Meet Bolt and Keel, Two Cats Ever in Search of Adventure


You know that thing where your cat climbs up on top of the fridge and gets stuck there, but still insists on looking at you like he’s just conquered one of the world’s most testing mountains? Well, two cats in the Pacific Northwest are raising the stakes by not just imagining that they’re pulling off great physical feline feats but doing so. Their names are Bolt and Keel and they are adventure cats. Let’s get to know them.

As rescue cats, they were taken for a ride


Bolt and Keel can claim a top-notch backstory. It turns out that they were found abandoned in some shrubbery situated behind the garbage bins in a local park. Their rescuers planned to take them to a nearby shelter, but it wasn’t open.

According to Internet lore, “The next day the humans left on a two-day canoeing, hiking, and camping trip and didn’t know what to do with us — so of course [they] decided to bring us along on the adventure too.”

The two cats haven’t stopped adventuring since.

They welcome multiple disciplines


When it comes to outdoor pursuits, Bolt and Keel have an impressive resume. They’ve mastered hiking, kayaking, snow trekking, and sailing to date — and they are always willing to test out new recreations.

Here’s Bolt


Bolt was named after a climbing bolt (and the fact that he’s said to have something of a kink in his tail that can resemble a lightning bolt). He enjoys cuddling, leaping off things, and licking Keel.

Here’s Keel


Speaking of Keel, he was named after the keel on a boat, which a fleeting Internet search tells me is a big beam running along the bottom of a vessel. He likes back scratches and biting noses, plus he has his own kitty life jacket.

They scale great heights


Bolt and Keel call the Pacific Northwest home. That means they’re surrounded by bountiful (and vertical) nature to explore. Here one of our intrepid adventurers surveys the scene from atop a mist-cloaked peak. It also looks like he’s sporting a dashing cape (although if you look closely you’ll see a safety leash in use).

They give adventure tips


With Bolt and Keel being experts in so many outdoor fields, they’ve become fond of imparting their adventurous advice to their Instagram followers.

Here, for example, is Keel giving out one of his pro tips:

“The trick to climbing trees is to believe in yourself.”

Parting words


Let’s wrap this up with some more sagely advice from the venturesome minds of Bolt and Keel.

When out and about exploring new territory, remember to always bring along an adventure buddy, make sure you’re prepared for any weather, and (according to their website) “practice ‘leave no trace.'” Not entirely sure how that relates to al fresco pooping, but let’s give these kitties the benefit of the doubt.

Trek over to Bolt and Keel’s Instagram account or Facebook page to check out the rest of their adventurous lifestyle.

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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