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Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Written by: Sara Seitz

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give the Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Print Quality: 5/5
Options: 5/5
T-Shirt Comfort: 4/5
Value: 4.8/5

If you’re looking for a special gift for the cat lover in your life, nothing beats a customized creation. One company that offers a host of pet-centric gifts in this category is Unifury.

Unifury is most well-known for their hand-drawn family and pet compilations. These unique images can be printed on mugs, t-shirts, posters, pillows, and more. They also have many photo print products to choose from, including the fun, colorful, and stylish Personalized Pet Photo Retro T-Shirt.

This customized gift makes for a great way to surprise and celebrate the cat lovers in your life, whether it be for their birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

I had the opportunity to get a retro tee printed with my cat’s image. I thought it would be a fun product to check out and review. I had no idea how much I would love it!

To find out more about what makes this product so unique, why I liked it so much, and to see my full Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt review, keep reading.

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About Unifury

Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt

Unifury was started in 2014 by entrepreneur and pet lover, Lya Meyers. After a decade in the IT industry, she set out to find a more fulfilling career path. That’s when she decided to combine her love of creative design with her passion for helping people connect, both with their each other and their pets.

Today, Unifury offers dozens of different gift options featuring customized images of people, dogs, and cats.

Where Are Unifury Products Produced?

Unifury has headquarters in California, Vietnam, and Singapore. Most of the printing for products sold in the US market is done at their US facility. The products themselves are sourced from around the world.

The T-shirt I received, for instance, was made in Honduras.

Who Is Unifury Best Suited For?

Unifury offers a wide variety of products, each of which features a customized print or drawing. These images can be of dogs, cats, or humans. This is to say that products from this company are a great choice for anyone who might enjoy clothing, a mug, a blanket, or similar items with the likeness of their favorite people or pets on them.

For cat lovers, Unifury offers many great options, from T-shirts that say “This Human Belongs to (your pet’s name here)” to hand-painted coffee mugs with your cat’s adorable face.

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Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt

Here is an overview of one of Unifury’s most popular items for cat owners, the Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt. We’ll look at the options available in this product category, the print quality, the T-shirt quality, and the available customizations.

Product Options

Unifury has a number of different photo print T-shirt options available. I chose the Retro Comfort Colors tee for the bright, fun background image.

Other photo print T-shirt options include:

And many more!

The company also offers many special occasion T-shirts, including eclipse, Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and more.

Print Quality

The print quality of Unifury’s shirts is exceptionally high. The colors are vivid and the details are clear. And, most importantly, the photo prints look exactly like the image you submit.

The cropping is also impressively well done. You’d never know the portrait image was pulled from a picture with a background. I also really enjoy that, on the retro shirt, a shadow is inserted behind the image to make it look like the cat is in front of the colorful background.

The print section itself is thick and seems like it will last. However, there are careful washing instructions that should be followed to ensure the color and integrity of the image stand the test of time.

The shirts need to be washed inside out on cold and dried on low.

Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt

Shirt Quality

I was blown away by the print quality of this product, but less impressed with the quality of the shirt itself. Or, I should say, with the comfort of the shirt.

The shirt is thick and certainly well-made, but it’s far from the most comfy shirt I own. The fabric is a little stiff and the collar is pretty narrow. This is true even though the shirt itself is a bit long and wide for me.

I think the main issue here is that these shirts are unisex. They seem like they would be a much better fit for a man. For women, I recommend sizing down.

The shirts themselves are 100% cotton and do have a nice durable feel to them. I’m hopeful that after a few washes, mine will soften up a bit.

That said, I will still be wearing this shirt often because it’s just too dang awesome.

Customization Options

Most T-shirt products from Unifury come with plenty of options in terms of color and size. The retro shirt is no exception.

It’s available in 21 different colors including some classics like white, black, and gray. And some more unique hues, including mustard, blossom, and heliconia. I chose the blue spruce color.

Each shirt is available in seven sizes from small to 4XL. Unfortunately, there is no extra-small option, which probably would have been the best choice for me.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality prints
  • Dozens of color options
  • 100% cotton shirts
  • Seven sizes to choose from
  • Easy to order
  • Shirts are unisex
  • No extra-small available
  • Fabric is a little stiff

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Key Features

Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt

High-Quality Prints

These aren’t the iron-on photo print shirts you used to make yourself in your parents’ basement. Each of Unifury’s custom print shirts features a high-quality digital print taken from the photograph you submit.

The colors are vivid and the details are clear. Thanks to the careful cropping, the portrait cutout looks natural against the background and features impressive attention to detail with fur and whiskers sticking out beyond the boundaries of the cat’s body.

Easy to Order

Unifury makes it super simple to order your custom T-shirt or gift. All you need to do is pick your shirt style, pick your color and size, and upload a photo of your kitty. Orders typically take 8 to 15 business days to arrive.

So Many Options

With 21 different color options, seven sizes, and an endless list of different T-Shirt products to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect custom gift for you or a loved one. And that’s before you upload the photo of your favorite furry friend to be featured on the shirt.

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Is Unifury’s Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt a Good Value?

Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt

There are a lot of companies that offer custom T-shirt printing but the quality can vary greatly as can the price. When comparing Unifury to the most popular photo printing service and their T-shirt options, I found Unifury to be slightly more expensive. However, the more popular print service does not do any cropping of the images you submit.

Considering the high print quality and the detail that goes into cropping the picture to put your kitty front and center, I’d say Unifury is a very good value.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I see a proof of my order?

There is no pre-order proof option available for the Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt, unfortunately. But many of the products do offer a proof image before your order is finalized. For products that don’t have a pre-order proof, you can request a proof be emailed before the item ships by going through the Contact Us tab.

How long will it take to receive my order?

On average, apparel prints take 3 to 5 days to create and an additional 5 to 10 days to ship, depending on the destination.

Can I upload pictures of multiple cats?

For the Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt Retro Comfort Colors option, you can only upload one picture as the shirt only features one cat. However, many of Unifury’s shirts are meant to feature multiple cats.

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Our Experience With Unifury’s Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt

Unifury Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirt

When I learned I’d have the opportunity to get one of Unifury’s shirts for a review, I was excited—who doesn’t want a shirt with their cat’s photo on it!?

But I had no idea just how much I would like the final product.

The moment I opened the package and laid eyes on the shirt, I was giddy. There’s just something so fun about seeing your cat staring back at you from a piece of clothing.

What makes this specific product even more loveable are the bright retro colors in the background and the fun script that spells out the cat’s name along the bottom. It has such a fun look to it.

The print quality is exceptionally high and I love that Makoa’s whiskers stick out beyond the edge of his body. This combined with the shadow on the background really makes it look like the picture was taken in front of that fun retro backing.

As I mentioned above, this isn’t the most comfortable shirt I own. It has the stiff feel and tight neck of a T-shirt made for men. It’s thick and high quality and 100% cotton, though, which is nice.

And given how much I love the print of Makoa, I will still be wearing it quite often.

As much as I love this shirt, I can say with confidence that my daughter loves it even more. She cute-rages on it every time I wear it. I only wish Unifury made shirts in kids’ sizes so she could have her own!

I’m already planning to gift a Unifury shirt with one of my dogs on it to my husband for his birthday and will definitely be keeping this company in mind for future gift-giving occasions.

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If there’s a cat lover in your life, I highly recommend checking out Unifury’s Personalized Pet Photo T-Shirts as a gift option.

These shirts feature high-quality prints with well-cropped portraits that perfectly capture the kitty’s likeness. The shirts are available in over twenty different colors and seven sizes. Plus, Unifury has dozens of different gift options so you can find the perfect one for your friend, loved one, or for yourself.

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