this regal kitty who simply wants to be known as “the people’s princess.”

A royal family affair

Image via Instagram.

“My friend’s mother had a friend who was giving away two Toyger kittens,” says Pippa’s lady-in-waiting while recounting her backstory. “My sister-in-law and I adopted both into our families. Pippa is with us, and her cousin, Leo, is with my sister-in-law.”

What’s in a name?

Image via Instagram.

Lady Pippa Hathaway certainly has a very grandiose and regal name, and she’s said to be “a lady of leisure living the good cat life.” But what’s the thinking behind her honorific?

Well, it turns out she’s all about tapping into royal connections. “Pippa is short for Phillipa,” begins her lady-in-waiting, “and like her namesake in the U.K., Pippa Middleton, and Lady Diana before her, she is a princess who is beautiful with a side of mischievous fun.”

A socialite with manners

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to summing up Pippa’s personality, her lady-in-waiting says that she’s “cautious like every cat but very social, and she likes to be around people.”

“She meows at the door when we come home, and hangs out in any room I am in,” she continues. “Pippa basically rules the house, and she does whatever she wants. Luckily, she’s a wonderful cat with good manners.”

What’s a Toyger all about?

Image via Instagram.

As mentioned earlier, Pippa is a Toyger, a breed of cat that comes sporting a vibrant striped coat and an overall look that resembles a toy tiger.

Does she channel any particularly tiger-like behavior in her day-to-day life?

“Just like tigers, this little tiger loves water and lives a solitary life as the only Toyger in our house,” says her lady-in-waiting. “She sleeps a lot and hunts toys.”

Cat antlers are a thing

Image via Instagram.

Ms. Hathaway was recently snapped looking like she was sporting a pair of antlers as headgear. The tabloid press was equal parts intrigued and outraged.

To that end, let the record show that if Pippa were to endorse such a thing as cat antlers, her catchphrase would be, “Vote for me as your spirit animal!”

Although as her lady-in-waiting responsibly points out, “Pippa only endorses faux.”

Controversy averted. Phew.

Keep it frisky

Image via Instagram.

When not fulfilling her royal Toyger duties, you might catch Pippa spending her downtime playing the Cat Fishing game on her iPad.

“She plays until there are too many fish or mice to catch,” says her lady-in-waiting when quizzed about Pippa’s gaming habits. “She doesn’t like to be overwhelmed, and walks away.

“She isn’t partial to other apps but she does love watching any cat programing on TV, whether big or small.” It goes without saying that she’s especially fond of eyeballing tigers on the screen.

You’re gonna hear her roar

Image via Instagram.

Every good cat deserves a theme song, right? In Pippa’s case, we have it on official authority that her tune of choice is Katy Perry’s rousing and sassy “Roar.”

Water baby

Image via Instagram.

It’s not exactly a grand, official secret that most cats do not particularly enjoy submerging themselves in water. But with Pippa Hathaway being a Toyger, she’s quite the contrarian when it comes to water sports.

Her lady-in-waiting says that she adores the splashing scene: “Being a mini tiger, she loves the water. She drinks from her water fountain and loves the sink; she goes crazy over ice cubes. She jumps into the bathtub after our morning showers. She also loves sailing — she stares out at the ocean.”

There’s just one caveat: “The only thing Pippa hates are baths! She prefers to groom herself. It has to be on her own terms. Always.”

Mosey on gracefully over to Pippa’s Instagram account to keep up to date with her lifestyle of leisure.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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