Meet Bonnie and Clyde, Two “Insanely Poofy” Himalayan Siblings


Bonnie and Clyde are a couple of dreamboat bluepoint Himalayan cats who have taken the Internet by storm thanks to their warm and fluffy Instagram account. This brother-and-sister duo are proud to call themselves “insanely poofy and adorable,” and one quick peek into their photo stream backs up their claims.

Here’s your essential introduction to a couple of cotton-ball cats you need to be following with the quickness.

When Bonnie met Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are described by their owner as being inseparable — although as you’ll soon see, each kitty definitely has a distinct (and often hilarious) personality.

Double trouble

Here Bonnie and Clyde are caught in a classic jape that sums up their respective characters: While Bonnie (on the right) perfects a dignified table lounging pose, Clyde is slumping and slumming around. Feline etiquette is harder than it seems.

Cat in a bag

See also: Clyde hotfooting it into this open paper bag at the first opportunity, while Bonnie remains poised like the classy kitty she is.


Life as a plush cotton ball of a cat isn’t all fun and games — sometimes you have to endure the terror of a quick shave to stop yourself becoming completely taken over by your fur. Bonnie’s expression here speaks volumes.

Back in the day

And now for a gratuitous throwback kitten pic of our cuddle-bug cuties.

Cat pretzel

Pop quiz: Where does Clyde end and Bonnie begin? Answers on a postcard to Catster HQ; the winner gets three especially rambunctious kittens in the mail.

What dreams are made of

Clyde celebrated his birthday earlier this month. It turned out it was a bumper affair, with our venerable kitty getting to hop into a veritable field of plastic bags! His priceless look testifies to the levels of fun and frolicking about to ensue.

The gourmand games

Adding on to the birthday shenanigans, our dexterous-tongued host also requested an exceedingly fancy cake: Tuna flavored with “a princess on top.”

Upstaged …

Although it seems that Bonnie stole the show thanks to this outrageous party outfit!

Hit up Bonnie and Clyde’s Instagram account for your daily dose of Himalayan goodness.

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